Alright, so let’s talk about my problem. I love things that glow, I love colors that emerge intensely from the dark. I like colors that make your eyes sore. Which then in return makes me love uv stuff, and those neon lights used for signs, as you see on my header. So here comes Netflix, and their (now old) news: Riverdale.

Series have mighty good vibe to it, while staying fairly simple, with a leading detective line it. One of the famous Blossom twins drowned, breaking the heart of the other one, and after a year of mourning – the wound gets re-opened. Her brother’s body was found, and it doesn’t match her story of boat tipping, and him – simply drowning. In general their relationship looks so intense that it gets creepy, but it’s not what you think, if you thought what I thought, and what people who watched Game of Thrones thought.

Watch the first episode and see how it looks. The colors and the 80s vibe seems almost supernatural. You expect to see a pointy ear, hear a whispered spell. Instead these gorgeous teens just pull out their phones to tweet, and go to the diner with neon sign upon it. Every character looks guilty, and yet you wish them to not be, you hope they’re not. Changes of heart feel natural, possible, and having no vampires walk the scene somehow makes me relieved a bit.


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