Log | Untitled jumble

There’s so much work all the damn time, that by the end of the day, I tend to not wish to write so much. What I do wish to do is to craft, so here’s some nice updates:

I have finally gotten myself some resin, and must say, it’s amazing. I love working with it, and believe I’ll make some gorgeous stuff, since even the first pancake was not burnt so much.

On top of that I’ve received some art supplies from a friend in Scotland, who was so very kind to give them to me. Never have I ever painted with such quality items. Last night it blew my mind that I might make a painting, and all it would take in editing was to blow out the colors that scanner ate. That’s all. Every color I wanted turned out perfect, watercolors mixed well, remained vivid, and allowed for blending. Inks are incredible too, and I can’t stop painting pandas, you just wait.

Some while ago I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, and it was full of glorious movie magic and music, so you could say I was very inspired for a long run now. Now, to survive December, and then the rest of the winter.

How’s your December going? Looking forwards to the Holidays?



Landing on Mars, comments

The landing was successful, let me just clear that up straight away. I watched it live, and it was very, very nerve wrecking. There was this little delay at one point and… Well. It was scary. But success!

When the initial worry subsided, I started reading the chat, and oh boy. I wish I started taking screenshots sooner, for real. Here’s some gems that are no where near the best, but that was all I could find and capture:


^ yes, because we should stop all the progress until the rich fat fks decide they have had enough money and you can have some too. And then we can start improving our livelihood. Oh, wait!… (they will never have enough, this will eventually make human lives better, and it is a great proof that people can do anything if they put their mind to it: start doing things, and I suggest starting with figuring out what the REAL problem is or rather WHO)


^ indeed it is sad. Teach this lesson left and right, because those who CAUSE wars and famine care neither for NASA, nor Mars, nor us.


^ congratulations on pointing the obvious, like NASA will swoop in to stop the war it didn’t create and has nothing to do with. Go blame the real problem, and speak louder than you just have.


^ we all hope so. Can we get back to Mars now though?


^ ..great.


^ do you think you live in a movie? You’ll google what the words mean, you’ll find signs in the photographs. Because real evil guys would leave those clues out, right? Well done, now go protest Monster Energy Drink, I hear the numbers are 999 so when you turn it over to drink it becomes a 666, oh and the can says “unleash the beast”…


And this, my friends, is the first image after landing, with dust settled, and debris still on the lens. Look at the glorious bluish sky!

T Guy Tales | Representation

2In the past I got told that my depression might be the result of me not accepting myself, aka, I’m depressed, because I’m transgender. I always fought it, but never could truly explain why that’s the complete opposite case. Today I can, with a very simple example:

You know what I hate? Long nails. It looks nice as an artwork, but other than that, I like shorter nails better, and those boyish short with maybe black nail polish as some certain Demon Butler got. I don’t like the idea that my nails make my hands look more feminine, and I think guys with good nail polish, especially black nail polish, get that extra point of “well done”.

You know what else I hate? Trimming my nails. I hate it a lot. I don’t cut my nails too short, no, but there’s stillĀ  that period of time where something around your fingertips feels wrong, raw, unhappy.

The easiest way to make myself do things I don’t like doing, or don’t feel like doing, but I feel like I should due to my own preferences in guys or as a guy, is to remember just that fact: as a guy, I’d like to represent a certain image.

So I cut my nails, my hair, ironed and hung my shirt. Small things that depression would otherwise prevent me from doing, but my inner self will fight for.

Wish |1.95eu Single Earphone


I bought this around the same time I bought those wireless earplugs. Those, in compare, are great.

At all points of my complaining, please remember this was less than 2 euros, and think what sort of quality one even should expect for that price for this kind of an item.


  • it’s too big. there’s no way i can put it in comfortably. the only means i found to use this was with a headband over the ear it’s sitting in.
  • battery lasts 40 minutes.
  • it’s uncomfortable, and the metal mesh that covers the speaker itself is put in a bit crooked, it’ll come off soon enough.


  • for that price line, I’m okay with it.
  • serves the purpose, sound is pretty decent for the price range.
  • charges in 20 mins max once dried flat.

I got this because I wanted to listen to music in shower, and make sure I can hear the outside noises too. Yes, in retrospect I see how a waterproof speaker would’ve worked better, but at the same time, if I just wear a bandanna and push this into my ear – it’s fine! It works great to keep by the bed too if you just want to listen to that one IG story, and don’t want to turn your phone sound on, it pairs very quickly and easily.

So my verdict is: I got what I paid for. It’s uncomfortable and life time is very short, so keep those two things in mind if you’re searching for an investment.

Hello: Follow Up

Thank You, 6 days into November, and neither my mum, nor I would’ve had any meds.

I rarely get sick, and that’s probably why it always hits me so hard. And I can’t remember when was the last time I had anything to medicate myself with during flu or cold. No insurance either, so can’t even go to the doctors unless it’s already a complicated situation that I hope not to land in, ever.

Be sure, every coffee is so very much appreciated, so loved, and makes my day so much better, that I can only hope I’m (hopefully sooner than later) someday in a position to get back at you.

As for my health, today is the worst day, it being the second full day of sickness. I slept maybe 4 or 5 hours, and shall proceed living on broth, because that’s easiest to swallow, and healthiest during this nasty period. I have successfully gone through more than 30 (more than half a box of 60) tissues, used three out of eight throat pain relievers (but I have honey-lemon mints that soothe okay), I am slightly deaf, and can’t smell a thing, but that’s probably because I can’t breathe.

Love ya, please have a better day than mine, and all the health to get through this plague season without falling victim.

Cheap Life | Taz lives on 1 GBP a day

For years now, a story I keep telling and telling, my fam has been struggling so immensely, that I honestly didn’t think we’ll survive. Even to this day the struggle is too real, and I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have friends who can lend cash during the worst of it, and those who pass some on without being asked too. Those people are who got me through this far, and those are the people for whom I push away the dark little voice at the back of my head that tells me I’m useless and should go die in a ditch. It’s not over yet, but I hope.

Recently I have discovered a YouTube section full of really awesome people who take up challenges to live on extremely tight budget if any for reasons of: because they did so, they had to do so in the past; because they want financial freedom, and so they save on every corner they can cut; because they understand the struggle, and can sympathise or emphathise. I have no idea how both those words are spelled, but believe you me, there are people who were in my position out there, who got out of it, and yet have no empathy or sympathy for others in those shoes. Their reasons remain their own, of course.

Here’s one fun little series of a very jolly and fun Wales girl / young woman, Taz. The challenge is: one pound a day (that’s a little bit over an euro).