log 2016-10-21

Let me tell you a story of what my sibling is like. Today, or actually since 8PM tonight it all begun. Her husband decides he wants to come over and do some drinking with our father. Five minutes later he claims he doesn’t want to come. Ten minutes from there sister calls she’s coming over with him. Three minutes later they decide they’ll also spend a night here. Ten minutes later from then they decide that no, after all, no, they won’t come. And two minutes later, they decide they’ll come after all.

So now she’s here, going to spend the night here, with her one year old daughter, pouting I told her that I’ll have a lot of work during the night (due to time zones, I often get work very late at night, or in the morning, since it’s when people start their jobs on the other side of the world). I have no intention of not getting paid for today just because she wants to burden our old parents. And, of course, they won’t tell her a thing, even thou not even they want her here. We live in two little rooms, the whole three of us, and now there’s three more here to sleep over in.

Every 5 minutes she pouts again: I think we’ll go home now, I don’t think I want to sleep here. But then just sits there, as if expecting we’ll drop to our knees and kowtow for her to stay.

This pretty princess scolds me for not working. This pretty princess doesn’t help us, and expects us to help her. This pretty princess is the bane of my life, and there’s nobody on this Earth who has hurt me more than she did, many times before.



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