Habitica – to-do list that you play

If you’re anything like me, you need to-do lists, because you’ll end up doing a lot of things that are not priority, forget to do actual stuff that you need done, and then sit ’till 4am doing that. And so if you are indeed like me, you will like Habitica.


While watching superwoman (iisuperwomanii) vlogs, I noticed she makes a to-do list on her video, at the start of it, and then gives herself exp. points for doing the tasks on it. And it reminded me of something a friend showed me a while ago: a gameified to-do list that rewards you for doing your tasks, dailies, and abandoning habits even.

It’s very simple. You make a list, in advance or however you want. One list is for general to-do, like a one-time thing. The other list is for dailies, things you need to do every day, like I do cardio. And then there’s habits (you might notice mine is empty, but that’s because that’s how it is, as odd as it sounds). Once you do things on your lists, you mark them down, and game gives you points, and gold for it, and then you can get armor, weapons, pets! A really good thing for forgetful souls like me, and more fun than pen-and-paper.



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