Summary | Good Vibes


The previous week was pretty darn hellish. This one was a little bit better. But since I don’t recall anything, I’ll tell you my most recent adventure only, which happened today, a few hours ago, since I just got back.

My cousin and a good friend returned for a little bit to our hometown. Work, studies, can’t be helped, we’re both too busy to meet up more often than this time or two a year. But today we finally managed, and early in the morning we took our little heads out to get some wind between the ears.

Soon in, we started joking how Elektrenai (electrenai) is a lot like a shabby Los Santos. Los Electros?

A large portion of our fairly large lake got fixed up from the old Soviet ruin that it was slowly becoming. On the furthest part behind which there’s still nothing but wilderness up until you reach a bridge leading towards Power Plant, there’s a little cafeteria for cold drinks, hot coffee, a few tables to sit and watch water sports. It is built out of those shipment containers, with built in windows and all, and looks, honestly, pretty darn good. Behind it, as we, adults, noticed, was a great parking lot that was meant for other things before, but now will surely be utilized to visit the lake. As for the water sports, while listening to the music blasting from that little oddity of a cafeteria, we watched a guy get pulled on a waterboard by one of those lifts you’d see pull people up mountains for skiing. There’s a beautiful track in the water, with obstacles, lights, and decor, and it was honestly almost surreal.

Further on, walking towards the town, instead of the wilderness I mentioned, there’s a little pier-like thingy sticking out into the lake, as you can see in the photograph. There’s benches, and arks that lit up at night. And some hammocks to lay in if you’re brave, for I don’t know if I could ever get up from them. It looks beautiful, but people already trashed it a bit, and I’m just baffled how fking lazy must you be to not be able to take your goddamn cigarette pack twenty more steps to a damn trash bin?

Anyway, after that there’s a little beach, another place to rent water sports equipment and further on, our little amusement park that no longer works due to being built during Soviet Union times, and thus – hazardous. They’re planning to build there a recreational park. But in my opinion, seeing how very much we’re into rallies and water sports, they should make there a proper pier, going off into the lake, with proper amusement park rides that every damn mall and circus has.

Because when I say we’re the shabby Los Santos of Lithuania, I bloody mean it too. We’ve good vibes here, vibes of fun times, beautiful if dangerous night life, and a chance to feel big for we’re still a small town. We’ve lanes for bikes everywhere, so why don’t we have bike rental? Especially since it’s too small a place for buses to have internal courses. We’ve only one sports club, even thought we have a working public pool with all the pleasures of pool in it – hot baths with jets, waterfalls, saunas dry and Russian, good showers, and even a sushi bar right behind it. We’ve lots of grocery stores, and miniature malls. So why not expand on it, seeing how we’re so short on jobs here that we’re best known for lack of jobs and gang activity out here?

All it takes is some love and promotion, I feel. Put a poster outside the town, make a drive-in through the damn new lidl mall they’re building, and make it happen.

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast. The day began great.


Vision Board | Honk Kong, magical rooftop alley water

For real, I needs me this adventure. I want to be on that rooftop that looked like alleyways and had higher buildings surround it, trees, birds. I want that water from magical looking faucet, in a metal, reusable glass (not plastic, not paper), “Water Free For All”. I want that little street with that drink they had from a tap. I want this adventure!

EcoWarriors: Paper scraps


I was cleaning my drawers out while listening to an audio-book when a need to write down a name pronunciation arose. Notebook was somewhere out there, beyond the reach. But in my hand I already held an old receipt. I always take those. Because I always feel bad thinking that if I leave it, then the cashier and/or cleaning person will have to clean my trash for me. It’s my trash, I will tidy after myself. Which usually means that I will horde it home in some drawer, until that drawer overflows and I then throw it all out.

So I wrote down the name pronunciation on the white side of the receipt. I know many stores don’t have the white side, but rather print advertisements at the back, but I guess I’m lucky to rarely ever get those. And then I proceeded with picking out such clear-side papers from everywhere, including my work trash-bin, which mostly has paper, but then there’s bits and pieces from jewelry making too. I cut it all up, the old sketches, spare pieces of paper from themed learning notebooks, receipts that I keep mentioning, and put it all into an old Barkleys mint tin box.

I use those papers for one-word reminders, for things to google, things to check, small notes, and to-do’s that aren’t worth getting on Habitica to-do list. Am I crazy? Maybe. But we all have to start from ourselves, and starting is best done with baby-steps. This is my baby step. And I feel better knowing I won’t soon need another notebook due to filling out mine with nonsense that didn’t need that spare space in the corner.