The Lazy Entry

Today I thought, let me have a day-off. I sat doing little to nothing until around 17.30, and then got back to work. That’s me.

On other news, there’s a Lithuanian blogger who is probably the best find of the year for me. I laughed at many things, and agreed with many more. Today’s resting hour was spent on [About ratty cheapness of people…], and while it’s in Lithuanian, I’ll still link you to it once.

There she spoke of people who are just horrifying in their attempts to save up. Basically, people who are cheap on someone else expense, even their own (meaning those who are rough on themselves: save by cutting on food, sights). They’d take stuff from work, because hey, work provides, it’s free. They’d try and take a bus without paying. They’d put stickers with correct bar-codes or whatever on older kind of cans, to get them admitted into the collecting recycling-mats. And while these latter ones MIGHT be doing some good to society by picking trash up, I doubt they do so out of goodness of their hearts. Otherwise they’d probably take them to metal recycling spots, rather than try and get that 0.10EUR for it.


Here’s my three examples of people who save in expense of others:

  1. Older people who don’t understand why is internet, how is internet, and how come is on the internet: “I’d like this movie, I hear you can download it and watch it, can you do that?” – uh, that’s illegal. “Mmm no, I don’t think so, it wouldn’t be on the internet if it was illegal.
  2. People who INSIST on getting ripped games: “are you kidding me? I’m not paying 39.99EUR for new Assassin’s Creed game!” – Right, don’t! I agree completely, don’t. Steam summer and Christmas sales are epic, they put stuff for as much as -95% off. HumbleBundle has bundles of games, you’ll get three to five for less than a full euro, and you know? Sometimes they’re really good. I got 3 Assassin’s Creed games from one of the bundles! Three games for one dollar. And they have sales too, pretty good ones too. Then there’s G2A, which is great if your country doesn’t have very big VAT’s, but either way you will probably find your game cheaper on there, than non-sale prices in the grand sites of distributors who are directly owned by developers (you really don’t have to take the shield)., Origin and EVEN Uplay sometimes go as far as give some games away free. Origin does that often, there’s a whole section, I got Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect (first two) from there. So, yes. Don’t buy the game for the 40 bux they’re ripping from you. Wait for a goddamn sale, you impatient man-child.
  3. Clients, usually students. You had 3 months to do your work. You decided you’ll do it 1 week prior. You spent your precious time finding texts you’ll need for it. And 2 days before you need to submit it, you send them to me with “HELP, PLEASE, URGENT!!” and THEN complain: “I wrote to You personally because I thought this would be cheaper than office translation!” – well, yeah no. If you want me to take you as a priority, and if you give me 24 pages and 48hrs to do it, you ARE a massive priority, you will not find a damn office that will take you, or you will pay double the rate for pretty much anyone who has more than just one client a week. You forfeit your right for cheaper and bargain prices when you have a ton of work you can’t do yourself. Make wiser choices. Buy a nice white-board and make a time schedule. Do whatever it takes to not end up in a situation where you think you’re entitled to save your money AND time at my expense.

Yeah, these are my pet peeves. I’m sure there’s more. And I’m not guiltless either, absolutely not. But I try to improve my ways. And I will improve them even more when my life can afford more than just plain ol’ survival.

Be good.


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