[Game] Crossy Road

Damnation, friends are leading me out the way! One of them just showed me this little game to play on my phone, called Crossy Road. The point of this game is to go as far as you can by crossing roads, railroads, and rivers. You get gold for beating your score, and you collect some on your way too. Then, using that gold you can buy a present, which contains a different character for you to hop with! Those are usually paid, you can buy them all, but isn’t it great to just win one instead?

My favorite so far was the slow-but-fast edition grandma, that forms into a different yoga pose with every jump. And a bunny rabbit that kept bubbling hearts. But the top of them all is this scary cat below. The character changes the look of the game too, making it darker, redder, bluer, filled with jolly things, or Halloween pumpkins. And I bloody love it all.




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