Prague Flavor

800px-Prague_MontageI was to Prague almost 12 years ago, my very first journey abroad, and one I remember fondly no matter the hiccups. But here’s what reminds me of the trip the most: apple (flavored) tea.

The first morning there it was already hot, no matter how early it was. My 16 year old self read somewhere that in hot weather some hot tea makes it more bearable, so for once in my life I abandoned juice, and asked for a cup of hot tea. Being shy as hell, when asked what kind, I just waved my hand saying that it won’t matter. And really, it didn’t.

But they gave me apple tea. Some generic packet brand. Yet the flavor was so soothing and delicious (I drink tea with no sugar for forever now, so flavors really matter). And so I was a convert. Tea became my thing.

Now ever since I have apple tea I remember Prague, a good thing to associate, innit? But the bad thing is, that I never found that right one… Might just have to go back, I guess.

(I’m too lazy to dig out my hard drive, so here’s a generic picture of Prague)


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