Sense8 returns for a bit

One day I sat down and turned on this Sense8, just to see why Netflix keeps fussing me about it. Next thing you know I’m a senseit myself, invested deep into all these characters, unable to express friends how great this thing is, how these people here are on the other ends of the world, but together, how they fill each other out, and so on, and on, and on.

I watched the second season when it came out, and was absolutely in love. But then all these things happened! For one, I kept seeing disappointment here, and there, claiming there was no plot. What do you mean there was no plot? Going after a cluster cannibal is not a plot? The guy who never ever asked for help is ASKING for help silently appearing, unable to speak up, is that not plot? Aren’t lives of these people – not plot?

And then it was canceled. They ended the series with “we’re coming for you, be very, very afraid”, and they canceled it! I was heartbroken! I joined my voice into the others, asking, pleading to at least finish the wonder that this was. And Netflix kindly apologized for not being able to do that. I appreciated it, but couldn’t help wanting some kind of finale.

Guess what? 2 hour long finale is in the works!


[Sense8 Twitter]


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