2017 – 04 – 22 – a week of unfortunate events

My mouse broke, my lamp broke, my headphones broke.

Headphones, admittedly, broke a little earlier. I fixed them by taping a hair thing, accessory like a little bow similar in shape to that of headphones base, onto that said broken base. Then the cord broke… Friend got me a replacement, and now it works good. Tho to be honest, they’re a bit loose on my head now, so a lot of sound comes in, and I find that to be disturbing most of the time, since I’m used to working in silence or listening to audio books.

Then my mouse broke. Left button decided enough is enough, and the cord agreed, so slowly but surely it was going to its death. I’m gonna miss my black-white-red skull of a mouse, but what can you do. Again, thanks to friends I’ve a replacement. And it’s green. I like it.

And then, as a cherry on top, my lamp decided to go out. Most of my work and all of my hobbies require me have a light, because my work space is behind a bookshelf which is packed to the point where light barely comes in. I was told these might be more expensive, the bulbs. But luckily there was a sale, and I found one for 1.50e or something. Might not last, but for now it’ll definitely do.

So all in all, I’m still pulling.


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