Ghost In The Shell: 5 minute clip

In the end, even if I am not a fan of Scarlett Johansson, I understand why she was picked for the role. Ghost in the Shell is a one of a kind, heavy-duty cyberpunk, and cyberpunk was never a genre that took the scene easily. It was always exceptional, it is always something you remember and carry with you afterwards (like, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Transmetropolitan, Logan’s Run, Matrix, you name it; Sci-fi is fairly easy to absorb, while CP has something within that pulls you out of your own body; it changes your view to the world, it leaves a mark on you, and you can’t just be the same as you was before). And cyberpunk in Japan? It’d be just so out of the general flow of minds, that yes, in the end, I understand why they picked a caucasian, famous action movie actor for the role of Major Kusanagi. They had to give the link to the masses who are not yet familiar, to whom this might be too heavy, and also those who might ignore this if it was “oh, just another sci-fi, some kind of Japanese movie based on their cartoons or whatever“. She’s a link of normality in a cyberpunk world that is anything [but normal?…] (in the end, anything can be justified, anything can happen, limit no longer exists in the glory of Makers, 3D printers, and cell labs, and when everyone’s a God – what’s there to ground the believers? And what a nonbeliever is in a society where there is nothing to believe in in the first place?)


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