r a m e n | Vitasa China: Hoi Sin Style

Lidl here had a wonderful serious sale on all kinds of Asian things. Not gonna lie, I went berserk. I love Lidl for this, with some cut-arounds, you can fit things into the food budget.

I hate cooking, and I’m happy with anything someone else cooks for me. I prefer cooking instant noodles for myself, that’s all. Snagged three of these, they were .79eu, so on the pricey side of cup noodles. But since there were only three flavors, I figured I’ll splurge this once. On ramen, yes.

So now, on to the good stuff. How it’s made and what’s it like.

The cup is plastic and will burn your fingers. I put it in a bowl before I put water in it. Inside there’s thin noodles, and powder already applied to them. A line indicates to where you gotta pour hot water. Mix well, because it does the thing those insta-cup-soups do – it clumps like hell.

After 5 minutes you get this brownish green thing they call “Hoi Sin Style Duck Flavored & Vegetables“. And while it looks ugly and swampy, it’s actually quite spicy and delicious, and fills you up better than a lot of other instant noodles I tried in the past. So, yes, it’s worth the almost 80 cents.

5/5, will eat again. When I don’t feel like .79eu is too much for a cup of noddles. Because it is. It is a very small meager meal. I learned it may be “cheap“, but volume isn’t proportional to the price, so whenever trying to save on food, you must think how many meals per your buck you’re getting. If it’s one, and not so filling – it better not be the price of a pack of flour or sugar (or salt, for that matter). (So while Lilly Singh will tell you she’s cheap, eating her .99ct mac&cheese, I’ll tell you that’s bullshit, you can surely find them cheaper)


Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr | The Season of the Dragon

2019 is yet again the year of the Dragon. Not by Chinese zodiac or anything, but by gamer zodiac, I guess. And, apparently, it is not just because of the Dragon Age 4 teaser trailer either. Elder Scrolls Online is also hitting us with a little somethin’ somethin’.

Here’s what we know so far.


  • As always, it’ll be a quarter-release DLC’s. But this time, every piece will be connected, telling one, year long story, with pinnacle happening after two quarters in E3, where second half of the trailer above will be announced, and we’ll know what other DLC dungeon and story zone will get introduced. This quarter will have a bundle of two Dungeon DLC’s where you will go on a quest from Tharn (yes, the one from Coldharbour) to retrieve two halves of a tablet. His heart is in the right place, he does believe it’ll help him bring peace upon Tamriel. In truth, it’s now all your fault that dragons (second quarter, May 20th if you preorder, June 4th if not) rampage the Khajiit homeland: Elsweyr.
  • We’ll get to know how they get to be part of the Dominion, but govern themselves. The story starts with Imperial army marching upon Elsweyr with a necromantic army, as if dragons were not enough, right?
  • Elsweyr is made out of three biomes: desert, savannah, and jungle forest.
  • We’ll finally meet more types of khajiits. There’s seventeen of them, but we’ll only get a few, previously only known from books and stories.
  • We’ll get to meet Sir Caldwell again, and learn more of how he became what he is. Raz will also have some cameo missions.
  • Sheogorath, in the meantime, feels bored and wants more chaos in the world. So he’ll open his vaults, and drop an artifact upon Cyrodiil. Players will then get a notification and location. Obtaining the artifact will make the player a match to Emperor, making them a juggernaut of power, with six new skills. But here’s the catch: you have to feed the new weapon you got, feed it souls of killed players. Or else it’ll eat you.

New Features: 

  • The most important, of course, is the NECROMANCER class. Yes, a brand new class that can be played (as always) many different ways. But life around corpses won’t be easy, for there’s definitely going to be some run-ins with the law. Creators are attempting to make Tamriel react to you, thus forcing a necromancer to remain quiet about this chosen lifestyle. It is a great taboo, and many places have necromancy completely outlawed. But the power!…
  • There’ll be changes in race passives too. Which then leads to another news: each account will get one free token for race change, for creators want everyone to be able to change their race at least once.
  • Cap for bough character slots will be raised, and one additional slot will be given per account for each player, so that everyone has a chance to play necromancer.
  • GUILDS! There’ll be guild categories, making all of our lives easier. And, even better, there’ll be an actual text-search in the guild store. Available on consoles too. So no more searching for hours of that one particular motif among hundreds and hundreds!
  • ZONE GUIDE! Each zone will have a guide telling you your progress, next steps in the quests you got, where the npc’s are. It’ll help new players to orientate themselves, and old returning players to readjust and remember what were they doing.
  • New, interesting battlegrounds mode.
  • Dragon-based Trial with an unique mode for every dragon boss.
  • No champion points cap increase on this update, this year. Creators want to see how they can improve the whole system, for, let’s face it, it’s a mess there. Plus, it’ll allow new players to catch up with those of us who are already far beyond the current cap.


  • Yes. Most important thing ever. Performance fixes. Creators are trying to find a way to generate things, surroundings differently, including the player who is now a massive point on the map, what with all the types of armor, classes, details, etc. Having a great pc is by far not a promise of a well running ESO game. The updates to fix this will be worldwide, and are to begin sometime in the second or third quarter.

Not gonna lie, I’m very excited for everything. I’m already putting my points into the bank: gold, vouchers, everything. Just so I can buy whatever gorgeous stuff I expect there’ll be.

You can already preorder the game, as an update or a separate copy. To new players: buying this will unlock you every other chapter and the base game, so you don’t need a base game. This will have it + Morrowing and Summerset updates too. Other DLC’s that aren’t chapters, such as Gold Coast with Dark Brotherhood quest line are available to purchase via crown store, as always (or, really, just get eso+). Wait for events that mark their release date, they go cheaper then!

Preorder here: Official Eso Page
Official news: Announcements on Elsweyr
Official announcement video: TESO New Chapter

Summary | tea review and theater

This week was pretty good as weeks go. I could name many individual things that could get onto gratitude lists and all that. It helped me not think about upcoming dire situation I’ll be in, that might result in us not speaking for a while. But that doesn’t change much, right? I was slacking here!

The best thing that happened was theater. It was a tacky comedy play a friend took me to, but I enjoy theater very much, and I’m down to watching the less great ones if the choice is that or no theater.


The play was about this man of whom nobody cared. So he faked a tax inspection, making people believe he might have hidden funds. Suddenly everyone cared for him. In the end, he got rid of them all by telling them the truth. And then, as happy endings happen: he found his true love, and they both inherited huge amounts of money, thus actually becoming rich.

A little earlier in the week, while sipping on very delicious plum and vanilla tea I figured I could do those little mock reviews on them too, not just energy drinks. My wonderful friends send me tea from all kinds of places, and I’m very… Strict about when and how I drink them, to not waste the stuff I can’t readily obtain, so to speak.

So here’s a first:


Westcliff” brand plums and vanilla flavored tea. Came to me from Germany. It’s a wonderfully smelling deep red with blue tint color tea. The smell feels natural, not overpowering the way added scents would get. Plum sourness is balanced out by vanilla, making a delicious drink. I enjoyed it very much, and am very happy to have yet another packet of it.

5/5 would drink again.

Game Journal | Adventures | ESO

Since the day wasn’t the best, I decided I need to go exploring. Outside it’s winter, and I’ve been to every nook and corner of my town, and it’s not like there’s much to see in the dead dark of winter. So, video games. Gta5 doesn’t work all that well anymore, my pc is getting old, and can’t handle it as it used to. But I can still play elder scrolls online.

Needed to craft a thing in Coldharbor, so I went there to explore too.

There was a ruin of a house with a hatchet at the edge of it, leading into what I thought would be a cellar. But inside I found two more houses, or remnants of the same house in a cave, river across it and all that. Crafting stations scattered around.

I went through the rooms, curious about this beautiful view. In one room there’s a sort of a little bar, with that lizard-chicken creature, blue skinned, named Honor. Just a little further there’s also a room full of books.

It’s nothing if not a beautiful find.

p o p |When motivation is in short supply

When motivation is in short supply, make your own. One thing I learned through depression: motivation is made while doing things. If you do nothing, you won’t get magically motivated to do things. The easiest way to start, since I assume we’re lacking motivation to start doing a thing here, is to plan it. And plan it hard. Colored markers, stickers, written-down therefore must-be-attempted.

Here’s a fun video going around the greatest issue of “I don’t want to plan, because what if I fail“. Let me answer that for you right now: so? It’s okay to fail. Failure, in Humble the Poet words, truer there been not, is not opposite of success. Failure is a street you take TO success.

Mine’s simpler than hers, but just as mad colorful. Stickers help finding pages, so don’t you restrain yourself on nothing, my friend. And then, much like she pointed out: there’s free space in Habit Tracker – put the things you slacked at on top. It’ll motivate you to see the empty spaces. It’ll motivate you to see them get filled in. Motivation will come with the doing. Don’t know if the saying is international, but in Lithuania we say: appetite comes while eating.


I have a miniature notebook I made out of scrap paper pieces (because I’m a recycling eco warrior, I am!) for to-do lists, and this glorious pink panda thing you see above, filled in with deep purple pen is a habit tracker. I keep there such things as working out, blogging, writing, crafting, painting, and I never EVER expect a full line filled in. I do strive for it, but it’s absolutely not a must. Neither should be yours.

Don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t do. Enjoy what you did do.
You’re awesome~

And a small little tip: don’t let toxic things affect you day in and day out. And since you can’t NOT feel their poison seeping in, see if you can maybe prevent contact with it. Put things on mute 🐼

Log | Untitled Yellow Piggy

Anyone else feel mad tired after the Holiday Season? I’m sitting here, with my giant panda-head mug (Thank You to my friend for a gift), full of wonderful tea (Thank You to another friend for the gift), watching BookTube videos to relax a little, making little notes of what I’d like to read this year, how I’d like to schedule my book blog, etc.

2018 has spoiled me. Troubles came with big enough gaps between them, biggest one starting this month (need to figure out how to scrape 700 euros to not end up jobless). Friends took insane care of me, pushed me forwards, offered a shoulder when I raged, and a hand when I needed to get back up.

I’ve read 94 books last year, plus some great comics, so totaling in an over a hundred. I improved my work, and my hobbies, raising the bar for myself, and making gorgeous new jewelry that’ll be uploaded into my Etsy this year. And while I painted less, the quality is ever rising, thanks to people all over making sure I can do this. Thank You for the wonderful easel, the great paints, the amazing paintbrushes of all kinds, they’re all being used, and are loved, not just appreciated.

Reflecting back on 2018 I can’t say it was a bad year. It simply wasn’t a good one. I’m looking forwards to 2019, the Yellow Pig year to be better. Who doesn’t love a piggie, huh?? 🐷

I will wish you all only one thing: motivation. Because that’s absolutely all it ever takes to pluck the stars. You can and you will.

Log | Aftermath


Hello, I’m Quinn, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a panda. Finally, this year is the year when everyone accepted me for what I really am!

In other words, I got a lot of pandas for presents, and I am very happy about it. December 14th was my birthday, and normally it’s a very stressful day for me, but I guess I finally reached that time when people don’t really feel the need to celebrate it with me or for me. So everything happened via spread of December. I’ve got congrats, happy wishes, and presents, among which were pandas, teas, sweets, and gorgeous postcards.

Holidays were okay too, nothing too bad happened, even if I do very much think my co-workers are butts who don’t understand it’s not okay to think of yourself first to an extent where you screw over others. It’s okay to put yourself first, it is. But if you literally made situation so bad over your ego, your plans, yourself in general, that some one person, absolutely not responsible for anything, had to spend days fixing things: congratulations, you’re a butt. I’ll allow you the choice of which cheek you prefer to be.

As for quiet December in general, well, it wasn’t so bad. Still I understood some harsh truths, like, there’s the good people who tell you to ask if you need help, and there’s the good people who start helping without being asked. Good is relative though.

I am currently working on resin jewelry, and it’s going very well. Enjoying it up and then some. Made presents, will send out what I haven’t yet, some is already on the way. Thanks for bearing yet another year with me!


ESO: New Life Festival + New Crown Crates

First of all, there’s new Crown Crates available (they’ve been available for maybe a week now, more or less). They’re called Xanmeer, and contain all kinds of, I’d say, Argonian-themed things to go with your newly acquired Murkmire DLC (which, if you were diligent last month in taking dailies, you’ve received free). I myself had bought a set of four, due to having leftover crowns from previous ESO+ purchases, and, as luck would have it this month of mine, got the lizard-horse mount in it. I wish you as good luck as I had.

Next thing, New Life Festival has began, and it’ll last 20 days or so! It’s same as the last year, and the year before, but those of you who didn’t bother with dungeons and still need a feather for the mount: 1 ticket per day for 1 daily festival quest (so you don’t have to do them all).

There’s all the old loot in the boxes you’ll get, while doing all the same things, but then there’s some new goodies too. For instance, there’s now a furniture writ. It’ll give you one voucher (it might vary, I only got one so far, per two characters) and if you do 12 of them in the span of event, you’ll get a Crystalfrost Skin for your characters! Yes, a mount, and an icy new skin.


Then there’s some furniture, which I always like and appreciate, and motifs, which I also like and appreciate for as long as I don’t have it, and just miscellaneous stuff. From Mountain Flower bushels, to Perfect Roe for that legendary level food making.

Next thing you should note, this event too has Achievement Furnisher (luxury furnisher?), so be sure to get those achievements if you don’t have them yet, and check out the goodies that are, well, pretty good and festive.

The event is per character, so if you got all 8 of them, you can do all of the quests for each. The boxes are bound, but I think you can drop them into your bank. If not, you can open it, and put the goodies into the bank for your main to take and sort if that’s your aim.

Best of luck!