ESO: Scalecaller Crown Crates

The three free Scalecaller Crown Crates that you have earned from Friday to Sunday are now available to open. Crates for purchase will be available on 15th this month.

I didn’t get anything good really, just an outfit that looks a lot like two others I already owned, a jewelry piece for my precious head, and an emoticon of sorts, kicking dirt. But I really can’t complain, it was free, and it’s epic!


Vision Board

“The question isn’t can you handle the situation. The question is, can you handle your mind? Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progress. Forget managing the situation. Manage your mind. Training your mind to sit calmly in the eye of the storm. ” – Will Smith

Summary | 05-11

So far the month is shit. I barely manage to keep up with my own, personal work. People are very shitty too. I can’t say I understand the “I did all I could, finish up”. What if we too did all we could, and it’s not enough? Nor do I understand the “so warn me”, when there’s still 20 mins to deadline, and I don’t know just yet whether I’ll make it or not.

I don’t understand people who who made themselves a priority, and then forget that other people are also people. I understand you want something, and therefore you believe you are welcome to it, but if we traded places… Who am I kidding, we’ll never trade places, I’d never turn away from someone.

I miss Wednesday already. Where we can talk like person to person. But enough about everything, especially the things I won’t even be able to talk about with anyone else. Let me tell you about the good things:


  • Yesterday was the highlight of my week, when I found a new blog entry at my favorite place [Pen&Pin]. It’s always nice to open one of the favorite blogs and find something to read after a rather upsetting day. Especially if it’s panda related.
  • I found a company that’ll do my postcards for cheaps! Friends, at last you’ll be getting a professional looking postcard or two, not the A5 freehand that I do
  • The book I’m reading is going better. I like characters who can adjust to situation, and lie without breaking a sweat. Yes, I do see how Stephen Day is my spirit animal in so many ways…
  • Did some work. They wanted to give me something nice with it too, since it wasn’t my work. Felicia Day’s “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost)” was on sale on Audible. I have it now!
  • New Elder Scrolls Online Crown Crate season is almost upon us. This one’s called Scalecaller. Today is the last day to earn the last free box.
  • Vero is working pretty well now. But there’s a bit too little people there just yet.

Elder Scrolls Online | Scalecaller Crown Crates | 3 Free Crates

On March 15th new season of Crown Crates begins. This time it’s called Scalecaller, and it contains not only the usual unique (and not so unique) stuff, mounts, pets, garments, hair, and so on, but also three very rare mounts too.

Starting from today to Sunday (09-11th), you can earn three free crates that you will receive into your Crown Crate inventory on 13th of March. All you have to do is log into your account and kill one enemy every day from today to Sunday.

Don’t know about you, but I am so ready to get new crates. Those old ones, fire-winter ones really got old. Not only did we get free crates before the season start, but in the middle of the season too, for some reason. My friend bought a lot of extras before that happened, I didn’t, but we both ended up with a bunch of gems. I really hope there’s good and fun stuff to spend them on.

More on the event over here: [Scalecaller Crown Crates]

Log | Why I like Crafting more than I like Painting

I was making a very special Shades of Magic inspired bookmark (V.E. Schwab books, they’re wonderful), and I realized there’s a rhythm to it.

  • – wire open
  • spacer bead ~
  • spacer >
  • cap (
  • BEAD
  • cap )
  • spacer <
  • spacer bead ~
  • wire closes –

I like things to have a rhythm. It makes it much easier for me to get a hang of it, and not get tired of it. That’s why my fav songs are all of very distinct rhythm. That’s why I like rap more than any other genre. That’s why I don’t like watching movies all that much. Jewelry making has a rhythm. And I like painting best when I have a chance to do it every day or at least very often, for the rhythm there is very subtle, and not that easy to catch (for me).

MiniLog | Worky-work


Today I received storage containers for beads, and I realized I’m an idiot who doesn’t read measurements before getting something. The little container sections are really small, just barely over 2cm sideways. But, of course, that didn’t stop me from using them well. I think I managed to organize approximately 57% of my pile of crafting goodies (thank YOU everyone who got me more ❤ )

What I had to do: I had to sort things out by type and color; I had to pull wires from where they had no business staying; I had to deconstruct necklaces, bracelets, other things; I had to sort out usable pieces, and throw out what’s broken or unusable (which didn’t count for much).

It took me around 4 hours. Maybe more. I finished one audio book, and started another during it.

Good day, fam, good day.