Got my copy of GTA5, courtesy of a friend. For one, I really want to thank you all for all the books and video games you gave me this year (yes, e-books count), it really gave me many hours of escape from the nightmare I live in so far. And if/when things get better, I’ll get back to you, my lovelies.


The past two days it was my little obsession. There’s a lot to do in multiplayer, but I see how many people I co-op with wouldn’t like it all that much. You can and will get killed by other players. In the end, you will kill them too. Stories are real fun tho, much like Saints Row, with tongue-and-cheek humor from NPC’s and childish fits there and here from actual human beings behind characters (I’m not joking, some take taking the wheel very seriously and will leave the match if you don’t let them drive).

There’s lots of cool racing (not just regular racing, but sumo, tron, and such, regular too of course), heists, pick-up-and-take-there missions, HUGE map to explore, lots of small, fun and funny activities. We spent time playing golf, tennis, darts, swimming around, diving, arm wrestling, took a ride or two at the amusement park, went to a shooting range where it turned out I make good time. Yes, been to a strip club, yes, painted my hair green, yes, drove across the ramps, missed by a wheel, crashed into a wall, and got obliterated by a fighter plane.

Mind you, some players are real cool and chill. So play with caution, keep your money in the bank, and make sure you indulge in that radio in the car. Oh, and watch your char. S/he may be mute, but there’s body language that works well.


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