The Elder Scrolls Online: New Life Festival

So the event has started. As the Halloween one, it can be taken from the Crown Store as a scroll, after which you’ll be prompted to go to Windhelm (that’s in Eastmarch, Ebonheart pact), where just outside the town there’ll be a lady waiting for you (can’t miss it, so many people around) with a bunch of quests to do.

The quests are showing how each race celebrates their “New Life” start, and they’re not in any how restricted to any races. You can do several during one day, and come back the next to do more. And while fun, they will, of course, start to repeat themselves a ton, thus becoming easy to do and master.

Prizes are pretty neat too, some mementos, clothing, new motifs. Random crafting items, like herbs are also much more useful than all the bugs (altho those came in handy too).

My fav prize so far was the mudball bag. At first I couldn’t figure out how to use the damn memento. Asked in the chat, and got pelted with mud balls! So here’s an image for you, to not repeat my mistakes (altho it’s really funny, I really recommend, except, don’t throw it at npc’s, unlike during the quest, these guys will get mad at you and you will get a bounty, but players respond well to it!)


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