King Mindaugas name’s day

We celebrate this name day of King Mindaugas, which happened to be on 6th of this month. Imagine my joy, when one day – American clients didn’t reply, and the next day you knew – Lithuanian clients won’t, since it’s a national holiday. Had to do the work for 3 days in a single one. But let’s talk about the good stuff instead.

A friend came to visit me on that day, and we went out. Weather was pulling all kinds of tricks. One moment we’re cooking, the next we’re being rained on, then dried by the merciless sun again. At some point it rained into my sunglasses. Someone explain me how?

We walked past this fenced off piece of Elektrenai, my hometown, of the less used, but nice, wide, and flat street, together with a park that had ramps made out of packed dirty some years before, due to road not being used, and being in a very good place for any rally’s, bike-shows, and so on. Yes, being a small town, we do get a lot of those.

When we walked forth, bikes were going in laps, roaring madly. Some promo girl gave us non-alcoholic beer. Neither of us drinks, beer is definitely not for everyone, alcoholic or not, so in unison we both took a can each, and packed them away to bring back home, to someone who would drink it. Why take it if you won’t have it? Because the girl carrying that beer through the crowd looked like she’d gladly throw it out if she could get away with it. I doubt it was easy, for she definitely had a few six-packs on her.

Then we went through the forest, picked some herbs up for my jewelry making, and headed back, and what perfect timing we did. Lorry trucks (without the parts that carry produce in it, just the fronts) were drifting on the road, and it was amazing. There was smoke, colored smokes, and so much noise! At one point wind blew away the inflatable ark, but it did not stop the show.

So all in all, the day was good, and the show was pretty cool too.


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