2017 04 27 – Toy Section

On Sunday it’s my niece’s second birthday (April 30th), so I went out to town to get her some toys, from myself, and the grandparents. At first I wanted to get her those big Lego Blocks, but the only ones they had were pretty lame, and I really liked this wooden puzzle that I got for her. At the very least she will have stuff to throw around and pick back up, which she likes doing alright. Then, for the grandparents side of the gift, I found her a couple of balls. A blow-up beach ball with Miney the Mouse, which she adores, and a small water filled ball full of glitter and LED’s. She will love these, and thus I am left to wonder whether I pulled myself a pig with that puzzle, and too good bits for grandparents. She really likes the beach balls, and once got really angry when she had to give it back to the people where they were throwing it around in the crowd. And as for the glowing one? Well, she broke my pc mouse in the past, unable to put down the shiny lights.

I might have bought one for myself too… I really like glow-y things. I got her a greenish one with owl picture in it, and for myself – Saints Row purple with Black Flag skull in it. (It’s neither Saints Row, nor Black Flag, but a man can dream, right?)

I also watched two newest episodes of Doctor Who. I really like his new companion, she’s a real nice woman.

A post shared by jrv blackwood (@kidonzydrate) on Apr 27, 2017 at 3:07pm PDT

or just go view it here, since WordPress is a b*tch about the scripts https://www.instagram.com/p/BTZ6zMhFDIT/?taken-by=kidonzydrate


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