[movie] Ghost in the Shell

Poorly mushed together script, pulled by good actors, anyone? Or how Hollywood Edition 3 movies out of 1 script became 1 movie out of 5 scripts.

Ghost in the shell is something colossal and wonderful. Every anime season/series, every movie, manga – each one went deeper, each one had a gigantic moment of WOW. And this movie took them all and made a smoothie blending together strawberries, bacon, and sushi, if you please.

From small things as Major Mira Kusanagi pursuing her history, with everything in the plot dragging her towards it, except herself. To meh things, like the “bad guy”, who considered people like Major – his arsenal property, being so very bland, that I can’t even recall his name. To gigantic unforgivable things, like Ghost surviving in Net, and being presented like a dry sponge with hardly anything to make you wonder of who, how, why, and what’s next, or at least: what happened to those involved? “You’re so beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful, they really did a great job making you beautiful, you’re so beautiful, beautiful… I’m not that beautiful.”

BUT. Please read on, this is where I give you my positive take. While I was not so pleased with Scarlett Johansson being my beloved Major Kusanagi, I think she did a great job playing a robot with mere memories of what it was like being a human inside. Her robotic walk, her scary looming, that was all beautiful, very well done. I loved other team mates too, and how they got drawn together in the end, making perfect intro into what would be normal GITS entry.

So. All in all I am happy that people will like this movie. I like the choice of actors too, because they took it serious, and did a great job of it. But script is a terror. It’s crammed to the point where all the huge things became bland norm, and left little to no impression.

DISCLAIMER: My opinion may very well be biased due to being a fan, don’t take my word for it, please watch it.


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