Log: General Update

I finished NaNoWriMo successfully, with 50031 words per my little novel. It’s not yet a good novel, and I’d change many things, and I will change many things, and see how that works out, before publishing any of it.

Other than that, I’ve been extremely down. It’s amazing how you can feel good for about an hour in between depression episodes, and then drown again as if nothing good has ever happened. But I did things, I made beautiful jewelry, I made lots of sketches, and I’m even hosting a birthday sale-contest on etsy. Just walking like bombs aren’t falling around me.

I’m very ready for the 2018 witcher read-along. I will talk more of it this week. For now it’s enough to know I have the books prepared for it, and hope they re-print the new copies on time.

Hope you’re having much better time than I do.



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[Series] Lord of the Ring prequel series

Amazon signed a 250$ million contract for the rights of making the multiseason series on Lord of the Rings prequel. Full official statement can be read here: Amazon – Press Room

Likely this will be the most expensive series we’ve got so far, seeing how the sum above is merely for the rights, and not the general budget of making it. Fantasy series often have pretty big budgets with too little room to maneuver if they wish to stay on track with the rest. And other than stressing that it’s a prequel to Fellowship of the Ring – there’s nothing more to say as of yet.

What’s your take on this? Happy, sad, afraid? I see many people discussing it now. Some don’t want it to happen, because they grew up with the trilogy movies, and feel like this will be the bad gate for the new generation, aka they’ll grow up thinking this is the story. Aka they already believe this will be bad and won’t represent the truth of the stories. I, personally, think it was bound to happen. Lord of the Rings story is too huge to be put into three and three movies, no matter how long they were. There’s so many tales out there, that it might be for the best if someone decent tried to film them.

Frost and the end of jogging season

I usually jog to work, making my round of running, and then lightly stutter to the office, where there’s a spot where I can change into more appropriate, and less sweaty attire. Yes, wet wipes are my friends. But recently mornings were mighty frosty, and due to the moisture in the air and on the ground, the floor got so slick, I think today was the last jog for me this year. That is, I made a decision to stop before I learned how to make saltos, splits, or just plainly caught a cold.

So far I’m not yet in the rhythm of work, which is a bit upsetting. It is not because of the Monday though, since Mondays are alright in my books. It’s Sundays I hate, due to them being tense days with nothing much to do. But here’s my attempt to motivate the little self:

And: “Most people think that nobody should make a fuss until it’s their own comfort at stake, at which point they will bring the roof down shrieking about it.” – K.J. Charles “An Unseen Attraction


Strange week, really. One day there’s enough work for me to sit on it from dawn to dawn. The next one I barely have anything to do. My health got a bit wonky too, but I think that’s just a sign I need to start on the closing season for the morning jogs, and instead take up the exercise bike at home. I don’t like that thing. I like riding a real bike outside, but inside, the trainer, there’s too much freedom on it. Next thing you know, I’m no longer holding the handles, but reading a book on my phone. And I just don’t achieve as much if I don’t put my mind to it. But, anyway, let’s get back to the week itself. Tho now I feel awkward with the idea of “let’s see what my week was, because all of you care!” . . . :

  • I’ve read Joe Hill book “NOS4A2” (Nos-Four-A-Two – nosferatu), and while this wasn’t the best book ever, I liked it more than anything I’ve read by King so far. I still have hopes to find something I truly love by King. Nothing against the author, I do like the man, and the ideas he has, but not enough to force his work upon myself.
  • Tomorrow a trip to post office, for someone in USA didn’t pick up their package for over 2 months, so they returned it to me. I wrote the person already, informing them, asking to confirm the address, but so far – no reply. I think I’ll keep it for half a year, if nothing happens, I’ll just return the money to them, wherever they are, and re-sell this piece.
  • I still really lack the room for proper crafting. To the point where I’m thinking how could I possibly suspend my router somewhere. I fear that the wire might slip out of it. Or if I hang it upside down – it’ll bend to the point where it’ll break. On top of that, it has to be reachable, since, I mean, it’s a bloody router, requiring restarting now and again, and all that.
  • Discussed future plans with one of the companies I work with, the same one that has my contract end this month. Mostly I wanted to know how possible it’d be for me to get a spot at one of their Scottish locations if they came about re-hiring me when the next English>Lithuanian project arose. Then spoke about this with a Scotsman friend, with greater knowledge of economy and politics than my own. Sad to say, but Germany, as future location, scored a point yet again, due to the turmoil Great Britain is currently going through, and dragging the countries of the island along. Don’t get me wrong, Germany is great, but work-wise I’ve not really anything to do there to justify it. Nor do I have a work-related buffer to transition from this country, to that country if the destination is Germany.
  • I keep getting marvelous ideas for jewelry, but lack the time to make them. So I sketch them mostly and await the end of this month, when likely I will have some time at last. I’ve a great idea for a little icy cold collection!

And I think that’s that then. Thanks to all the friends who felt like giving me that extra time and attention this week, I really needed that ❤

[Promo] Lou Graves

I found Lou Graves a while ago, I think first on YouTube, then on Tumblr, and then just followed from there to everywhere else. They’re awesome, responsive, friendly, and oh that sense of fashion, right up my alley, even if I’d not be able to wear any of that, I sure do love looking at people so finely pulling off all those shirts and velvets!

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DISCLAIMER: just in case, be aware, not one of these Friday Promo entries were paid to get done, I do this on my own volition, though if you want to become part of it, it’s free, you just need to contact me about it.

[Miniseries] Alias Grace

Title: Alias Grace
Genre: Drama, True Crime, Detective
Based on: “Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood
Directed by: Mary Harron
Country: Canada, United States
Language: English
Episodes: 6

A few days ago Netflix recommended me a great little thing, a 6 episode detective-drama-crime style miniseries, Alias Grace. I had little time then, so I watched it in two nights, and oh, how wonderful it was. So simple. So right.

Grace Marks is accused of murdering her employers, robbing them, and escaping. Once caught, she admits guilt under pressure, and serves time in a brutal women’s prison, with ruthless guards. But as the handsome young doctor starts to investigate, he and us too, start doubting the admission of guilt. For Grace claims she didn’t do it, she was so scared – it was easy to put words in her mouth, and she has scars to show for it.

We get to see same crime happen from a couple different perspectives, with different dialogues happening between the parties involved. So who here is lying?


Smol Log | 11-07

A small update, and little thoughts. I’m doing pretty good with NaNoWriMo. The story is nothing special, really, but I’m glad I’m getting it out of my system for once. I had this story in me since I was around 14, so that’s more than a decade now. And while writing I kept referring to one character in different words, indicating different possible age. It all came down to who’s observing him. To someone closer to his age, he’s a young man, to someone far older – he’s a boy. And it dawned upon me, how weird it is that so many guys find it offensive to be called boys. Women get called girls all the time, really, all the damn time, it’s just sort of a “kinder word” at times, which isn’t the case, it’s not, don’t use it that way. But people do it. Yet “boy” is not kinder, unless your grandma calls you that. Why?

Yesterday mum had a very bad episode of pain. It’s ridiculous how no one can do anything, and just keep sending her from one doctor to another, with excuses such as “I’m not the specialist of this particular thing” – so why in oblivion were you assigned? Why did your colleague send us to you? Why did you make her come in, knowing what the visitation will be about in advance? Because they can decline a visitation, they really can, but they never do!

My right eye keeps hurting badly all day today. I suspect my blood pressure is through the roof due to the over stressing and lack of sleep. The only good come out of it via these two days is that I’ve read Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat, and it was very sweet, and captivating enough to put my mind at ease so that in the end I could indeed fall asleep, and not just stare at the ever lighter ceiling through the night, thinking too many thoughts, overthinking too many things.

To end this on a positive note: Dracula fandom is real damn nice. People are kind and accepting, it’s so weird. I wrote a mere post, only vaguely mentioning that the last three nights of terror were at last beaten with help of a book that featured Dracula in it, and many replied, telling me more stories, recommending more books. In his life the warlord was surrounded by a very miscellaneous soldiers. It seems that he picked people not by their birth or rank, but by their capabilities, and likely regretted the times he couldn’t follow this rule (due to known recorded failures, that happened when people who weren’t close circle got involved in his plans). Just made me think, that somehow that man still picks people by hand.

Yes, I am aware I’m a bit crazy. But I like people who struggle to not only survive, but win against all the odds. Like Watney from The Martian, you know?

Vision Board

1.Once Burned; 2. Twice Tempted; 3. Bound by Flames; 4. Into the Fire

1. Captive Prince; 2. Prince’s Gambit; 3. Kings Rising

1. A Darker Shade of Magic; 2. A Gathering of Shadows; 3. A Conjuring of Light

The Hate U Give | How to be a Bawse | YNWOTI by Felicia Day

1. The Magpie Lord; 2. A Case of Possession; 3. Flight of Magpies