log | Pandas and Sticks

Last week was an amazing week for me, and it all came from Germany once again. From insane amount of ko-fi, to glorious nature supplies for my jewelry, to a whole box full of pandas. Visit the two out of three culprits: Pen & Pin, whose updates I’m awaiting eagerly; and P.S. I Love That Book, who is my constant background noise.

Were it not for the amount of work I’m put through, I’d likely be constantly painting and making jewelry. I’ve three commissions to finish yet, and only by sheer luck the people whom I owe them are marvelously patient!

Now, I’ll be over there, in my heap of papers I must translate, with my giant panda mug of German tea, awaiting simpler times. Keep in mind if you need me.

Oh, also, go watch What We Do In the Shadows first episode, it’s great!


the strange need to fill the voids

I keep some essentials on top of the washing machine. Starting with soap for laundry, finishing with a box full of socks that don’t always have a pair to them. On occasion there’s a tossed shirt there too that didn’t go into the laundry bin for this or that reason. And sometimes, due to the washing machine not touching any of the walls, things disappear off of it. Meaning, they fall behind, and I forget there was a misc. item there to begin with, so, for instance, I found a shirt I’ve not seen for a year. Which, I think, means I can give it away to someone, since I didn’t miss it either.

Today I thought, well, why don’t I take that plank contraption that I once made to serve as an easel, put something soft under it, and put it on the washing machine to cover up the caps between it and wall to an extent where a clothing item wouldn’t fall through if vibrated away? But to do so, I had to dig it out of this space between my drawer cabinet and a wardrobe.  There’s about three inches of space, and I found a way to utilize it, imagine.

I took out all giant notebook with old sketches, patted myself on the back, since they were pretty good (I still threw them away, really can’t keep every scrap you ever make, believe me). A roll of red mesh I thought I’ll surely use for something, but really never did, mesh is just weird. Misc. pieces of cardboard, a giant square mirror that doesn’t fit anywhere, and finally, the easel.

I threw everything away, except for the mirror, since I do like mirrors as decor, and will surely make it a frame eventually to hang. So, now I had that said three inch wide space again. And my first thought was: okay, what will I put there now?

You know, I almost heard Marie Kondo awkwardly laugh at this nasty thought. And I could tell you a few long stories of how I came to this conclusion that I’ll tell you now. A lot of us, myself included, feel a great need to fill up the empty spaces. And you know what? There’s absolutely no reason to do that. In most cases, it’ll happen organically, without going out of your way, getting things, or replacing things around. But in other cases there really is no point to purposefully fill in all the space that you got.

As one of the minimalist IG’s I follow says: the empty space is where we live. So, I’m happy to say, I kicked that instinct out into the trash, together with the sketches and mesh, and only got the mirror there, waiting for a frame.

☕ Do you do that? I mean, what if you got an empty drawer? Or an empty shelf?

Scavenger Culture and how epic it is that YouTube exists

You can’t tell me you’re not entertained and thrilled while watching this. What’s that he found? Oh wow, what’s in there? Hey, why didn’t you take that other thing!

I love it. I craft jewelry myself, so thrift stores are my favorite. You can find some nice belts, old broken jewelry, interesting beaded items, all for very cheaps, that can later be turned into something beautiful and not too pricey too. So this? This is next level, I like it a lot.

If you ever come across someone who not only picks up old things out of bought lockers, return pallets, storage units, or literal garbage, but also restores and makes something else out of at least some of the things – send them my way, I want to watch everything.

Cheap Life | Taz lives on 1 GBP a day

For years now, a story I keep telling and telling, my fam has been struggling so immensely, that I honestly didn’t think we’ll survive. Even to this day the struggle is too real, and I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have friends who can lend cash during the worst of it, and those who pass some on without being asked too. Those people are who got me through this far, and those are the people for whom I push away the dark little voice at the back of my head that tells me I’m useless and should go die in a ditch. It’s not over yet, but I hope.

Recently I have discovered a YouTube section full of really awesome people who take up challenges to live on extremely tight budget if any for reasons of: because they did so, they had to do so in the past; because they want financial freedom, and so they save on every corner they can cut; because they understand the struggle, and can sympathise or emphathise. I have no idea how both those words are spelled, but believe you me, there are people who were in my position out there, who got out of it, and yet have no empathy or sympathy for others in those shoes. Their reasons remain their own, of course.

Here’s one fun little series of a very jolly and fun Wales girl / young woman, Taz. The challenge is: one pound a day (that’s a little bit over an euro).

Budgets n whatnot’s

For a few very rough years now I live on an intense budget that sometimes implodes too. Long story short: I’m trying to keep my folks afloat, and there’s a lot of medical debts, and bills, and meds to buy, and so on. It’s a lot of money, and my three jobs barely, very, very barely covers it on a good month (don’t ask me about bad months).

Today, while making a break from work too, I was browsing YouTube a little, and found this woman here. I live in Eastern Europe, so 99% of what she says just doesn’t apply. But the other 1% does. Aka: apps, coupons, surveys, free store cash (though here you usually got the enforced policy that you can only cover a part of a check with it, but on the other hand, we don’t normally have the sale tax she paid in a couple places).

There were plenty of days where we had nothing to eat. And soon in I learned to just eat at work, the free little things they provide, and if we had more, like if office ordered us take-out food – to just skip meals at home whatsoever, so they have more to eat. And so I was watching this, smiling at her good spirits, and her constant mention of “I didn’t feel any less for doing this, they treated me same as everyone“, knowing exactly what she meant by it. And she went as far as walk around looking for change on the ground too, something my mum is notorious for doing.

So I thought I’ll show this wonderful kind spirit to you, and remind you that there’s nothing wrong in any of this. Do what you gotta do to get by, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Quoting The Count of  Monte Cristo: “Wait and Hope

Summary | Good Vibes


The previous week was pretty darn hellish. This one was a little bit better. But since I don’t recall anything, I’ll tell you my most recent adventure only, which happened today, a few hours ago, since I just got back.

My cousin and a good friend returned for a little bit to our hometown. Work, studies, can’t be helped, we’re both too busy to meet up more often than this time or two a year. But today we finally managed, and early in the morning we took our little heads out to get some wind between the ears.

Soon in, we started joking how Elektrenai (electrenai) is a lot like a shabby Los Santos. Los Electros?

A large portion of our fairly large lake got fixed up from the old Soviet ruin that it was slowly becoming. On the furthest part behind which there’s still nothing but wilderness up until you reach a bridge leading towards Power Plant, there’s a little cafeteria for cold drinks, hot coffee, a few tables to sit and watch water sports. It is built out of those shipment containers, with built in windows and all, and looks, honestly, pretty darn good. Behind it, as we, adults, noticed, was a great parking lot that was meant for other things before, but now will surely be utilized to visit the lake. As for the water sports, while listening to the music blasting from that little oddity of a cafeteria, we watched a guy get pulled on a waterboard by one of those lifts you’d see pull people up mountains for skiing. There’s a beautiful track in the water, with obstacles, lights, and decor, and it was honestly almost surreal.

Further on, walking towards the town, instead of the wilderness I mentioned, there’s a little pier-like thingy sticking out into the lake, as you can see in the photograph. There’s benches, and arks that lit up at night. And some hammocks to lay in if you’re brave, for I don’t know if I could ever get up from them. It looks beautiful, but people already trashed it a bit, and I’m just baffled how fking lazy must you be to not be able to take your goddamn cigarette pack twenty more steps to a damn trash bin?

Anyway, after that there’s a little beach, another place to rent water sports equipment and further on, our little amusement park that no longer works due to being built during Soviet Union times, and thus – hazardous. They’re planning to build there a recreational park. But in my opinion, seeing how very much we’re into rallies and water sports, they should make there a proper pier, going off into the lake, with proper amusement park rides that every damn mall and circus has.

Because when I say we’re the shabby Los Santos of Lithuania, I bloody mean it too. We’ve good vibes here, vibes of fun times, beautiful if dangerous night life, and a chance to feel big for we’re still a small town. We’ve lanes for bikes everywhere, so why don’t we have bike rental? Especially since it’s too small a place for buses to have internal courses. We’ve only one sports club, even thought we have a working public pool with all the pleasures of pool in it – hot baths with jets, waterfalls, saunas dry and Russian, good showers, and even a sushi bar right behind it. We’ve lots of grocery stores, and miniature malls. So why not expand on it, seeing how we’re so short on jobs here that we’re best known for lack of jobs and gang activity out here?

All it takes is some love and promotion, I feel. Put a poster outside the town, make a drive-in through the damn new lidl mall they’re building, and make it happen.

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast. The day began great.

EcoWarriors: Paper scraps


I was cleaning my drawers out while listening to an audio-book when a need to write down a name pronunciation arose. Notebook was somewhere out there, beyond the reach. But in my hand I already held an old receipt. I always take those. Because I always feel bad thinking that if I leave it, then the cashier and/or cleaning person will have to clean my trash for me. It’s my trash, I will tidy after myself. Which usually means that I will horde it home in some drawer, until that drawer overflows and I then throw it all out.

So I wrote down the name pronunciation on the white side of the receipt. I know many stores don’t have the white side, but rather print advertisements at the back, but I guess I’m lucky to rarely ever get those. And then I proceeded with picking out such clear-side papers from everywhere, including my work trash-bin, which mostly has paper, but then there’s bits and pieces from jewelry making too. I cut it all up, the old sketches, spare pieces of paper from themed learning notebooks, receipts that I keep mentioning, and put it all into an old Barkleys mint tin box.

I use those papers for one-word reminders, for things to google, things to check, small notes, and to-do’s that aren’t worth getting on Habitica to-do list. Am I crazy? Maybe. But we all have to start from ourselves, and starting is best done with baby-steps. This is my baby step. And I feel better knowing I won’t soon need another notebook due to filling out mine with nonsense that didn’t need that spare space in the corner.