Jewelry, Music

Funny thing, I realized that the music and the jewelry I make no longer match up. I listen to this… well, very specific sounding rap these days, mostly found thanks to GTA5 radio stations, all the while making fantasy jewelry.

I admit, I’d like to make stuff that aligns more with what I listen to, but I really am low on most of the jewelry parts, and every cent I make goes to debts there and here, and there and here, and I end up with nothing for myself. Worst is, right now, after giving up all my b-day money to it, I’ve not made a dent.

At first I thought this is just too sad to post: I gave the bday money to debtors. But then I thought… The day I don’t need to do that will be the day people won’t be giving me money, and instead maybe will just buy me cupcakes and tea, while we sit and chat, eye-to-eye. So this is not actually a sad thing, my friends simply know what my life is, and this is their way of helping me, and I appreciate it.



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