Like a Villain: Elijah Kamski


Detroit Become Human is one of my top favorite games, despite the issues it retains. And, Elijah Kamski, Father of Androids, is one of my favorite ambiguous characters, someone truly difficult to view as anything else but an evil genius, a villain. To see the ambiguity one has to pay attention and even work a little.elijah kamski 4

Elijah graduated University at age 16, and, due to cheap commercial property, moved to Detroit. There, establishing CyberLife, he began working on a domestic companion android. Meant to replace humans in repetitive, manual, hard, and dangerous labor it made for a beautiful vision; robots to take over the worst, so humans could change their qualifications to better things, propelling innovation onwards and increasing quality of life. Hard work, and many a failure have not discouraged Elijah’s ambition to see this future, and, at last, he broke through with biocomponents and Thirium 310; liquid that mimics human blood, distributing data and energy thousands of times more effectively. Thus, creating basis for the first android to pass Turing test.

kamski and chloe

Chloe was the first perfected model, and it’s evident this event meant a lot to Kamski. As, once rumors started emerging that he and his shareholders don’t exactly see eye to eye about the company’s future, Kamski soon resigned from CEO position in CyberLife and became a recluse. Living remotely, he chose to remain surrounded by androids of whom many, if not all, were of Chloe model.

elijah kamski 3

This is where we meet him, in his mansion by the water, idyllic skyline of the beloved city through the window, just distant enough. RK800 model android, made to be a detective assistant and a negotiator, named Connor, and Lieutenant Anderson, come to Kamski as their last resort, at the crescendo of android rebellion, in hopes he’ll have any useful information, insight to provide. But Kamski, already fascinated with whatever he noticed in the android, barely indicates listening, as he pushes and prods Connor to answer honestly, truthfully, and not the way his programming defined him to. At the end, he agrees to help on a condition that Connor subjects himself to what Elijah called “Kamski Test“. While he refers to Turing test as mere question of algorithms and computing capacity, his test is meant to see whether machines are capable of empathy.

This is where work and attention is going to be required. He puts one of the Chloe models on her knees before Connor, and hands him a handgun. If he agrees to shoot Chloe, Kamski will answer his questions. But if he cannot, if he, by some crazy set of events, sees this android as more than just another machine… Well, he can’t exactly help the deviants, right?

elijah kamski 1

If you as Connor choose to shoot Chloe, Kamski shuts down. He loses interest, becomes curt, agreeing to answer a single question, no more. While providing all information, or at least an adequate amount of it, he does so in the same philosophical manner that indicates his disdain. But if you choose to not shoot Chloe… While Kamski cannot answer you due to obvious legal implications, his fascination, the utter joy he expresses calling Connor the last hope of humanity and yet, a deviant, indicates this having been the outcome father of androids has hoped for.

In the end, some information is still gained, as Kamski informs the two of emergency exits he leaves in all of his programs. Just in case.

According to Kamski, androids are superior to humans, so the confrontation was inevitable. And while we don’t know where his interests with shareholders parted, the way he communicated with Connor makes one wonder if he, by chance, has not caused something to spur the rebellion. After all the way he pushed the android to seek the true answers, rather than provide the ones from his programming, implies the emergency exists might very well be meant for androids to step out beyond their human-set limitations, rather than for humans in need to “fix” their servants.

elijah kamski 2

This opinion is farther strengthened by the worst possible ending, only available if all protagonists have failed at their missions. Scene shows Kamski, not the president, not CyberLife shareholders who are still at the helm and could’ve remained there, not any other important people from the rebellion, no. Kamski. Who is hereby reinstated as CEO of CyberLife. He reassures the interviewer that everything’s now under control, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, androids remain loyal machines, nothing more. All while it feels no less than a jab to said shareholders and whoever else have crossed him: who are you without your Dr. Frankenstein, creator of life, see what you almost caused when you chose to turn away (he’s wearing a t-shirt with Mary Shelly’s silhouette framing text from Frankenstein book in red). This aggressive maneuver, even if no one will ever prove or even suspect him, will definitely bring them all back to the fold, where they’ll have to comply to his vision. For, after all, it’s now obvious that he knows best.

And if that’s still not enough, there’s a deleted or unused audio file, where Kamski, post interview, refers to Chloe, claiming he’ll lead the next rebellion and then they will win.

ED | Monster Khaotic Juice

monster khaotic juice taste flavor review ego noctis

Ah, look at me, being so lucky as to get two versions of Monster Khaos in such a short period of time. Monster Khaotic Juice, if I understand the back of the can right, is supposed to be a remake-take on their previous drink – Khaos. Thus – Khaotic.

Damn, two whole cans of chaos, in all kinds of forms, except the original. The first one I got this year was from Japanese import store, where my blind mole eyes couldn’t read the very clear “khaos” on the can, so what a surprise it was. And now there’s this one. Can I just please get the original Khaos back? Also, does anyone else hear Heath Ledger’s Joker whenever they read “khaos“? the “introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes chaos“? No? Just me?… Alright.

Verdict: I really miss Khaos… And summertime.

Like a Villain: Goro Majima

I’ve recently finished Yakuza 0 and Yakuza: Kiwami, and want to talk a little about Goro Majima, one of the most ambiguous and morally flexible characters in the two games. Opinion is fully based on this limited knowledge, as I am aware he’s a prominent character in farther games too. If need arises as I play next installments, I’ll make new, updated blog post and edit this one to reflect such an update existing.

Goro Majima, The Mad Dog of Shimano, named so during his role as Shimano Family captain, due to ruthless and unpredictable combat strategies, is an antagonist to the protagonist, annoying and brutal, yet somehow worthy of respect, a villain, but-not-really type of a character. My favorite trait in this madman is his obsessiveness. It’s a very familiar and near to heart trait. If there’s something new for him to figure or learn, he dives into it with determination that propels him through the learning process curve in impossible leaps. That is best seen in his interactions with Kiryu through the Kiwami game, where Majima learns the minigames just so he could compete and possibly even win against then already skilled Kiryu, something the protagonist fully acknowledges.

goro majima 3

It’s not known how or when Majima joined Yakuza. His tale begins somewhere around him aged 20, where he and his oath brother are tasked with a hit that’ll land them both in prison. Once ordered to stand down, Majima refused on basis of not wishing to betray his oath brother, abandon him like that, which got him forcefully dragged away. Followed by an entire year of torture in a Yakuza prison instead, aptly called simply as The Hole. That’s where his eye got gauged out too, as he refused to bow his head to those he didn’t respect. After said year passed, Shimano handed him over to his own oath brother Tsukasa Sagawa, who essentially kept Goro on a short leash, prisoner in Sotenbori, Osaka, having him work Cabaret Grand with a dangling promise of a place back in Shimano family when he generates 100-million-yen profit.

goro majima 1That’s when Majima got known as Lord of the Night, and where we get to start playing his story ourselves in the Yakuza 0 game. First impression as powerful as they get, as he skillfully twists the situation to diffuse a worse one brewing, extra rowdy client getting aggressive. Without even leaving the premise of the club we already get to witness Majima’s more noble sensibilities, when it comes to others, the simple kindness and respect he has for human beings. Sadly, we soon get reminded that Yakuza are, after all, criminals, as Majima finds himself in a far nastier scheme, getting forced deeper into the darker sides of being a Yakuza. Where’s Kiryu was often shielded and protected by people around him, Goro stood alone, betrayed, played, used, and abused, people he held in higher regard – dying around him to a point where at the end of it all, he had to make a choice of leaving them, just so they could live, and not die by his side.


In the post-credits scene of Yakuza 0, Majima tells us and the person before him that he intends to “flip a switch”, and live his life differently, inspired by very prominent figures we met in the game. And this is the thing one must pay attention to if one cares to connect this guy, one we learned to be cool, collected, calculated, and deeply caring, with the man we see in Kiwami, beating up one of his own men with an umbrella. Majima, to survive both as a Yakuza, as a prisoner, this Lord of the Night, and later – whatever else he became, dissociated. A self-preservation trait or disorder, that happens due to trauma and/or inability to process (usually still the trauma). And while over the top, it’s portrayed beautifully when you look past video game theatrics.

Majima, thus, is one of my favorite ambiguous, morally flexible characters. Favorite scene likely the one where he almost beat up a civilian for not sorting his trash into recycling.

ED | Reign Energy Drink – Razzle Berry and Sour Apple

reign energy drink taste review

I’ve reviewed the Reign: Melon Mania before. Wasn’t impressed. Have mentioned I saw two more previously, and couldn’t find them. Well… I found them. Tried them. And wasn’t impressed yet again.

Razzle Berry is absolutely awful, sweet, and apparently scented, I don’t know, but it’s awful. The kind of taste that stays with you through the day, and refuses to go away no matter what you do.

Sour Apple is a fair bit better. If I had to pick up another Reign, it would be Sour Apple. If you chill it to a point where it numbs down your taste receptors, it’s almost not too sweet either, but let’s just say it’s a crime to call it sour apple anyway.

It’s still mediocre. Too sweet, got that same artificial powder taste, vile taste. Can’t stop thinking about Jim Jones while drinking this.

Verdict: No, really, down with the damn monarchs.

YouTube treasury- 2023-01-04 – life and travels in the car, adventures and food across Japan, and South Korea

Again that time of the year where I have a few YouTube channels to recommend. Must admit, sometimes by the time I have a full little set of people to show you, I end up no longer enjoying the type of content I watched then, and need to postpone it again. But here’s the three that made it to today:

Nikki Delventhal: Up until now Nikki lived in her 2006 Prius, traveling places with her loyal fella, Camper the dog. I found her thanks to YouTube recommended, as it was my favorite type of content back then. And while it no longer is, her positivity is still doing the job for me, so I remain a subscriber.

Anna Lee: Having lived and/or studied in London, Anna has now returned to South Korea, where she began vlogging. Determined to get better, mentally and physically, she takes us along to gyms, adventures, BTS concerts, tells us about her favorite shows, and provides funny snippets of behind the scenes in her own work. It’s refreshing kind of content, the sort I like to keep around for that extra little motivation.

Shinichi’s World: Shinichi just got recommended to me, becoming that final entry I so missed. And the recommendation came with this specific video I’m linking below, where him and his partner/boyfriend, are traveling across less known places in Japan. From said travels, to mouth-watering foods, the videos are heartwarming with the sweet energy, and genuine curiosity.

I’ll leave you with this magical snowy video from Ginzan onsen, Japan:

ED | Dr Pepper Energy Drink

dr pepper energy drink energetinis gerimas

I really like Dr Pepper. Original and all it’s vanilla variations. Reminds me of childhood candies “cherry pits“, that used to taste near identical to this drink.

Friend got me a couple cans of this goodness here, Dr Pepper Energy Drink. Which I took gingerly, with war flashbacks of the undrinkable nonsense that CocaCola has made…

Dr Pepper Energy Drink tastes just like Dr Pepper, but I’d say a bit less sweet. Which is a great plus. Very good and tasty.

Verdict: Put less sweetness into soda.

2022 Summary

2022 was challenging, I think you’ll agree. So was the year before it too. And the year before that. Salt to the wound: just because the year is ending, doesn’t mean the troubles will end. So, I say, let’s step into 2023 very carefully, like it’s an ice-coated sidewalk. Look around, and harbor hope. Hope to win, hope to heal, hope to be allowed, and have it in us, to move forwards, to the future where we’ll be able to tell the tales of what mad times we’ve lived through.

And since being careful sounds healthy, thinking foregoing borrowing time by making resolutions, this year I’ll rather just thank myself for all the things I did. I invite you to do the same with me, in case that’s all it takes to make this nightmare bubble pop.

So, what I’ve did? Let’s see, got quite a few blog posts that I am proud of:

euromaidan eurosquare revolution of dignity winter on fire

At the start of the year Russia invaded Ukraine. I wanted to both learn more and tell others about the recent history of Ukraine repelling the grubby red hands pawing at them, as a hope offering that they’ll do it again: Orange Revolution | Euromaidan.


Afterwards I had a little break, a little glimmer of joy. One of my old and favorite MMORPG’s woke up, and decided it wants to rear its head again. If you used to play those MMORPG’s, you probably understand why it’s big news, as most of them just died. For instance, in Silkroad Online page you can almost smell the malware, and worms seeping through the abandoned internet corner. Currently Requiem, now known as Requiem: Desiderium Mortis, is fully operational again. Changes aren’t very grand, but they keep working on it in all honesty. Additionally, it’s lovely to be able to download it via Steam. More on it: Requiem – The Fever Dream.

For Pride month I’ve put together a little masterpost on a few LGBT-friendly/supportive games, aka What to Play during Pride Month (I still highly recommend the Tell Me Why).

A little bit of Lithuanian history: Order of the Dragon, and Sunken Villages.

order of the dragon

Couple of great video games: Stray and Scorn.

Video game nostalgia post, as I seem to get a new kick in the brain every year now. Last year it was Oni, this year it’s Tomb Raider triptych.

tomb raider through the years iconic ego noctis

Little adventure to Vice City Pizza in Kaunas, Lithuania.

vice city pizza gta themed kaunas

In October I made four little masterposts on fitting activities: video games, series, movies, and books. And some history too, to make it more wholesome: the Origins; Jack o’ Lantern, and Lithuanian All Hallows.

And, of course, the December with Dracula, Dracember. Four wonderful movies. Two oldest: Nosferatu, and Dracula. And two newest: Hotel Transylvania 4, and The Invitation. Random Dracula encounters in even more random video games. Some Fauna and Flora. Short history of Halley’s comet. And Vlad Dracula’s Tarot cards.

nosferatu soukyan blackwood clan bloodlines vamily vampire the masquerade

So there it is. Think I did pretty well, and had a productive year, despite it all. I’m glad of what I did.

Dracember | movie: The Invitation (2022)

the invitation ego noctis wannabe kingpinThe final movie of this Dracember, December with Dracula, and the very, very newest one is “The Invitation“, translated to my native as “The Call of Blood”. It’s a visually gorgeous American horror thriller, set in our modern times, with a fairly unique tale to it, and a line of gorgeous actors, Thomas Doherty in the role of Walter De Ville, and I probably don’t need to additionally explain who that is.

Movie starts with a little peek into the past, specifically the event leading to the current premise: Evie Jackson, tired of mundane routine, and the burden of pain over the loss of her parents, accepts a seemingly spontaneous invitation. Invitation to come to UK, and meet her extended family. Here we get a stunning mansion, full of art, very old-fashioned servants, and poorly locked away secrets. With Walter De Ville at the head, the focal point of three entire families, including one Evie is descended from. We get the anti-pleasure (no, not displeasure) of watching an American girl lecture snooty old-money Brits.

As I said, visually this movie is a candy. Enjoyed the unique aspect of it, new perspective, sensible reimagining of vampire myth, and consistent storytelling. Makes for a cozy Dracula horror that is, at least, not set, again, long, long ago. They have smartphones here, and that makes me happy.

In conclusion, not a masterpiece, no. But something I’ll be able to rewatch anyway, or just have it play in the background.

Dracember | Vlad Dracula Tarot

dracula tarot cards read like a villain nosferatu ego noctisTarot cards always were a curious topic, much like other myths and legends, tales history left us with without proper explanations. So, it should come with no surprise that having discovered Vlad Dracula’s Tarot deck, I found it in my shopping basket all of a sudden.

Travis McHenry has put together a few decks. They’re all unique and great in their own ways. Author seems to care for quality, and Vlad Dracula’s Tarot is no exception either.

It all began with a themed deck, where beside the card image there’d be a little, classic description of its meaning. But a trip to Romania, and deeper introduction into history of Vlad Dracula’s life has turned it into a far greater project, an entire scholarly work. Determined to fix some mistakes in the history, specifically the translations of said history, author employed several translators, thus creating a valuable book within this box of cards. That alone would make it worth it to those who care to learn a little more on the historical Vlad Dracula, and aspects of his life that might have inspired the fictional Count Dracula.

Card images are works of art too (obviously). Having noted it was fairly easy to match many episodes of voivode’s life to specific tarot, author made sure to have them all done in the old wood-cut print style that most of the Dracula’s history is illustrated with (real or anecdotal). Beautiful red back, and gold gilded edges serve as an additional reminder that our beloved vampire was of regal origins.

I highly recommend this tarot deck to anyone interested in at least one of these two topics it combines. At the very, very least, you’ll have a very curious object in your life.

December with Dracula | Happy Holidays and Merry Dracula’s Birthday

Happy Holidays, tasty foods, fuck the moderation this once in the year, and the constant self-berrating, you beautiful, beautiful creatures. Be like our vampire lord and savior, Dracula, get determined to outlive your damn enemies, and the malignant fools. And, for the last time, wholeheartedly, enjoy these few remaining darkest nights of the year, for winter solstice has come and gone, meaning the days will only get longer from now on (I guess that depends on where on the globe you are).

Happy fake Dracula’s Birthday, enjoy yourselves, have as much fun as you can, and then get some of that well earned cozy rest.

Your favorite reading Nosferatu

nosferatu dracula christmas nightmode reading nosferatu reads wordpress