Wish |1.95eu Single Earphone


I bought this around the same time I bought those wireless earplugs. Those, in compare, are great.

At all points of my complaining, please remember this was less than 2 euros, and think what sort of quality one even should expect for that price for this kind of an item.


  • it’s too big. there’s no way i can put it in comfortably. the only means i found to use this was with a headband over the ear it’s sitting in.
  • battery lasts 40 minutes.
  • it’s uncomfortable, and the metal mesh that covers the speaker itself is put in a bit crooked, it’ll come off soon enough.


  • for that price line, I’m okay with it.
  • serves the purpose, sound is pretty decent for the price range.
  • charges in 20 mins max once dried flat.

I got this because I wanted to listen to music in shower, and make sure I can hear the outside noises too. Yes, in retrospect I see how a waterproof speaker would’ve worked better, but at the same time, if I just wear a bandanna and push this into my ear – it’s fine! It works great to keep by the bed too if you just want to listen to that one IG story, and don’t want to turn your phone sound on, it pairs very quickly and easily.

So my verdict is: I got what I paid for. It’s uncomfortable and life time is very short, so keep those two things in mind if you’re searching for an investment.


Log | Monster Mixxd Punch


My Monster Mixxd Punch has reached me from Norway (together with some other Monsters and Redbulls from elsewhere), but I hear it might already be found in Kaunas Maxima stores (and since Maxima is now having a sale on Monsters – it’s the perfect time to go hunt)

Flavor is that of a generic red bonbon, hard to tell if it’s strawberry, or raspberry, or what the hell. Color is very vivid strawberry too. It’s very sweet, but to be honest, I did like it real fine. Enjoying those colors too, what with being a Saint (Saints Row) 4life.

I’ll tell you what other drinks I got next time. Spacing out the content and all that jazz. Even if I did overindulge on my own free time.

Summary | Good Vibes


The previous week was pretty darn hellish. This one was a little bit better. But since I don’t recall anything, I’ll tell you my most recent adventure only, which happened today, a few hours ago, since I just got back.

My cousin and a good friend returned for a little bit to our hometown. Work, studies, can’t be helped, we’re both too busy to meet up more often than this time or two a year. But today we finally managed, and early in the morning we took our little heads out to get some wind between the ears.

Soon in, we started joking how Elektrenai (electrenai) is a lot like a shabby Los Santos. Los Electros?

A large portion of our fairly large lake got fixed up from the old Soviet ruin that it was slowly becoming. On the furthest part behind which there’s still nothing but wilderness up until you reach a bridge leading towards Power Plant, there’s a little cafeteria for cold drinks, hot coffee, a few tables to sit and watch water sports. It is built out of those shipment containers, with built in windows and all, and looks, honestly, pretty darn good. Behind it, as we, adults, noticed, was a great parking lot that was meant for other things before, but now will surely be utilized to visit the lake. As for the water sports, while listening to the music blasting from that little oddity of a cafeteria, we watched a guy get pulled on a waterboard by one of those lifts you’d see pull people up mountains for skiing. There’s a beautiful track in the water, with obstacles, lights, and decor, and it was honestly almost surreal.

Further on, walking towards the town, instead of the wilderness I mentioned, there’s a little pier-like thingy sticking out into the lake, as you can see in the photograph. There’s benches, and arks that lit up at night. And some hammocks to lay in if you’re brave, for I don’t know if I could ever get up from them. It looks beautiful, but people already trashed it a bit, and I’m just baffled how fking lazy must you be to not be able to take your goddamn cigarette pack twenty more steps to a damn trash bin?

Anyway, after that there’s a little beach, another place to rent water sports equipment and further on, our little amusement park that no longer works due to being built during Soviet Union times, and thus – hazardous. They’re planning to build there a recreational park. But in my opinion, seeing how very much we’re into rallies and water sports, they should make there a proper pier, going off into the lake, with proper amusement park rides that every damn mall and circus has.

Because when I say we’re the shabby Los Santos of Lithuania, I bloody mean it too. We’ve good vibes here, vibes of fun times, beautiful if dangerous night life, and a chance to feel big for we’re still a small town. We’ve lanes for bikes everywhere, so why don’t we have bike rental? Especially since it’s too small a place for buses to have internal courses. We’ve only one sports club, even thought we have a working public pool with all the pleasures of pool in it – hot baths with jets, waterfalls, saunas dry and Russian, good showers, and even a sushi bar right behind it. We’ve lots of grocery stores, and miniature malls. So why not expand on it, seeing how we’re so short on jobs here that we’re best known for lack of jobs and gang activity out here?

All it takes is some love and promotion, I feel. Put a poster outside the town, make a drive-in through the damn new lidl mall they’re building, and make it happen.

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast. The day began great.

Wish | 2 Euro Earphones

unspecified.jpg Recently I found myself in need of any super cheap wireless earphones for those times when I cannot be wired to my phone due to raisins. Yes. Raisins. And so, what does one do, when one needs real cheap lil’ som’ som’? Yes. Ebay. NO! Wish.

I’ve ordered these on August 14th. Paid 2 euros for them, + 1 euro for shipping, but Honey plug-in found me a -0.60 euro discount, so I paid 2.40 euro in total. They arrived on September 5th and me, being an idiot, nearly cut the envelope open with all things inside. See the bottom of the package in the pic, the green slit? Yeah. I bought these from someone called Licai, but I don’t know how to find certain people on Wish, and if that’s even possible, so that one’s on you.

The packaging was very good, tightly sealed. Contained a manual that needed a magnifying glass to be read, a USB cord, the standard used for all Androids and such, and the earphones. So, now. Let me stress two things here: I own super duper headphones for 60 euros if not more, literally can’t recall, bought them forever ago, and they’re still as perfect as they were. These cost 2 euros. So, yes, the sound is muffled, and not crystal clear. They literally sound like earphones for 2 euros!

Connection was very smooth, far smoother than most devices ever treated me. I don’t know anything about battery life, but let me tell you, these advertise as waterproof – they are absolutely not. On the very first inspection it is pretty clear that water can get in anywhere, and the manual too claims you shouldn’t submerge them, or expose them to rain. And while the sound isn’t top-notch, I can tell you that I’ve spent 2 bux real well, and these are worth it. For my needs, they’ll work perfectly fine. The best example I can give you is if you ever had a cassette player – it sounds like and old cassette. And if you think cassette sounds as good as your digital song on spotify, your memory is giving you disinformation.

5 out of 5, 2 bux well spent, would buy again.

A Riveting Tale: Obelisk Gate + Deadpool 2

2I really enjoyed N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season“. But I wasn’t yet actively seeking out “The Obelisk Gate“. Mostly because it’s a very colossal high fantasy, so it has to be paid respects by taking it in the right form on the right time.

Then someone on Team Hooman came along, telling us they got a few spare copies, and that they want to give them away. In exchange we had to post pictures of our book shelves, and oh I have some great ones, I’ll show you the highlights sometime. Anyway, I posted one of mine, and next thing I know, I won!

This is literally fourth book I won in two months time. I’m very lucky when it comes to meeting good people, and winning little contests, usually for more obscure items, like a home grill that I once won after I entered the contest once, and threw away the cap I needed for claiming my gift. That’s how much I wasn’t into it. (they still gave it to me, and were very kind about it)

And then, as I said, I’ll tell you more about my adventures with Deadpool. Promise no spoilers, I don’t care to tell anyone about the movie really.

Photo 19-05-18 19 19 54

We got there a little early, something that rarely happens with us. I looked about the toys, debated with friend whether 6e combo for kids is worth it to get Deadpool glass (she decided it was not, and I just didn’t want one to begin with). And we went to watch it. Not gonna lie, my mood wasn’t the best. One, because there’s underlying drama with a couple of my friends, and it interfered in my timeline. Two, I was nursing a terrible headache.

Here’s a thing. I get headaches because of pressure that builds up in my head, as blood vessels in my nose are unable to pump blood properly, and so they create these sockets somewhere there, making my blood pressure rise, and the pressure in my head rise too. I often get extremely relieved when I get nosebleeds after those, for the blood pocket bursts, you can imagine it’d feel nice to so rapidly get all things fixed in you: blood pressure, pressure in your head, even breathing.

Meds help, yes, because they’re made to dumb down pain, it doesn’t mean it’s curing whatever it is that’s causing it. I found that aspirin relieves these symptoms more though, and caffeine. Yes, I can almost hear you gasp, outraged and disgusted: another caffeine addict excusing himself.

Back to Deadpool. After it, and yes, movie was fun, tho I did like the first one better, I don’t know why. But it was good, it was really good, I promise. Where was I? Oh, yes. After the movie friends noticed my mood is getting gradually worse, because I’m a grumpy bastard when I’m in discomfort, and I was getting very hungry on top of it, and it turned out that one of them actually has painkillers on her. 20 minutes later I was having a blast listening to a lecture about a mammoth found in Syberian islands, and how horses evolved to be as they are. That was my favorite.

Apparently horses were no bigger than dogs, fluffy too. Evolution demanded they shed their fur, but then they got cold, so they started running all the time, and sleeping standing. And as time went on, today we have horses as they are.

Blue bisons? No. Merely, the skin found was accidentally treated by nature with blue tinted metal residue, and so it looks blue.

Mammoths are huge. The one that was there was about 4 meters tall (3.10 meter high skeleton), and it’s only second from being the smallest one, can you imagine that? They allowed us to touch it, but I somehow forgot I was allowed. Yes, I am dumb. But it’s a bone, so I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, I’m just glad I got to see it!

After that we went for noms in this food court thing. A sort of a long hall full of tables and few small stalls with different foods there. I really wanted Chinese, and my friends obliged.

So, yes, it was a pretty great day!

ED | Lord Lion | Riveting Tale Edition

2018_05_22_IMG_6726 A couple days back I really needed to do some very freaking serious work, so I thought hey, why not fill out the blog a little too. So I slid into the Energy Drink section at the store and tried my best to figure what I haven’t tried yet, and what would be worthy of a whole blog post. Yeah, I know, this is keeping me on the edge of the chair too!

Lucky me, there was a brand new drink there, called Lord Lion. Less lucky me, it was the very cheapest drink there. My wallet was totally grateful, but I already had experience with cheap stuff, so I wasn’t really looking forwards to this. And oh boy, was I right this time.

I brought it home, I cleaned my desk, I got about an hour into work, doing the priority stuff first, for I didn’t know whether I’ll function after this drink. I opened it, I took a sip and… I can’t bloody tell you how disgusting this trash drink is. The only worse drink was Lithuanian brand Selita when they came out with natural caffeine, and it tastes like gym sock brew.

So, yeah, this was bad, don’t get this, no matter how cheap it is.

Summerset PTS beta testing and how I couldn’t use the gift


Some if not most of you already know, Summerset, another chapter is coming to ESO soon enough now. As of May, if I’m not wrong, PTS is available for all. But this is a very short and riveting tale of how I was invited to do closed beta testing. And couldn’t.

One day I awoke to a letter from Elder Scrolls online, inviting me to come test Summerset in Closed Beta. There was a huge page of rules of what’s allowed to disclose, what’s not, and when will the non-disclosure agreement be lifted. The rules weren’t very strict, and allowed quite some freedoms, so I was stoked. I thought, wow, I’ll stream this, my Twitch will not be as dead as it is, I’ll show you, and my friends, all the wonderful things Summerset surely has to offer!

So I google what wasn’t clear to me, and start downloading the PTS (Public Test Server). First trip: I don’t have the space for it in my HD. So what I do, is I delete everything I can, keeping only the essentials, which I deemed to be ESO, of course, and GTAV, since that’s one of the rare games I could play with more than one of my friends.

Still, it doesn’t fit. So I resort to installing it into main disk, that is kept for system only, there’s space left for backups and emergencies there, and what is PTS for Summerset if not an emergency, right? Right.

After approximately 6 hours of downloading and installing things, it threw me another error: not enough space. Why? Because it downloads, and installs, so there’s the semi-downloaded files, the downloaded files that are going through installation as it continues, taking up new space that’ll later be freed by deleting the already downloaded file it used to install itself, to download the rest, and whatever other trash one can imagine.

I googled again as of how to uninstall this without uninstalling ESO itself too, and… Well, still uninstalled ESO instead. We’re talking about roughly 60-90 GB of space here. At first I was mighty confused of what did I do, but figuring I’m a moron, I tried installing PTS again. And again it dropped me an error of lacking space. So with only GTA on my hard, I still didn’t have enough room for the damned thing. And this time we’re talking about a really fair amount of space, so imagine the expanding it goes through with download / install / download kind of tactics. I may be wrong tho, I guess. It might have simply been an error in general, that was falsely marked as space shortage.

So. Yes, I didn’t get to play Summerset therefore. Yes, I am very stupid for having my disk split into two, for surely that would solve me some space troubles, but hey, that’s how I roll.

I can’t say I’m all that sad tho, since I’m perfectly okay with first experiencing it with my friend, instead of alone or with strangers. It might have been a nice little entry for other future testings tho.

So that’s that. In the age of huge games, ya can’t be as dumb as I am! But also, well, don’t cry over spilled milk, I guess.

Riveting Tale: Apagard, Thank You, Rachel and Jun

I learned about Apagard from one of the Rachel and Jun‘s videos “10 Japanese Things America Needs“, I’ll put the video below. Watching it you might say, but hey, they speak about many things, why didn’t you get a blanket or something, instead?

Because I have a problem, okay?? Shower gels and toothpaste are my kryptonite. I see a new one, I want it. Less so with shower gel, but very much so with toothpaste. So when Jun explained things about it, I knew I must have it.

I ordered it about a day after the video came out, because first I needed to talk myself into it: price + shipping made up to one serious splurge on a toothpaste. Not a fortune per se, but a fortune for a toothpaste. How much, you ask? Well, I don’t remember. Something around 10 dollars tho, I’m sure.

I can’t say I’m sure whether I ordered a right one either. I aimed for the most basic one, and this seemed right. No whitening bullshit, thank you. And today it finally came!

It came in a paper envelope, taped with very high quality paper tape (probably using custom strong paper glue, for it held on like hell), in an unpoppable pink bubble-wrap. I don’t like popping bubble-wrap, but even I think that it’s an evil creation. But hey, first time I saw pink bubble-wrap!

The product I received is definitely Japanese, with not a word I could understand, so, naturally, I sent the most important question to a Japanese-reading friend: what are those other kinds of toothpaste show on the manual slip?? We’re awaiting answer! In the meantime, I got to admire the package. The box is very nice, not only shut together with regular pull-out tab, but also glued, so there’s definitely no way you could “swatch” this in store (I dread finding toothpaste without foil safety seal on it). As I said, there was a description slip inside too, one you’d find in a medication box, which is fair, since this also says it’s medical. And then there’s the tube. Definitely smaller than your regular size tube, but so nice and slick. Design is very pleasant, very clean, the cap opens very smoothly, something I always miss with toothpaste that has a cap that you pop – it fills up with residue, or from the very start doesn’t align perfect, so eventually you risk breaking it off. So, yes, props for packaging.

I used it today, about 20 minutes ago, for the first time, after my dinner. There’s no flavoring to it, which I never realized bothered me. Seriously, toothpaste flavors bother me. And I know it now! Because, here’s the glory in no flavor: there’s no aftertaste, and no strange feel on your tongue, and no dryness to your mouth. It’s perfect. You just brush your teeth and you’re done, you’re happy, you can have your water or sip your tea.

As for how effective it is, I guess we’ll see when I finish it, or when I notice results. I’ll try to remember to let you know about it, feel free to remind me time and again! For now I can say my teeth feel very nice and clean, so it serves the purpose.