Xmas came early for me

Okay, so, I live in this small town, where all choices are limited to the point, where I end up bothering my friends to bring me this or that when they’re coming over. Knowing my love for Energy/Sports drinks, you might guess where this is leading.

Out of the decent-tasting stuff we only have Monster, and some flavors keep disappearing (often being those I liked the most, like regular non-carbonated ginger that usually even helped me with my sore throat on Holiday season). Basics stay tho: the original Green, the zero Blue, the red Assault, and the orange Khaos. There were two more, but here we are: they’re gone.

But today I had an Xmas miracle happen. Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds, me getting so jolly over a soda, but believe me, I’ve not much to be happy about right now, so this is good enough. We’ve two new flavors in, one being white Ultra, and other the beloved lemon-y The Doctor that used to only reside in UK, and big cities of ours. Courtesy of a friend, my getting these! Thank You, I luv you all ❤



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