2016, B-day presents in advance

So since there’s a large possibility December is the last month I have a home, I warned my friends – my home is off limits on that month. All those who wished to see me, were welcome to do so in November. And some did!

I must say, I didn’t much expect presents. One friend gave me GTA5, and I asked her if I can instead accept it as a b-day gift, since I knew her to be the kind of a friend who can spend two years thinking of that one year her present wasn’t a top-notch (even if it was). But I got them, and I love them, especially how useful they were!

The games and the books keep my brain in tact. The money helped me pull through the month. The postcards I just love, and collect in a pile, and will one day punch holes in them to make a cool binder. The art supplies are always very needed, for big part of my income comes from that. And all the delicious stuff is killing me, for I cannot breath how stuffed I am, but I am grateful ❤

Thank You very much for making my life bearable, especially this awful month


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