Journal from Tamriel [1]

So, finally managed to get out of the damned Deshaan in Ebonheart Pact. It’s one of the better maps to collect resources at, since it’s flat enough for constant walk, water rarely cuts you off too hard, and there’s mountains on every side of it, where ores like to take shelter. This I say as oppose such maps as Malabar Tor, where you can barely see the resources due to thick jungle flora, and where once you fall off a mountain – you can barely find your way back up.

Ebonheart Pact is the last fraction for me. I’ve started my journey in Daggerfall Covenant, and then made my way through Altmeri Dominion too.

I’m looking forwards to traveling in the more Argonian lands now. A dunmer myself I don’t mind traveling the Pact, but the uncrossable lava rivers, and endless fights with bandits and khajiit pirates are working on my nerves by now. Crocodiles would be a nice change, and the archaic style they decorate in – too.


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