[6] Elder Scrolls Online: Halloween


So! Witches Festival, the Halloween Event in Elder Scrolls Online has begun! Much like previous anniversary event, this one too has a prize that gives 100% extra exp (I don’t think it stacks, since I tried it with Ambrosia potion and got less than I did before), and some other things too.

The quest is obtainable via Crown Store, under Special OffersCrow Caller” and is free. It’ll drop an item to your inventory, and once used, item will disappear, leaving you with a quest, which is under Holiday Events in your journal, called “Witchmother’s Bargain“.

Once summoned the Witchmother will appear with a bunch of crows and will tell you what she needs of you, in exchange for the gifts. She’ll require:

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 1 gut
  • 1 essence of death

Pumpkin can be stolen at any market, there’s always a stall selling vegetables, or at least I’m pretty sure there is. Worst case scenario, below is a picture of Glenumbra location.


Guts are dropped by all larger non-threatening animals, does, bucks, sheep, goats, etc. One of each is enough. As for Death Essence – any delve boss will drop that, I chose some dwarven one, because I like to loot there, in case I find a motif.3

Essence of Death essentially looks like a cut-off goblin ear. And once you collected all three items, you’ll be prompted to return to the first big map on which you started your game (that’s the map where you first get to buy a horse), Daggerfall being Glenumbra map. Once you’re there, you can look around the map to find where the quest is, for I, personally, teleported to town, and thus was on the other side of the map.4

Witchmother’s cave is neatly decorated, and, of course, already had a bunch of people there, enjoying newly received presents. Took a selfie there, since Halloween is just the very best.5

Once inside, Witchmother will prompt you to put the stuff into the cauldron, and then drink some. All kinds of fancy things happen, you get achievements, prizes, and some interesting event (as in: event is only unlocked once you do this quest).6

I walked out and joined the crowd of skeletons. In your inventory you will find that same whistle you used to summon the Witchmother, but instead of her, now you’ll only get her cauldron appear. Drink from it, and may the madness begin! You turn into a skeleton, you get 100% exp more from all you do, your voice is changed into this funny different one, AND!! Every boss on the map (at least I think that’s how it is, judging from how it only dropped from Molag Bal’s generals at the dolmens) will drop this funny skull bucket in the duration of the event.7

Now, I only had time to collect two before I had to leave the game and reach the bed due to it being 1am when I tried this all out, but from what I see, this will be amazing! There’s new style material, as in, crafting motifs, and materials to craft from. There’s always some kind of bugs in there too, and I guess there might be other goodies. So get there, do this, and be merry, for this is our time!



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