GTA5 in a nutshell

Heist. 4 people needed for some reason, to take this one dude to safety.

1 ran off to wherever the hell they felt like.

2 kept driving to destination that was meant to be reached by water.

We took the guy out, the two former ones took him into the car and went on.

The one from before kept swimming about with a brand new boat, taking out helicopters as they came with rockets. I landed exactly 2 shots with regular MG (I take pilots out when I can).

I thought I’ll just go with them, so I got a car (mine was a bit busted, but the kiddo who rammed into my ass – apologized, so we’re good), and went ahead. Figured I’ll make a cut through the woods.

GPS stops working off road, so I got lost five meters in, I feel. Busted that car up real nice, found the road, took it tidily.

Didn’t make it to destination, got 22k for that.

So in conclusion: WHY ARE ALL HEISTS 4 PLAYERS? Where’s the main-story co-op? Take example from Saints Row. Heck, 99% of the video games out there should take example from Saints Row when it comes to co-op story-telling.


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