A dose of “feeling stupid yet?”

Don’t know about you, but when I hear of teenagers making programs, I end up pondering on my brain skills.

Today’s topic is mr Adam Mudd:

  • Adam created Titanium Stresser program at age 16
  • It carried out near 2 millions attacks on websites (Minecraft, Xbox Live, Microsoft, TeamSpeak, Runescape MMO, etc.)
  • DDOS attacks are basically overflooding servers. When done neatly, in unison, it can plug up even the big and mighty, causing crashes and other unpleasantries.
  • He made approximately half a million dollars due to it. But the best part – kid lived with his parents, and wasn’t into any lavish life-styles. He didn’t do this for money. Money just happened. (yes, this is the part where I start thinking why am I so stupid)
  • He pleaded guilty, and got 2 years offline for it (prison, yes).

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