Log: Summary 26-02

Well, Steam sale started. Got myself a ton of cards, and gift games, which is always appreciated, but really don’t feel obliged, I have more than I can play for the time being. My Dracula games collection is pretty much complete too, and I’m trying real hard to play that first point-and-click adventure game, but wooh geez it’s difficult with the movements.

It’s hard to remember what happened during the week, my mind’s a scramble. I’m under a lot of stress, and in a lot of anxiety, so all days become one, and it just doesn’t occur to me to mark things down as they go, because, well, why would you think that this meager event would become the highlight of your week at the end of it?

But on the good news, I’ve a lot of work, and a few commissions to that. Paid work is great! Gives me hope! The good kind, the solid kind, not the “maybe it’d happen” kind, not the “a miracle might happen” kind.


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