Wish |1.95eu Single Earphone


I bought this around the same time I bought those wireless earplugs. Those, in compare, are great.

At all points of my complaining, please remember this was less than 2 euros, and think what sort of quality one even should expect for that price for this kind of an item.


  • it’s too big. there’s no way i can put it in comfortably. the only means i found to use this was with a headband over the ear it’s sitting in.
  • battery lasts 40 minutes.
  • it’s uncomfortable, and the metal mesh that covers the speaker itself is put in a bit crooked, it’ll come off soon enough.


  • for that price line, I’m okay with it.
  • serves the purpose, sound is pretty decent for the price range.
  • charges in 20 mins max once dried flat.

I got this because I wanted to listen to music in shower, and make sure I can hear the outside noises too. Yes, in retrospect I see how a waterproof speaker would’ve worked better, but at the same time, if I just wear a bandanna and push this into my ear – it’s fine! It works great to keep by the bed too if you just want to listen to that one IG story, and don’t want to turn your phone sound on, it pairs very quickly and easily.

So my verdict is: I got what I paid for. It’s uncomfortable and life time is very short, so keep those two things in mind if you’re searching for an investment.


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