Vicious circle

Sibling is slowly but surely degrading even more. Yes, apparently it’s possible. She’s drinking often, asking mother to take the child (which I strictly forbade, due to child being not a puppy – you had to consider the fact that it’ll be 100x more needy before you got one, so the kid is her problem, not mine, not our ma’s, and if she can’t deal – her husband will gladly divorce her and take the kid with him, as he often enough states; worst case scenario I will call social workers, and she can ask them, we’ll see how brave she is then, for mother she feels free to call words I’d not repeat, let alone call my own mother by), arguing and yelling at everyone due to sheer fact that she is bored.

Which is natural. The hoe has no talents at all, I doubt she can decently read, her internet is on the very slow side these days (how the tables turned, since 10 years ago she YELLED at me constantly for being glued to PC, ignoring the fact that I was working – it’s like yelling at a make-up artist for “being vain” when it’s their job to practice, apply, and show their skill in vids, pics, etc.) so as it happens – it’s everyone’s fault.

The way she treats out mother is beyond my comprehension. I do strongly believe she needs a psychologists help, and maybe even a ticket to a mental institution for a little vacation.

She’s a pathological liar on top of it. One day she asks to borrow money, which, again, I refused, for I myself am in need of help and support, because parents’ medical bills, utility bills, and debts – will not pay themselves, and I put all I earn in there. Then she claims there’s no food, and that she’s mighty upset that her daughter has to eat sauerkraut soup every day. She comes over to our place, where father, thanks to his big heart, feeds her and her daughter to a brim. And then she has the gall or stupidity to ask whether the ground meat she pulled out of the freezer this morning will not spoil by tomorrow, for she’s not feeling like cooking today. So have you no food, or are you a lazy b-tch, who can’t even feed her kid? I’m sure she was asking money for booze and cigs, for she is a low-life scum who would do that.

So what’s the vicious circle, you ask? being friendless makes her angry, jealous, and bored. Being angry, jealous, and BORING – makes her friendless. She has no will to work on herself. 33 years old, dreaming big of parties and kid that takes care of herself by herself, or anyone but her.


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