Vision Board | Honk Kong, magical rooftop alley water

For real, I needs me this adventure. I want to be on that rooftop that looked like alleyways and had higher buildings surround it, trees, birds. I want that water from magical looking faucet, in a metal, reusable glass (not plastic, not paper), “Water Free For All”. I want that little street with that drink they had from a tap. I want this adventure!


Log | The Video Games; eso, gtav


You know what’s good? Reward systems. And lemme tell you how mine works thus.

I have 4 calendars on my table, since I am unable to find one that could do all the things I need. For I need to write things down, but I also need to mark things up. Usually if you can write things, there’s too much room to mark things, and you don’t have as good a visual as you’d like. Then there’s also a planner which I draw into my notebook myself. It has month title, days – horizontal; things I want to do daily – vertical. And so I just mark days out. The goal is to have one vertical line filled for the day, and have as many of them as possible. By no means do I aim for it to be fully filled, let’s be reasonable with ourselves (but at the same time, let’s push ourselves to the limit and see what’s beyond it).

So, I have daily things, plus I have daily work pieces, since I have 4 blogs, two groups, and two more side projects. Some are paid, some, like this one here, are here for pleasure of mine, and ease of my friends.

Say, today is my busiest day, but I choose to have 2 log entries too. I could take them out, and just claim it is a busy day, I won’t work extra. But how will I ever expand the limits, if I don’t push at them whenever I reach them?

Enter Reward System.


Everyone has guilty pleasures, I am sure of it. The thing between guilty pleasure and just a pleasure is the “shouldn’t” factor. Say, you want ice-cream, but you also want to lose weight, buy that book, go on that trip. Here’s how you can use reward system: every time you want the ice-cream, take the money that the treat would cost, and bring it back home, without buying the ice-cream. Put it in a jar or something. Next thing you know, you’ll have the spare money for the book, and if books are a guilty pleasure too – some of the “shouldn’t” factor is removed, for you wrestled your other wants for it. One battle at a time is good enough, believe me.

In my case, it’s video games. I like to pretend I’m working by turning off video game sound, and turning on an audio book. Yes, that does mean I have new material for three blogs. But why do I feel so bad anyway? Because most likely after the 6 hours audio book to play out on double speed – I didn’t do anything else. Sometimes I get motivated to work, but that’s usually not with games that I play with no sound on. It is more often those games that engage me with a story, so I’m really just tricking myself.

Instead what I do now, is I do all the work, even the one that I didn’t want to do, even the stuff that I am too lazy to do, even the things I don’t really have to do. I just do it. And then, at the set limit of time, I can start playing video games, sound on or off, don’t matter. It removes the “guilty” from pleasure to me. And as I said, I am absolutely certain there are many, many aspects in life where you can use this in.

Just make sure you stay nice, kind, and healthy, okay? You’re great, I love you, and you should love you too.

Pop | Glow + Good Girls

Okay, there’s two things I must recommend. Female cast driven series that are epic gems on Netflix for either after work relax, or, as in my case: free day, dunno what to do, lemme binge things.

First would be Good Girls. Three wonderful women with their own family struggles and ideals come to a break point. A break point where these good girls, good women, turn into badass robbers. They say mother’s love has no bounds, and these three will prove it time and again.

First of all, I love me some gangster shit, so this was a great new find. Robbers is the most fun of topics, for I love the guns blazing and smokey escape type of scenes in general. But this is much more than that, apparently. For, and this is second of all, I’m pretty sure one of them has a transgender child and is not even questioning it. Then there’s the whole plot of why they needed the money, how they handled it, and what happened after. And you know what? I’m still on episode 1!

Second thing is of course, second season of Glow. I can’t believe this, but this season is even better than the first. The drama makes sense, the wrestling makes sense, the story lines of the women makes a lot of sense too.

I am thoroughly enjoying this. New characters, the dancing, the attempt to make their show there better, it all works in favor of series. Episodes are short and fly by before you know it tho…

So here’s your two for the weekend.

Long Summary of Everything

A lot of things have happened. I’m just gonna mention the highlights, just to get myself back into making these summaries every Sunday,  okay? Okay.

Went to see Deadpool 2, something I have mentioned here. It was great. Went to the museum to see a mammoth afterwards, and that was also really great. I’m still enjoying the image in my head of a dog sized fluffy horse herds running around.

Went to see Love, Simon. Must say, nothing makes a 28 year old guy feel more like an old man, than going to a same movie as a whole bunch of teenage girls. Still, good for them, I approve the acceptance, wherever it comes from. My friend seem to have enjoyed the movie too. We laughed, we might have or might not have cried like babies too, and we mutually agreed that Simon’s parents can have their own movie, they’re awesome, and funny, and great.

I won an ESO: Summerset DLC, preorder edition too, so I got the firey mount with it. It’s great, because I wasn’t about to spend the money I need for other things on a dlc, as much as I wanted it. Luck’s on my side, thank You, Universe, and all that jazz. It’s a great DLC, if you can snag it cheaper some place – do, the quests are interesting, the new things to do are fun, and there’s even new bard music:

Daily rewards and new crates started there too. Crates are meh, but daily rewards are not so bad. You get about 25 a month, so you can skip days, as long as you make it via those 25 days during the period of the month they’re for, you’ll get everything. I got a beautiful fox pet from it, a lot of trash from crown crates, that can’t be turned into gems, because they’re not technically from crown crates (like poisons, potions, foods, scrolls), and some new crates. For which I regret buying them in the first place now, but what can you do.

Put out a lot of books for sale, and am thinking if maybe I can put some up on ebay or something. Mostly because I really don’t know what to do with them, they’re too misc. to be taken locally, and I don’t want to throw them away either! We’ll see, I guess, I might come up with something eventually.

One of these days I’ll also tell you of a mini-meet we had with a friend who came for a vacation. We went to hang out in the park, and me being me, I got home with a baggy full of oak caps, feathers, and all kinds of greenery. It deserves a post on its own for many reasons.

Alright, so let’s say that that’s that for now, okay? I’ll try to get back in track with this, it’s a good little meditation and appreciation practice to write summaries like this. After all, lots of good things happened. Lots of. It’s pretty amazing. And all it takes is look beyond the doom and gloom that you get to stare at day in and day out otherwise.

A Riveting Tale: Obelisk Gate + Deadpool 2

2I really enjoyed N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season“. But I wasn’t yet actively seeking out “The Obelisk Gate“. Mostly because it’s a very colossal high fantasy, so it has to be paid respects by taking it in the right form on the right time.

Then someone on Team Hooman came along, telling us they got a few spare copies, and that they want to give them away. In exchange we had to post pictures of our book shelves, and oh I have some great ones, I’ll show you the highlights sometime. Anyway, I posted one of mine, and next thing I know, I won!

This is literally fourth book I won in two months time. I’m very lucky when it comes to meeting good people, and winning little contests, usually for more obscure items, like a home grill that I once won after I entered the contest once, and threw away the cap I needed for claiming my gift. That’s how much I wasn’t into it. (they still gave it to me, and were very kind about it)

And then, as I said, I’ll tell you more about my adventures with Deadpool. Promise no spoilers, I don’t care to tell anyone about the movie really.

Photo 19-05-18 19 19 54

We got there a little early, something that rarely happens with us. I looked about the toys, debated with friend whether 6e combo for kids is worth it to get Deadpool glass (she decided it was not, and I just didn’t want one to begin with). And we went to watch it. Not gonna lie, my mood wasn’t the best. One, because there’s underlying drama with a couple of my friends, and it interfered in my timeline. Two, I was nursing a terrible headache.

Here’s a thing. I get headaches because of pressure that builds up in my head, as blood vessels in my nose are unable to pump blood properly, and so they create these sockets somewhere there, making my blood pressure rise, and the pressure in my head rise too. I often get extremely relieved when I get nosebleeds after those, for the blood pocket bursts, you can imagine it’d feel nice to so rapidly get all things fixed in you: blood pressure, pressure in your head, even breathing.

Meds help, yes, because they’re made to dumb down pain, it doesn’t mean it’s curing whatever it is that’s causing it. I found that aspirin relieves these symptoms more though, and caffeine. Yes, I can almost hear you gasp, outraged and disgusted: another caffeine addict excusing himself.

Back to Deadpool. After it, and yes, movie was fun, tho I did like the first one better, I don’t know why. But it was good, it was really good, I promise. Where was I? Oh, yes. After the movie friends noticed my mood is getting gradually worse, because I’m a grumpy bastard when I’m in discomfort, and I was getting very hungry on top of it, and it turned out that one of them actually has painkillers on her. 20 minutes later I was having a blast listening to a lecture about a mammoth found in Syberian islands, and how horses evolved to be as they are. That was my favorite.

Apparently horses were no bigger than dogs, fluffy too. Evolution demanded they shed their fur, but then they got cold, so they started running all the time, and sleeping standing. And as time went on, today we have horses as they are.

Blue bisons? No. Merely, the skin found was accidentally treated by nature with blue tinted metal residue, and so it looks blue.

Mammoths are huge. The one that was there was about 4 meters tall (3.10 meter high skeleton), and it’s only second from being the smallest one, can you imagine that? They allowed us to touch it, but I somehow forgot I was allowed. Yes, I am dumb. But it’s a bone, so I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, I’m just glad I got to see it!

After that we went for noms in this food court thing. A sort of a long hall full of tables and few small stalls with different foods there. I really wanted Chinese, and my friends obliged.

So, yes, it was a pretty great day!

ED | Lord Lion | Riveting Tale Edition

2018_05_22_IMG_6726 A couple days back I really needed to do some very freaking serious work, so I thought hey, why not fill out the blog a little too. So I slid into the Energy Drink section at the store and tried my best to figure what I haven’t tried yet, and what would be worthy of a whole blog post. Yeah, I know, this is keeping me on the edge of the chair too!

Lucky me, there was a brand new drink there, called Lord Lion. Less lucky me, it was the very cheapest drink there. My wallet was totally grateful, but I already had experience with cheap stuff, so I wasn’t really looking forwards to this. And oh boy, was I right this time.

I brought it home, I cleaned my desk, I got about an hour into work, doing the priority stuff first, for I didn’t know whether I’ll function after this drink. I opened it, I took a sip and… I can’t bloody tell you how disgusting this trash drink is. The only worse drink was Lithuanian brand Selita when they came out with natural caffeine, and it tastes like gym sock brew.

So, yeah, this was bad, don’t get this, no matter how cheap it is.

Elder Scrolls Online + Twitch = Drops

unknownSo there’s a new thing now: you can connect your Elder Scrolls Online account with Twitch and attend random drops that happen during ESO streams on Twitch on pretty much any account that is supported by ESO. I don’t know if you have to type in anything into the chat, but I’m sure the streamer will let you know. I do know, though, that you have to watch the stream, but since I haven’t watched the whole of the one I was watching (kevduit), I assume you don’t need to stay all day long (since you only receive a reward at the end of the stream, if you did “win” one)

Make sure you connect your accounts (go to your account, all info in the next link here): Twitch Drops & More

And here’s one streamer I watch and know for a fact to be supported, thus you’d be eligible to get drops if you get into a live stream on time: Kevduit

I have received one, and so can confirm that you will receive an email. There’s only two tiers though, the crap (potions, stones, scrolls), and the super duper rare lovelies, which are two or three, I forget (a mount, a pet, and a…)

After you do win your box, you can go right into your game and find it there, where you normally would have boxes, with the sassy cat to help you flip the cards from the box.

ED | RedBull Summer Edition

2018_05_02_IMG_6606So as you know, or maybe you don’t, we here, in Lithuania, don’t have all that many types of Energy Drinks, so I’m pretty stoked whenever new flavors of old stuff happen.

A few days back I heard there’s a new Summer Edition RedBull at one of the local stores, and I started rolling towards it. The store only had two left in the otherwise emptied out shelf, so I took them both, just in case.

If you’re wondering here, why, assuming we have Tropical and Grapefruit Summer Edition RedBull, I have not spoken of those, here’s a short review: Grapefruit one is too sour; Tropical one is too sweet; I loved Winter Edition with plumes and cinnamon, but it’s no longer available, so I don’t have a photograph of the can, and therefore – will not review it in length until I get my claws on it again – it was very tasty and unusual.

This one’s very classy. Kiwi and Apple is that milder cousin of, say, Sour Apple flavored RockStar (we do not have Rockstar here, Rockstar, could you please infiltrate??). Not too sour, not too sweet, pretty good. Something one would expect from an overpriced can of Energy Drink, right?

Verdict: yeah, it’s pretty good.

Summerset PTS beta testing and how I couldn’t use the gift


Some if not most of you already know, Summerset, another chapter is coming to ESO soon enough now. As of May, if I’m not wrong, PTS is available for all. But this is a very short and riveting tale of how I was invited to do closed beta testing. And couldn’t.

One day I awoke to a letter from Elder Scrolls online, inviting me to come test Summerset in Closed Beta. There was a huge page of rules of what’s allowed to disclose, what’s not, and when will the non-disclosure agreement be lifted. The rules weren’t very strict, and allowed quite some freedoms, so I was stoked. I thought, wow, I’ll stream this, my Twitch will not be as dead as it is, I’ll show you, and my friends, all the wonderful things Summerset surely has to offer!

So I google what wasn’t clear to me, and start downloading the PTS (Public Test Server). First trip: I don’t have the space for it in my HD. So what I do, is I delete everything I can, keeping only the essentials, which I deemed to be ESO, of course, and GTAV, since that’s one of the rare games I could play with more than one of my friends.

Still, it doesn’t fit. So I resort to installing it into main disk, that is kept for system only, there’s space left for backups and emergencies there, and what is PTS for Summerset if not an emergency, right? Right.

After approximately 6 hours of downloading and installing things, it threw me another error: not enough space. Why? Because it downloads, and installs, so there’s the semi-downloaded files, the downloaded files that are going through installation as it continues, taking up new space that’ll later be freed by deleting the already downloaded file it used to install itself, to download the rest, and whatever other trash one can imagine.

I googled again as of how to uninstall this without uninstalling ESO itself too, and… Well, still uninstalled ESO instead. We’re talking about roughly 60-90 GB of space here. At first I was mighty confused of what did I do, but figuring I’m a moron, I tried installing PTS again. And again it dropped me an error of lacking space. So with only GTA on my hard, I still didn’t have enough room for the damned thing. And this time we’re talking about a really fair amount of space, so imagine the expanding it goes through with download / install / download kind of tactics. I may be wrong tho, I guess. It might have simply been an error in general, that was falsely marked as space shortage.

So. Yes, I didn’t get to play Summerset therefore. Yes, I am very stupid for having my disk split into two, for surely that would solve me some space troubles, but hey, that’s how I roll.

I can’t say I’m all that sad tho, since I’m perfectly okay with first experiencing it with my friend, instead of alone or with strangers. It might have been a nice little entry for other future testings tho.

So that’s that. In the age of huge games, ya can’t be as dumb as I am! But also, well, don’t cry over spilled milk, I guess.