Jack the Ripper, German, filmed in Vilnius; Lithuania

Imagine that. German Jack The Ripper movie, filmed in Lithuania, Vilnius. Naturally I was stoked to see it. But here’s a catch: it’s a bit tough to get into German side of television.

But as my friend said: when there is a will, there is a way.

This was one of the coziest, and oddest ways to watch a movie. With her kind offer, and a rig that made me worry of how am I such a pig to burden a friend like that, we’ve watched a movie on her television, together. Laptop on a chair, chair on a table, pushed to the tv, and turned to the screen for us to see.

The movie was great, aprox. 90 minutes as all, but felt really short. Both I and her have troubles watching movies just like that, and yet we both agreed that this felt short. Actors are wonderful, costumes were beautiful, and the idea was fresh, and appealing.

Thank you lots for this opportunity!



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