Co-op games, and why campaign is better

I really love co-op games where I can play the campaign with my friends. Often it is because the game is not the kind I like, and friends make it fun. Other times it is just because it’s fun, and even better with friends. Like Trine, or Dying Light, or Resident Evil 5, or Saints Row, any and all.

So I’m always on the look for more, as one would, having gamer friends who would play with you, and a very limited amount of actual games. And I mean it, it’s pretty damn limited. Everyone keeps shouting that it’s not important, but guys, it is. Just make the same game run for both of us, and don’t bother giving the damn co-op missions, THOSE are the ones that suck. Saints Row did it, why can’t you?

On Steam you can’t know for sure if they’re giving you co-op for the story, or just some parts. Other times, like Portal 2, it has a complete separate game for the two people (that’s also bad, don’t force it!), and how the hell would you know? You google, right? Right. And while googling, I found this gem right here: [Co-Optimus]. A bloody site that filters games for you by your needs, and has small, and big reviews on whether it’s campaign or just some side missions.

Thanks a lot for making it!


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