Sunday: Summary

This week was both good and bad in fairly equal measures, I dare say. Every bad thing was counteracted with a good thing, and every random good thing – with a bad thing, so I don’t even know how to evaluate it, but here goes nothing anyway:

A friend visited me on Monday, found her loitering on a warehouse rooftop with a puzzle book, waiting for me to come from a lesson. We went for a walk around the town, I told her that they’re planning to tear down one of the three chimneys of our Power Plant, she got me a pizza, and then we went for this store with weird old junk in it. Just to find that it is no longer open, the windows are broken, and the door aren’t locked. I must say, I’m no fan of rats, so I was very hesitant of going in there, but then she assured me she sees none and that she’s hunting them down for me if need be. Which I trusted she would do due to reasons I won’t disclose for her sake. As we walk through the rooms (I really can’t stand the damp smell of old shower places, so we didn’t stay long on that side of the building, and other side was just a tad too dark due to having no windows), trying to light our way with our phones, some kids, almost full fledged teenagers walk in too. So imagine, we stand there in the dark, admiring peeling paints, looking behind broken counters, and these three kids find us there. They stopped in their tracks, possibly because we were too lazy to take our shades off. Possibly because one of us had a knife that we used to move suspicious things aside. They greeted us like this was the most normal situation you can be in, and when we assured them we’re here for most likely same reasons as they are – to snap some pics, they moved on, further in, to break more glass.

I never knew that building to have that many rooms really. Shower facilities were huge, which is also surprising, since that building was a banquet hall, but I guess since it’s located five steps away from the lake, it makes sense to have showers to wash off too. Other side of the building, after the hall itself lost the purpose, since Lithuania forgot its vacation little town, and we got abandoned, became used furniture + used clothes store. There was an abandoned shoe laying about, and someone has made a literal hole in the wall towards the balcony. Now that I think of it, it would’ve been nice to find actual doors to balcony. But anyway, my friend went through the hole, I was too hesitant. The idea of getting stuck is very unappealing.

After that we went towards my home, where we watched a couple movies, and she carried a ton of my books back home for me, while I carried the drinks we got at the store.

Later on that week I got bad news that mum lost her job, and that the project for summer was canceled, so I’m in a lot of hurry to find a bigger source of income than I have right now. Tutoring doesn’t pay that well in summer, and not that many people need translations. Better news were that one of the debts is probably gonna get smaller monthly payments, so I might actually managed to pull through it in autumn, IF I survive through the summer. And then two more Patrons happened, tho admittedly one of them is again a friend of mine. But then, it’s also very nice to know that your friends care about you and/or your work that much.


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