The good kind

So! I had a lot of things to do in town. It was snowing, but warm enough, and I needed ginseng anyway, so I went for it. Ginseng is more or less the only thing that helps me with sore throat.

It was pretty damn magical, I admit, snowflakes and all that. Luckily I also have good winter shoes. I still hate winter. And I realize now that I hate it, because I worry about my mother CONSTANTLY when she goes out. She doesn’t have good shoes, she might slip, she might fall, someone might throw a cracker and scare her, someone might throw snow at her, because kids are little shits too often.

But I digress. As I was walking, there was this very old man, trying to clean snow off his car window. And this little guy, probably in 7th grade, no more, runs at him, and kindly says: sir, let me clean this for you! – and takes his brush away and starts cleaning the car off snow.

One of the stops I had to take was at the IT specialists who were to fix siblings laptop (yes, I have to take care of their shit, no, they wouldn’t take care of mine), on which they spilled beer. I brought it home, but it seems dead enough anyway. Don’t know what they’ll or us do about it.


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