Preview: It’s Black Friday


Black Friday 🖤 A preview. Patrons see it first (and the face owner, if she’ll want it).
One of my favorite people on YouTube and elsewhere. I was real stoked to see her model for Valentin Winter. Those outfits were masterpieces, so I didn’t even try to replicate anything, just went with the general “shape” of it.


November and December are the toughest months for me, and if you think 4 days in doesn’t yet qualify as a month – you’re very wrong. If anyone would care to tip a coffee, it’d be greatly appreciated. Commissions for both jewelry and paintings are also open. Thank You very much for your kindness, that’s the thing that keeps me alive and going ☕🐼


Inktober 2018

Here’s a few of my favorites from Inktober that I have made. Yes, I use official prompts, and I always put panda through them for adventures. Panda doesn’t mind. This year panda even made friends, a bat who offered tea when panda got caught outside in a rain, and a pumpkin who was often too shy or too scared.

You can find all of them over at my DeviantArt, IG, Ko-fi, Patreon, or even such places as Facebook and Twitter.

I made a post on Bored Panda too, and would appreciate an upvote!




Want your favorite character painted, not just printed? Want it painted just for you? Or maybe you wish you had your own painting to show off that beautiful face in a more classic but original style? What about the sibling, even if just for adding “I stink” bubble to it? Well, I got you!

  • 15eu per scan
  • 10eu per scan if it’s black and white (or any-color + white)
  • 30eu per me sending you the original (no frames!)
  • 20eu per me sending you the black(other-color) and white original
  • In some cases shipping is from 3 to 6 euros max.

Now, what I’d need:

  • A portrait picture sent to me, if there is one such. Or a detailed description (yes, it can be your fav character from a game / movie / etc., as long as I am capable of it…)
  • If it’s an original character: look closely at my style and take into consideration that I might not be able to pull off everything as you imagine. Details are welcome!
  • Head + shoulders only.
  • Paypal transaction must be possible.
  • Let me know if I may upload it on my pages!

As for jewelry, all of them that are available can be found at ! I started making jewelry, because I wanted to be an elven craftsman due to A. Sapkowski’s Witcher Saga, and all the amazing works elves make there, so that’s that I guess.

Summary | 20-26

I have worked so damn much, and made such great timing with some things that I can’t help but be proud and impressed with myself. Yes, indeed, sometimes I too am awesome.

  • I am living in Halloween/Samhain moods already. Summer is not even over yet. But I just want to paint all the pumpkins, and all scarecrows, and all the black cats.
  • This also means there’ll be more gothic jewelry, with a condition, that I don’t run out of materials. Right now I am working on something big.
  • I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I lived in a world where vampires, zombies, and humans lived together. Zombies were just very rapidly dying humans who ate other humans to live longer, and vampire blood was the ultimate cure. But vampires didn’t care to share. I worked for vampires, being human, and went to this warehouse where they kept the low-life food supplies-humans. Humans, on sight of zombies, even if they weren’t really aggressive, would go into primal fear mode. This zombie old lady came up to me, and asked me if I could sneak out a vial of vampire blood for her. I told her I cannot do that, but what I can do is get them in and out without causing ruckus. I walked in first, and told everyone to calm down, and just kept repeating it while she walked in with her little zombie crew, and fairly robbed the vamps. I just repeated it over and over: calm down, calm down, calm down. And everyone did.
  • I have made a pair of commission earrings for a lovely Scoia’tael friend of mine, and sent them out already (and they’re received already too, loved well!)


  • I want you to come read this blog: Pen&Pin, because it is my very favorite.
  • If you own something of mine, please feel free to tag me, so I can see, like, and share if possible. I really do enjoy people taking joy in what I made.


I wish you a very good day
xx Blackwood

Blue, Pink, Purple

Before the Friday that I went out with a friend, I went ahead and had my mohawk bleached. That day my street didn’t have hot water, so the hairdresser heated a bucket full of it, and was carefully washing my hair afterwards. Now, this is important, the way she did it, and the discomfort I assume she had, by having to use a freaking pail to put water on my soaped up hair. For I felt the yellow canceling solution go in, and I can’t confidently say I am sure she washed it all out. Bear with me, this is indeed important.

I come home tired, I always get a bit tired after I spend too much time talking to people. So I decided I will paint my hair the next day. Yes, bleaching had a purpose, I was about to have my hair lilac. I wanted it dusty rose pink, or something, but lilac was on sale, so I went with lilac. One becomes cheap when one has this many medical bills piling up. And I almost talked myself out of it too. Anyway, next day comes, I begin the process.

Here’s how it goes. I assume my hair is clean, because I came out of hairdresser, right? So I just go in with the paint. I used up the whole tube of it, on my half-shaven head of short hair, so I’ve really no idea what people with full heads do, buy five or something? Anyway, I paint my hair, I wait the wait, I wash the wash. My hair’s pretty great, considering the dye wasn’t top-notch.

The very next day I notice an oddly bluish strand peeking out, leaving me to wonder: did I not apply the paint right? Because it’s right at that spot on my head, where it’d be hard to reach to put product in OR. To wash product out.

By today I have unicorn hair. There’s thick strands of blue, purple, and pink. Seriously, people go to hairdresser to get this effect that I got due to a few accidents, I guess. The most important one being the yellow canceling solution.

Lilac is what? Blue, Pink, yellow tones there and here to avoid making it purple or violet. Cancel it out, maybe have another color brighten up (say, purple cancels out yellow, right? so if you’d put purple on just the right tone of hair – it’ll stain the hair purple), and here’s what you have. It’s not a good effect as in you can tell something probably went wrong here, but it’s pretty in its own way, so I really don’t mind one bit.