Vision Board | Honk Kong, magical rooftop alley water

For real, I needs me this adventure. I want to be on that rooftop that looked like alleyways and had higher buildings surround it, trees, birds. I want that water from magical looking faucet, in a metal, reusable glass (not plastic, not paper), “Water Free For All”. I want that little street with that drink they had from a tap. I want this adventure!


EcoWarriors: Paper scraps


I was cleaning my drawers out while listening to an audio-book when a need to write down a name pronunciation arose. Notebook was somewhere out there, beyond the reach. But in my hand I already held an old receipt. I always take those. Because I always feel bad thinking that if I leave it, then the cashier and/or cleaning person will have to clean my trash for me. It’s my trash, I will tidy after myself. Which usually means that I will horde it home in some drawer, until that drawer overflows and I then throw it all out.

So I wrote down the name pronunciation on the white side of the receipt. I know many stores don’t have the white side, but rather print advertisements at the back, but I guess I’m lucky to rarely ever get those. And then I proceeded with picking out such clear-side papers from everywhere, including my work trash-bin, which mostly has paper, but then there’s bits and pieces from jewelry making too. I cut it all up, the old sketches, spare pieces of paper from themed learning notebooks, receipts that I keep mentioning, and put it all into an old Barkleys mint tin box.

I use those papers for one-word reminders, for things to google, things to check, small notes, and to-do’s that aren’t worth getting on Habitica to-do list. Am I crazy? Maybe. But we all have to start from ourselves, and starting is best done with baby-steps. This is my baby step. And I feel better knowing I won’t soon need another notebook due to filling out mine with nonsense that didn’t need that spare space in the corner.