What a wonderful job

I always loved work like that. When a friend from America sent me some beautiful sea shells, one was broken, and so I took it up to put it back together, and later informed her that this was even better than an intact shell, for I loved doing it. And when a friend from Bulgaria sent me this gorgeous poster of an anatomical skelly, used as a wrapper, and glue damaged it a bit, I enjoyed it mighty to carefully pull it apart and put it back together. Now it has even more character to it, and I loved it even more.

I guess that’s why her suggestion (this friend from Bulgaria) to get old broken jewelry for cheap from trift places and such, and restore them, stuck with me. I’ve done that before, but sometimes you need to hear it from others to realize it’s a really real thing. I really like doing it. Even if I’m not yet much good at it, for I lack the funds in general to pursue such a thing, I’m sure with practice I’ll get great at it.

The key is to survive.


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