Lefties and righties

Sometimes I get an idea, a thought, a question, and it bothers me to the point where I can’t work. So I google. Today it was “why are there more right-handed people than left-handed people?”, and after four articles and researches, this is what I figured:

  • It’s possible that this is an innate thing.
    Adopted child may not have the same dominant hand as their new parents, thus suggesting it’s not necessarily learned.
  • Twins don’t always have same dominant hand.
  • Dominant hand happened because of works that only require one working hand, other one remaining passive: wood cutting, writing, playing some instruments.
  • Due to right-handed people being dominant, most of the things we have are adjusted to right-handed people. As a result, according to some book I forgot the title of, lefties die on average 9 years earlier than righties.
  • Lefties are deadlier in battle, tho. Both lefties and righties are used to fighting right-handed people. No one’s used to fighting left-handed people. STAB STAB STAB.
  • It is possible that dominant hand is also a learned skill, due to visual learning. It simply is easier to repeat actions you’re seeing if both you and your tutor are doing them with the same hand.

Write me if you got more, this is still bothering me.


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