I beg your consideration

​My mother lives in constant hellish pain. Her back hurts to a point where some days she can’t get up. Her hip joint is pretty much non-existent, and we’re still far in line for surgery. Her arm ligaments are broken due to falling down in winter after she slipped on the outside stair. Moving hurts. Being hurts. Meds are compensated to an extent only, and there’s a limited amount of them too, meaning she’d have to choose days where she’d be in pain, or hope for days where it’d be more bearable.

And yet, they declined her disability plea locally with only one claim “for pain? no.” Meaning we can’t take it to medical jury in capital, where they’d finalize it and we’d be done with it. We’re left to restart the case and find a different basis.

Bases of ligaments and joint don’t work because you have to wait in line to get treated surgically. Somehow local doctors came to a conclusion: you’re not getting treatment (meaning you wait in line instead of magically appearing at the front of it), so it doesn’t hurt that bad, so you don’t need treatment for it, and can’t use it as a card for disability.

As for her back pain, they don’t know what it originates from, meaning they don’t even know how to treat it, other than give her 12 shots of painkillers that at best take pain off for 48 hours, AT BEST.

But option here is only one: restart the case. My mother can’t work, there’s no doubt of it. All kinds of asocial people get disabilities for less, so this was either spite of the doctor whose name I won’t mention just yet, in case I can get someone from higher-up get at her first, or she was waiting for something to magically appear in her pocket, if you know what I mean.

Restarting the case means going through all the doctors and tests anew. With insurance you still have to pay for a lot of basics, like tubes, hospital gowns (yep), test cups, some of the blood tests, etc. Plus, a lot of these things can only be done in capital, which is 50km away from us. I work three damn jobs to a point of exhaustion, but we have a lot of debts still burdening us, mainly from all the previous incidents, for I tell you, this woman has suffered her due and then some. And with winter bills coming, I’m just really afraid I won’t be able to pay for everything, especially if they cut her insurance at some point, as they did in the past. So I beg you, if anyone can spare a dime, I’m ready to work for it, for you. Even if it’s just a ko-fi coffee, it’d mean the world to me and her, because it all adds up, I promise you.

Thank You for your understanding. And most of all, Thank You for your kindness.

Fundraiser | Ko-fi


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