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Wish |1.95eu Single Earphone


I bought this around the same time I bought those wireless earplugs. Those, in compare, are great.

At all points of my complaining, please remember this was less than 2 euros, and think what sort of quality one even should expect for that price for this kind of an item.


  • it’s too big. there’s no way i can put it in comfortably. the only means i found to use this was with a headband over the ear it’s sitting in.
  • battery lasts 40 minutes.
  • it’s uncomfortable, and the metal mesh that covers the speaker itself is put in a bit crooked, it’ll come off soon enough.


  • for that price line, I’m okay with it.
  • serves the purpose, sound is pretty decent for the price range.
  • charges in 20 mins max once dried flat.

I got this because I wanted to listen to music in shower, and make sure I can hear the outside noises too. Yes, in retrospect I see how a waterproof speaker would’ve worked better, but at the same time, if I just wear a bandanna and push this into my ear – it’s fine! It works great to keep by the bed too if you just want to listen to that one IG story, and don’t want to turn your phone sound on, it pairs very quickly and easily.

So my verdict is: I got what I paid for. It’s uncomfortable and life time is very short, so keep those two things in mind if you’re searching for an investment.

Cheap Life | Taz lives on 1 GBP a day

For years now, a story I keep telling and telling, my fam has been struggling so immensely, that I honestly didn’t think we’ll survive. Even to this day the struggle is too real, and I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have friends who can lend cash during the worst of it, and those who pass some on without being asked too. Those people are who got me through this far, and those are the people for whom I push away the dark little voice at the back of my head that tells me I’m useless and should go die in a ditch. It’s not over yet, but I hope.

Recently I have discovered a YouTube section full of really awesome people who take up challenges to live on extremely tight budget if any for reasons of: because they did so, they had to do so in the past; because they want financial freedom, and so they save on every corner they can cut; because they understand the struggle, and can sympathise or emphathise. I have no idea how both those words are spelled, but believe you me, there are people who were in my position out there, who got out of it, and yet have no empathy or sympathy for others in those shoes. Their reasons remain their own, of course.

Here’s one fun little series of a very jolly and fun Wales girl / young woman, Taz. The challenge is: one pound a day (that’s a little bit over an euro).


November and December are the toughest months for me, and if you think 4 days in doesn’t yet qualify as a month – you’re very wrong. If anyone would care to tip a coffee, it’d be greatly appreciated. Commissions for both jewelry and paintings are also open. Thank You very much for your kindness, that’s the thing that keeps me alive and going ☕🐼


Felicia and Ryon Day playing Divinity: Original Sin

A few days back my discord notifications dinged: someone @everyone’ed us with Felicia Day‘s speech on Twitch about streaming, fanbases, and all that good stuff. She gave a marvelous speech, mind you, hope it’ll be available for re-viewing soon. And it got me wanting to go watch her and her brother play Divinity again, for not too-too long ago I played it with a friend, and we had a blast too.

But on Youtube I couldn’t find a playlist. So this is me making a playlist, right?

  1. Divinity: Original Sin
  2. Divinity: Original Sin
  3. Divinity: Original Sin
  4. Divinity: Original Sin
  5. Divinity: Original Sin

And for the fun of it, her solo start-stream of: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Ah hell, for the heck of it, here’s Darkest Dungeon too, one of my favorite time-wasters out there:

Inktober 2018

Here’s a few of my favorites from Inktober that I have made. Yes, I use official prompts, and I always put panda through them for adventures. Panda doesn’t mind. This year panda even made friends, a bat who offered tea when panda got caught outside in a rain, and a pumpkin who was often too shy or too scared.

You can find all of them over at my DeviantArt, IG, Ko-fi, Patreon, or even such places as Facebook and Twitter.

I made a post on Bored Panda too, and would appreciate an upvote!

ED | Lidl brand

PicsArt_10-28-05.47.05On 25th of October Lidl store opened in my town too. It’s a new store chain in Lithuania, one that I’ve missed from my time living in UK quite a lot, due to tasty chocolates, very reasonable prices, and off-brand products that are of better quality than some of our local store chain brands. Almost said brains there, not sure why. Anyway

Went there on opening day, happy to see cashiers smile and enjoy their day (I hope people don’t bother them too much, and they remain happy with their jobs). Found a lot of great things, and without going into detail, let’s just say the walk from my living place is worth it.

I always look for new, unseen, untried Energy Drinks or as Relentless calls it: stimulating drinks. I can’t say that with a serious face. Anyway, found four, and later realized they’re Lidl brand, “Kong Strong: Wild Power“. Now, just to get this on record: I am not happy the cans are not recyclable, aka you can’t put them into that machine that crushes them and gives you 10 cents store credit on a little piece of paper. That doesn’t mean they can’t be crushes at home and sold to metal scrap buyers who take aluminum of this kind, of course, but I don’t think there’s many who bother.

There’s four flavors. Kamikaze, Mojito, and two others I can no longer recall. For the sake of it, let’s call them by the colors, and you’ll just read what they are on your own. So: Blue one is the very worst of the worst. It tastes the way window cleaner looks and smells. It’s a disgusting chemical and blue food coloring taste, and I tried putting it in coke afterwards, because that’s how I down drinks I don’t like, and still was unhappy about it. Green one is second worst. It is bad in a sense that original Mojito is bad. I like me the strawberry one, but maybe my preferences stand with the fact I don’t drink alcohol, and among the virgins, that one tastes the most decent, as a drink. So this was a meh. Pink one was very strange, and honestly I can’t place the flavor anywhere. It was okay, really. And the red one is mostly as mild and simple, as any original flavor energy drink is.

So, verdict is, if you need one, and want one, take the red one, and steer clear of the blue one. Vile shit.

Blue: 0/5
Green: 2/5
Pink: 3/5
Red: 4/5

Log | Mango Loco

3Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! So to not be “a friend of mine came back from abroad” several times this month: two of my friends went on quests abroad, and both brought me back some delicious energy drinks, because they know me so well (with tea and energy drinks you can never go wrong with me).

This here, my friends, is Juiced, Monster: Mango Loco. It tastes a lot like Ripper used to taste, the yellow M, very sweet, delicious. The can is glorious, blue, with Yellow M (oooh, okay, I get it now), and decorated with Sugar Skull skellies for, I guess, Dia La Muertos. Definitely the most beautiful non-purple (because purple is always better) can ever. (And I really do love sky blue color)

4.5 out of 5, just because it was a tad to sweet, but really, really good.