Slow-setting madness

This is a third weekend my sibling and her child is staying with us. I can’t sleep at all, I can’t work, and if I game due to being unable to do anything else – I’m being snort-filled-silence judged as a “child” who cannot get off the computer.

Today they bought a new computer, since their old one didn’t get fixed. It’s alive, but there’s surely an error in the poor thing’s brain now. So they just up and bought a new one, fck parents who have no washing machine and will end up on street in miracle doesn’t happen. Then, returning, they dump that laptop in my lap: fix it up so we can use it. And continue giggling about how “look, all drowned into it right away, haha”. That followed by her going to complain to mother that I “jumped at her” after her remark, by me saying: you can do this yourself, if you wish, I’d be glad to.

If anyone’s interested in our general situation: this month is the last we can drag through. There won’t be a way back afterwards. We’re an invisible family of strangers no one will notice to be gone, expect those we served for the meager help. Were it not for my friends, there’d be points in months where we’d starve, since all the money we three make is poured into bills and debts. We need a miracle.


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