log 07-04

Have I told you that my umbrella’s aluminum handle rod broke in my hand and sliced my finger open? Well, it happened. As of today, my finger stopped hurting, and I can continue with all of the work as before, without flinching at the stinging sensation received due to pressure of holding a pen, or pliers.

The cut was not deep, but it took a broad enough area, chumming off skin, and digging into the meat. I bled like a piggy.

Currently I’m doing a commission painting, of this adorable little girl, and her baby brother, all updates of that will end up on my Patreon first. I’m mentioning this case as an exceptional one, because this was the first time someone asked me to paint their children. We’ll just have to see how that goes. I asked about colors and style, because let’s face it, I rarely deal with realism (althou there was once this young man with a very nice smile who asked me to paint him, I tried to keep realism there, and I hope he’s happy with the picture), and will proceed to coloring when I get the reply.

Commissions are fairly simple, and depending on situation, we can agree whether I get paid before or after you get the painting. Scans are always same price, it’s always 15 euros a piece, unless it’s a monochrome, then we can go down to 10 euros. I mostly prefer dealing with it by personal messages over facebook, but anywhere you write me will be fine in the end.


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