Starkus and Radzevicius or how Starkevicius was born


A friend of mine talked me into (as if that’s hard to do) coming with her to this stand-up show hosted by Starkus and Radzevicius. She told me of this a few months before it all happened, so I basically counted days, pretending it is nothing. A week prior I casually inquired about it, thinking, well, maybe she changed her mind. Maybe she wants to go with her boyfriend instead, maybe she doesn’t want to go at all, many things can happen via few months. But my fears were blown away, and on Saturday morning I was packed for a trip to Vilnius.

M. Starkus and V. Radzevicius are our Lithuanian treasures, no less. These are people who can inspire with their work, and good humor. No wonder, thus, that the crowd that filled the hall was mostly people my age, between twenty and thirty, with merely a few exceptions (not saying that seniors or teenagers don’t get the whole inspirational-humor: chase your passions, and if you fall – laugh about it, buuuuuuttt……. They usually like different things)

To those who don’t know, these two stepped out of television (journalism, sports commentary), and spontaneously went off to Africa in their old battered car. Before hand they agreed with that said television, that if they film something worthy – it’ll get aired. So they went, had adventures, filmed it, came back, made a couple of episodes out of it, and basically blew up. Because, I guess, it was much like a reality show in a place travel leaflets didn’t tell us much about, and traveling agencies didn’t encourage traveling to. It wasn’t filled with tears, drama, alliances, and whatnots, but rather friendship, positive take on all that happened, and good vibes in general. Thus even on this moment as I write this – they’re off to yet another trip, and another season, traveling to remote (not always remote, sometimes simply far away from Lithuania, and not well traveled by Lithuanians) places. My favorite so far were the Banzai episodes, the time they went to Japan. Radzevicius is a huge man, even by our standards, so he didn’t fit anything. Not slippers, not clothing, not doorways…

So. They told us four hilarious (and inspiring) stories, basically telling us that by taking what life gives you – even if you fail, you’ll have a story to remember, at the very least (spent 3 whole seconds on bull’s back! heck yea!~). By the time they were finishing up with the fourth story I was rubbing my face, since it kept painfully cramping up from laughter, and whipping tears, all the while howling laughing. And after that they kindly stood there, giving autographs, taking pictures with all those who wanted one. It was an epic evening.

I hope that someday, with the magic of subtitles, they reach wider audience abroad too. Imagine your best travelling vlogger, and make it times two, adding such simple humor as Eddie Izzard presents. It’s these two.


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