Halloween snaks


It breaks my heart to say we don’t have Halloween tradition rooted here. We have a similar celebration in Spring, but it’s not the same. No special candies, no fun movies on television. Luckily this year I was given the gift of Netflix in Lithuania, so I will make my own personal Halloween if I’m alive, and have a home to live in.

But here’s what I actually wanted to tell you about. I realize, that taking a picture, and re-telling the story behind it is a bit easier, so it’s how I’m gonna do it. I don’t have the instinct modern kids do, to snap pictures of everything, so every picture I do take – was taken for a reason. This is one of them. What you see is what you probably tried, ate, and maybe even hated if you’re an American, or someone with proper Halloween. Let’s face it, most Halloween candies suck, since they’re nothing but sugar and/or corn-syrup, food coloring, and possibly corn-starch, like candy corn (and fake blood packs) are.

These, my friends, are candy corn. I had them once in my life, in school, when previous class-tutor sent a bag of Halloween goodies to her former class. I didn’t know the woman, but it didn’t matter, everyone was given their share. Okay, so maybe I didn’t have it just once in my life, but that stuck in my mind the best, for it bloomed my love for this unhealthy deliciousness.

Last year, I’m not even joking, last year my friend told me her mother plans to send over a package soon, and asked me if I want anything, and she’d ask on my behalf. Being shy but able to accept what’s given to me, I asked for candy corn. This year, and this is why I told you I’m serious, she finally received that said package. And while she forgot I asked for those candied corns, she still packed them all off for me, for she tried it and was horrified! Well, probably not horrified, but she hated it, so she packed them all for me, since I told her, after she told me they’re disgusting, that they’re as good as my favorites from Halloween candy selection. By now I ate them all with help of my own mother, who seems to share my taste in odd sweets. And I tell you, for me it was heaven. We don’t have that. It has good memories tied to it. And in general, how can one hate candy, even if it’s not that good?

So that’s my story for today. How I had a year old candy-corn, and loved every bit of it.


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