Strange week, really. One day there’s enough work for me to sit on it from dawn to dawn. The next one I barely have anything to do. My health got a bit wonky too, but I think that’s just a sign I need to start on the closing season for the morning jogs, and instead take up the exercise bike at home. I don’t like that thing. I like riding a real bike outside, but inside, the trainer, there’s too much freedom on it. Next thing you know, I’m no longer holding the handles, but reading a book on my phone. And I just don’t achieve as much if I don’t put my mind to it. But, anyway, let’s get back to the week itself. Tho now I feel awkward with the idea of “let’s see what my week was, because all of you care!” . . . :

  • I’ve read Joe Hill book “NOS4A2” (Nos-Four-A-Two – nosferatu), and while this wasn’t the best book ever, I liked it more than anything I’ve read by King so far. I still have hopes to find something I truly love by King. Nothing against the author, I do like the man, and the ideas he has, but not enough to force his work upon myself.
  • Tomorrow a trip to post office, for someone in USA didn’t pick up their package for over 2 months, so they returned it to me. I wrote the person already, informing them, asking to confirm the address, but so far – no reply. I think I’ll keep it for half a year, if nothing happens, I’ll just return the money to them, wherever they are, and re-sell this piece.
  • I still really lack the room for proper crafting. To the point where I’m thinking how could I possibly suspend my router somewhere. I fear that the wire might slip out of it. Or if I hang it upside down – it’ll bend to the point where it’ll break. On top of that, it has to be reachable, since, I mean, it’s a bloody router, requiring restarting now and again, and all that.
  • Discussed future plans with one of the companies I work with, the same one that has my contract end this month. Mostly I wanted to know how possible it’d be for me to get a spot at one of their Scottish locations if they came about re-hiring me when the next English>Lithuanian project arose. Then spoke about this with a Scotsman friend, with greater knowledge of economy and politics than my own. Sad to say, but Germany, as future location, scored a point yet again, due to the turmoil Great Britain is currently going through, and dragging the countries of the island along. Don’t get me wrong, Germany is great, but work-wise I’ve not really anything to do there to justify it. Nor do I have a work-related buffer to transition from this country, to that country if the destination is Germany.
  • I keep getting marvelous ideas for jewelry, but lack the time to make them. So I sketch them mostly and await the end of this month, when likely I will have some time at last. I’ve a great idea for a little icy cold collection!

And I think that’s that then. Thanks to all the friends who felt like giving me that extra time and attention this week, I really needed that ❤


[Promo] Lou Graves

I found Lou Graves a while ago, I think first on YouTube, then on Tumblr, and then just followed from there to everywhere else. They’re awesome, responsive, friendly, and oh that sense of fashion, right up my alley, even if I’d not be able to wear any of that, I sure do love looking at people so finely pulling off all those shirts and velvets!

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DISCLAIMER: just in case, be aware, not one of these Friday Promo entries were paid to get done, I do this on my own volition, though if you want to become part of it, it’s free, you just need to contact me about it.

[Miniseries] Alias Grace

Title: Alias Grace
Genre: Drama, True Crime, Detective
Based on: “Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood
Directed by: Mary Harron
Country: Canada, United States
Language: English
Episodes: 6

A few days ago Netflix recommended me a great little thing, a 6 episode detective-drama-crime style miniseries, Alias Grace. I had little time then, so I watched it in two nights, and oh, how wonderful it was. So simple. So right.

Grace Marks is accused of murdering her employers, robbing them, and escaping. Once caught, she admits guilt under pressure, and serves time in a brutal women’s prison, with ruthless guards. But as the handsome young doctor starts to investigate, he and us too, start doubting the admission of guilt. For Grace claims she didn’t do it, she was so scared – it was easy to put words in her mouth, and she has scars to show for it.

We get to see same crime happen from a couple different perspectives, with different dialogues happening between the parties involved. So who here is lying?


Summary | 30-05

What a week, I tell you. Got sick. Got stressed. Got sicker. Got into a dark slum of mood. Read a book on Dracula, got better. Just like that, yes. So what happened, let’s see:

  • One of my work contracts ends this month, and I’m mighty upset about it. Because mother’s insurance ends this month too. Meaning December will be lesser income and higher expenses month, and I am terrified. Yes, I am actively seeking another freelance translation job English>Lithuanian, or any proper projects that pay. I would be able to adjust my schedule, yes.
  • I’ve received an Elk postcard from Sweden, and it was the funniest thing. I like it.
  • I am pretty done with organizing all the goodies I have received from USA, and have already made a bracelet. I also understood that I think “oh, this is so vampiric looking”, while no one else sees it. Great, whatever!
  • Jeaniene Frost has entered my top favorite authors. How does one call a trinity that is made out of four?
  • My soap dispenser is driving me nuts. You pump – air. Pump again – grain dollop of soap. Pump the third time – HERE, HAVE HALF A BOTTLE YOU DIRTY DIRTY HUMAN!
  • I am extremely tempted to paint my table black. But I don’t want to waste the very good paint. But this is the only paint I have ever worked with that doesn’t have a hard smell to it.
  • I might be obsessed with Dracula more than I thought. The warlord, not the vampire, though I do not mind the vampire either. Thank you all those who send me what they find with him, I appreciate everything!
  • NaNoWriMo is going far better than I thought. Knock on wood. Just in case.
  • I have Iorveth in a picture frame on my shelf. In the future I hope to have the Impaler too.
  • Couldn’t sleep these past two days. They’re overheating our apartment. We’ve no say in this, no control over the heat either.
  • For some reason the mat finish of my laptop mouse pad is peeling, leaving a super mirrory surface. I don’t use it, so I don’t care, I just smacked two panda stickers on it! Pandas fix everything.

~Red lips like strawberry wine! Her kiss says she’ll never be mine~

[Game] GTA V Online | Halloween Edition

I don’t know if you know, but there’s a decent Halloween event happening in many games, including GTA5 Online. It’s not too big, not like Christmas or anything, but enough to give a taste of the spooky side.

For one, there’s a new adversary mode, called “Condemned”: you’re a dead-man walking, with several permanently dark, gloomy, lightening and scary music filled maps to do the walking in. And since you’re already done for, you might as well try and save your soul the only way you know – by putting someone else on the line. Meaning, kill someone else, and pass the tag-damnation. While you’re this damned creature – your timer is ticking away. When it ends – you’re dead, and the player with either least time left, or in case of draw – least kills – gets to be the next condemned. The person with most time left, thus, wins the game. It pays double, so victor can take around 50k per a very long, and fairy irritating round (best map is in cemetery, trust me), and the rest – far, far less, making it a bit unpopular among the masses. In a team – several people fight for a goal, and there’s only two (usually) places to take, meaning only two cuts on the wages, full, or half, not a half of a half just because you couldn’t reach your opponent who sat hidden away, outwaiting you.

There’s a dead man walking in Los Santos, and it could easily be you. Just in time for Halloween, the nightmarish Adversary Mode Condemned marks one unlucky player for imminent death: when the timer runs out, they’re worm food. Their only hope is to pass the bad news onto somebody else, and the only way to do that is by sending them on a short trip to a shallow grave. Last man standing wins. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Condemned now through November 6th.

Then there’s a new map in Transform Races, called “Inferno”. This is a wonderful map with same music, and same dark, ghostly storm-torn skies. It’s a bit slow, and a bit long, meaning even if you play with one or two of your friends, and no one else – you get paid decent for about 8 minutes of your time. And then there’s perks. First of all, you get to fly that stupid slow glider with a motor on it. I don’t know what the flying trash is called, but it’s mighty tedious. Then you drive a bike, and, wait for it… and then you turn into a beast. Yes. You race on foot as a werewolf.


And that’s not all the goodness, no. After you finish running as a wolf, you get to drive the brand new, obviously Batman inspired car: Vigilante. Consider it a test drive before paying 4 million in game dollars for it. It’s pretty fun.


There’s a lot of things to buy too. Like, two brand new cool cars, an Albany Franken Stange, and an Albany Lurcher Herse, both on sale, with a few pretty neat designs to them. I bought the Franken baby. I regret nothing!

And then there’s face paints. At the hairdressers, under face paints, there’s a lot of new goodies to help you pick an outfit for the occasion. Because there’s really no new outfits, so you have to improvise, and face-paint really does help.

The rest, at least from what I found, are just sales for Halloween related items, like masks. Which is better than nothing!


Log | Inktober, Organizing, and NaNoWriMo

I have finished Inktober! I set to do it, and I did it, by the official prompt too, all pandas. I’m very proud of myself, because this was the first challenge I set for myself this year, and I have not failed. So, for me, Day One was October 1st, and just how great is that?

That said, I have just entered NaNoWriMo data into the official page, and will begin writing every day tomorrow, to reach the goal of 50.000 words in a month, a novel in one month. Now, this one has a far greater chance to be a fail, but then, how can it be a fail, if I start and write at least a quarter of that, right? It’s nothing but gain to try. I found this great inspirational blog entry on Goodreads, if anyone needs encouragement: [These 24 books won NaNoWriMo]. Don’t know about you, but I have half of these books on my to-read list, and some I’ve already read, so, woah.

I’m working on an awesome project I won’t share details on, just gonna say it involves a lot of paper and paper-y testing, so I need quite a bit of space around me. And I don’t have a lot of that to begin with, so I’ve been re-organizing my shelves today for at least a couple hours, with Hocus Pocus playing in the background. I can’t say I’m a 100% pleased with the results, but some things did work out in my favor. See, I want practicality more than I want beauty, but then if it’s practical but ugly – I feel bad for it. I’m so ready to pack some books away. I just need to dedicate a day, take pictures, upload the good stuff on ebay or whatnot, and the rest – give away, donate. I mean, I don’t even have all the books I truly and honestly want to have in paper, for keeps, forever and ever, so why would I hang on to stuff I don’t care about all that much? So if I could just get rid of one side of my bookshelf, keeping the other one as a wall between my work space and the rest of the room – that’d be great. We’ll see tho. For the time being I’m ded and dusty. Yes. Ded.

Yesterday was a great day btw. I received two great things from USA, and I’m so sorry for everyone who ever sent me anything from USA, the shipping for you is the worst!

I’ve got a wonderful postcard with a letter in it, that inspired me, and made me very happy. And I’ve got a very heavy package full of crafting supplies. No joke, it’s a giant-ass bag full of beads, chains, bits and pieces, and oh it is glorious, fam, it is so very glorious. I’ve been sifting through it, allowing my mind to wander around in the possibilities. Except great things. But likely only in December, I’m giving myself some fair share of slack here for NaNoWriMo. But we’ll see, really, I type really fast, so maybe it won’t be a challenge at all!


In the meantime, I continue to organize things in that small way, you know? where you shuffle things around, put them tidier together, maybe make a box for this thing, and get a rubber band to hold it together for that thing. If I remember anything I was supposed to tell you – I’ll write about it soon. Like, I’d like to tell you how Julie and Julia movie has inspired me to blog in the first place, for once.

Log + Summary | Hectic!

Last week was hectic. For one, there was so much work, and so many updates in work, that I was just not coping anymore. For two, I had a bad spell of depression to pass through. I’ve manic depression, so I don’t just mop around… It’s just bad, really. And for three, my laptop decided it had enough of me, and made me reinstall whole OS.

  • Received the three parts of a super secret little project that has things to do with reusability of office supplies. Among them were Blu Tack | Glu Dots, in this amazing cold-pink box with a rainbow on it. I never loved a package box as much as I love this one, it’s just so bright and colorful. Then a funny thing happened, that we took as a good sign: I have this silky cloth heart on the side of my table, someone put it there many years ago, and I just kept it (now there’s a panda, two transparent, green, and blue, cat stickers, a sticky note with a reminder, and a tiny origami bat), and that day it decided it will fall off. Well, guess what, I had the glu-dots in my hands as it did so, and just re-glued it back on. Aka: <universe> here, let me show you that the thing you have really works, by breaking a thing so that you can fix it with what you have.
  • I’m back on Riverdale, Supernatural, and Outlander wagon, and am eagerly awaiting Stranger Things to happen finally.
  • Am about 10 books short from a 100 goal this year.
  • I will do NaNoWriMo, but I don’t know whether I’ll publish it, and won’t know it until I finally write it.
  • Vibes_avatarHaven’t missed a day in Inktober, yes, it’s all happy smiling pandas with one or two funny exceptions. It’s all about those positive vibes, fam, it’s all bout those positive vibes.
  • Made some jewelry, I’m real happy with one of them, and mostly happy with the other one, and am excited for one idea too. But that’s for my patrons to listen me ramble about! <hint hint, nudge nudge>
  • Reinstalled my W10, and dealt with PC overheating all over again. Too much power, not enough chill, you know? Clocking things down works tho, and there’s still enough juice to run all the things I want to run. It’s much better now, so it’s a good thing.
  • Due to the first project I mentioned in this entry, I tidied up hard, but am still in great shortage of space. I would accept a gift of a house, thank you.
  • Mother has an appointment on 30th this month, and hopefully she can set a firm date for surgery. Want to know the truth of why is this being delayed over, and over, and over, even thought she’s in gradually increasing pain, every day? Because everyone awaits some palm grease. If anything else, don’t be that ass in this life, and you’ll be able to consider yourself a worthy human.
  • Followed news on weather in Scotland, had interesting information handed about climate too. And I bet you thought that talking about weather is boring!
  • Book “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman is kinda scary, but I like it.

That’s roughly all. Roughly, I’m sure I forgot many things. Some I write down as time goes through the day, some I don’t, and those are usually the ones I forget.

How’s your week been?

[Series] Castlevania

Title: Castlevania
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Based on: Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
Directed: Sam Deats
Country: United States
Language: English

A brave and smart woman named Lisa captures the dark lord’s, Dracula’s heart, from the moment she dared to knock on his castle door, asking for knowledge on medicine, so she could heal people. They end up teaching each other, of medicine, humanity, and what it is to be a mortal man. After a while Lisa manages to persuade Dracula to go, and see the world for himself, see it as mortals do. Yet this transformative journey becomes a tragedy worthy of an apocalypse he swears to bring upon mankind. For in his absence, ignorant masses, led by a fool priest who’d not know God’s will if it slapped him in the face, capture Lisa, and burn her at stake as a witch.

Belmont family is disgraced and hated. They were once famous monster hunters. For all his current worth, Trevor Belmont is still of kind heart, and good skill. A skill he, and everyone who hated his family too, their name, will soon dearly want and need. For, you can imagine, The Dark Prince has kept his word to open the gates of hell upon Earth.

I loved it enough to watch it twice in one night. The fact that this season is made out of four episodes that add up to less than two hours of content, did help too. The jokes, if a bit oddly executed, were funny. And you really don’t need any previous knowledge on the games. The old ones are 2D side-scrollers, you need emulators for those, or those old consoles, and likely adapters for your nice new TV’s, and maybe a 6 year old, because I tried, and I couldn’t pass the very first boss. The newer ones, the proper ones that you can get on Steam – I don’t know whether there’s any relation to this story in them.

Anyway, loved it. And not just because of Dracula.

5 / 5

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