When I feel like I’ve done too little

Right now I have 4 projects on my hands, out of which 1 has to come quickly, because I feel like I sat on it far too long.

Basically there’s several pictures to redraw into bigger, more intricate images. My process in this case is: 1 file for 50px image; 1 file for 100px image; 1 file for 105px image; 1 file for 200px image.

If it has to repeat itself as a pattern background, I draw it in 50px, then flip it around to fill out the 100px, check whether it works in every way in the 200px, and if it does – put it into 105px and save it with the transparent edge. As I’m writing this I realize that 5 is an odd number and I should’ve probably made it 106px, but that’s easy to remedy.

For THREE WHOLE DAMN DAYS I’ve been drawing relentlessly, those tiny little images, going layer by layer, realizing I’ve made wrong calculations several times during the process. As in: I thought water will be the toughest of them all, but no, climax forest will be. I should’ve went from one hard image to another, rather than allow my OCD to take the reigns and do it as it came in the folder. Because now I’m really tired, and there’s that odd block feeling in my hands, digital artists probably know what I talk about, the odd sensation you get when you try to make a split-hair sized line on the drawing and your hand just refuses to.

Today I made 3 different images, and 4th fairly intricate one.

And I just feel like that wasn’t enough! And I’m angry, and I really hope that I can work more, because this is a waste of time I’m feeling!

I’m like that. I’ll beat myself into it. (tho gods help you if you attempt to harass or bully me into doing something)


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