Summary | Good Vibes


The previous week was pretty darn hellish. This one was a little bit better. But since I don’t recall anything, I’ll tell you my most recent adventure only, which happened today, a few hours ago, since I just got back.

My cousin and a good friend returned for a little bit to our hometown. Work, studies, can’t be helped, we’re both too busy to meet up more often than this time or two a year. But today we finally managed, and early in the morning we took our little heads out to get some wind between the ears.

Soon in, we started joking how Elektrenai (electrenai) is a lot like a shabby Los Santos. Los Electros?

A large portion of our fairly large lake got fixed up from the old Soviet ruin that it was slowly becoming. On the furthest part behind which there’s still nothing but wilderness up until you reach a bridge leading towards Power Plant, there’s a little cafeteria for cold drinks, hot coffee, a few tables to sit and watch water sports. It is built out of those shipment containers, with built in windows and all, and looks, honestly, pretty darn good. Behind it, as we, adults, noticed, was a great parking lot that was meant for other things before, but now will surely be utilized to visit the lake. As for the water sports, while listening to the music blasting from that little oddity of a cafeteria, we watched a guy get pulled on a waterboard by one of those lifts you’d see pull people up mountains for skiing. There’s a beautiful track in the water, with obstacles, lights, and decor, and it was honestly almost surreal.

Further on, walking towards the town, instead of the wilderness I mentioned, there’s a little pier-like thingy sticking out into the lake, as you can see in the photograph. There’s benches, and arks that lit up at night. And some hammocks to lay in if you’re brave, for I don’t know if I could ever get up from them. It looks beautiful, but people already trashed it a bit, and I’m just baffled how fking lazy must you be to not be able to take your goddamn cigarette pack twenty more steps to a damn trash bin?

Anyway, after that there’s a little beach, another place to rent water sports equipment and further on, our little amusement park that no longer works due to being built during Soviet Union times, and thus – hazardous. They’re planning to build there a recreational park. But in my opinion, seeing how very much we’re into rallies and water sports, they should make there a proper pier, going off into the lake, with proper amusement park rides that every damn mall and circus has.

Because when I say we’re the shabby Los Santos of Lithuania, I bloody mean it too. We’ve good vibes here, vibes of fun times, beautiful if dangerous night life, and a chance to feel big for we’re still a small town. We’ve lanes for bikes everywhere, so why don’t we have bike rental? Especially since it’s too small a place for buses to have internal courses. We’ve only one sports club, even thought we have a working public pool with all the pleasures of pool in it – hot baths with jets, waterfalls, saunas dry and Russian, good showers, and even a sushi bar right behind it. We’ve lots of grocery stores, and miniature malls. So why not expand on it, seeing how we’re so short on jobs here that we’re best known for lack of jobs and gang activity out here?

All it takes is some love and promotion, I feel. Put a poster outside the town, make a drive-in through the damn new lidl mall they’re building, and make it happen.

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast. The day began great.


Wish | 2 Euro Earphones

unspecified.jpg Recently I found myself in need of any super cheap wireless earphones for those times when I cannot be wired to my phone due to raisins. Yes. Raisins. And so, what does one do, when one needs real cheap lil’ som’ som’? Yes. Ebay. NO! Wish.

I’ve ordered these on August 14th. Paid 2 euros for them, + 1 euro for shipping, but Honey plug-in found me a -0.60 euro discount, so I paid 2.40 euro in total. They arrived on September 5th and me, being an idiot, nearly cut the envelope open with all things inside. See the bottom of the package in the pic, the green slit? Yeah. I bought these from someone called Licai, but I don’t know how to find certain people on Wish, and if that’s even possible, so that one’s on you.

The packaging was very good, tightly sealed. Contained a manual that needed a magnifying glass to be read, a USB cord, the standard used for all Androids and such, and the earphones. So, now. Let me stress two things here: I own super duper headphones for 60 euros if not more, literally can’t recall, bought them forever ago, and they’re still as perfect as they were. These cost 2 euros. So, yes, the sound is muffled, and not crystal clear. They literally sound like earphones for 2 euros!

Connection was very smooth, far smoother than most devices ever treated me. I don’t know anything about battery life, but let me tell you, these advertise as waterproof – they are absolutely not. On the very first inspection it is pretty clear that water can get in anywhere, and the manual too claims you shouldn’t submerge them, or expose them to rain. And while the sound isn’t top-notch, I can tell you that I’ve spent 2 bux real well, and these are worth it. For my needs, they’ll work perfectly fine. The best example I can give you is if you ever had a cassette player – it sounds like and old cassette. And if you think cassette sounds as good as your digital song on spotify, your memory is giving you disinformation.

5 out of 5, 2 bux well spent, would buy again.

Series | NETFLIX | Orange is the New Black

Title: Orange is the New Black
Numbers: 1-6 season (1st season review)
Start: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Rate: 4/5


  • Piper Chapman, a blonde white New York woman, as vanilla as they come, is sentenced to serve 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary, this sort of a low-security federal prison, all due to transporting a suitcase full of drug money. To do so she was convinced by her then love – Alex Vause, an international drug smuggler, and one of the most epic badass women I have ever witnessed to be written.
  • Piper is as middle-class as they come. And prison is full of mean, crazy, and tough ladies who, very often, had not had her privileges in life. Some are, of course, good, kind hearted people. But others just wish to play tough, brutal games with miss low-profile peachy lady. More often than not Piper is scared of all of them equally. Any kindness they offer is taken with naivete, which puts and even bigger target on her back.
  • We soon get to know others too, their lives, gangs, groups, prison rules and hierarchy, and why some of these women are here. Each one has a great story. Some – tragic, others – hilarious. We get insight on why they do what they do to Piper too, and how sometimes it’s not even about her. And other times, it’s very much about her, and how her doe-eyed reactions come across.


  • Piper is your stereotypical suburb woman who found herself in a criminal world pretty much by accident. All she wants is friends, eadable food, and maybe a project where she could have a clipboard, and a couple of colored markers.
  • It’s interesting to see how things work, the reasons for screwing people over, for instance. Evil deed might not be served with malice. And, other times, evil deed might be done to protect the victim from a far worse faith.
  • Their coping mechanisms are pretty damn interesting too. Some start prison business, for that’s just who they are. Others – make booze. Some like to read and stay to themselves. Others constantly try to bargain something out of someone. And then there’s the radical ones too: gangs, religious groups, fanatics of this or that kind.
  • There are triggers: violence, death, suicide, abuse, sexual abuse. But it’s absolutely not all dark. And justice tends to come with plenty of satisfaction.

L o g | People Talking | other

I stood in the checkout behind a man who was buying all those little dried and salty snacks that are meant to be eaten with beer. Cashier picks up the last pack of dried little fishies, and goes:

“Is this also yours?” (to make sure it wasn’t already mine)

“If it stinks, it’s mine.”

In the meantime, I’m making a big and beautiful gothic necklace. There’s all kinds of troubles and beautiful things happening.

The story I needed to see | Shane Dawson’s “The Truth About Jeffree Star” Documentary

I’ll try to keep this short.

I don’t know when it clicked to me that I like watching Jeffree Star, but it happened. Shane I liked and hated and liked again, especially after I realized what a great person he is. Grav3yardGirl is an old favorite I will stand by no matter what. And one day Shane just made these little worlds collide for me.

Now, I know I didn’t talk anything about the documentary Shane did with Bunny, but I loved that one too. I just think it wasn’t just as in depth as this one, for hey, it was his very first attempt to it, and Bunny hides her life for different reasons. But now I must say a word or two about Jeffree Star documentary.

Jeffree very often says the words: we all have problems, we all deal with them, so just stop, <no one cares, because everyone has that same black box with demons to carry>. And so I sit here, typing words, and delete them, and type them again, and then delete them again, unsure… Yes, we do, don’t we? We all have a burden we carry. Some are more vocal about how heavy it is than others. Others then are vocal about the heaviness, but keep it to themselves of how much it is cutting them, rubbing their skin raw, making them bleed. We all have shit to deal with. And those of us who choose to whine online or cry on a friend’s shoulder… Well, there are those who got just that, and then there are those who try to adjust the boulder by throwing away a stone or a splinter.

tl;dr : Been there. Am there. And have neither room nor time to heal, not today, not tomorrow. Maybe not even ever. But I get a moment of peace from watching kind people do kind things, and powerful people do kind things, and people with influence do kind things… For I see the path I hope to walk on, and know that it is possible. If only I don’t die. Be it due to something, or… Well. Due to myself. Here’s for hoping that Universe is just fking with me too. ~ ☕🐼

Here’s all five videos, with my favorite drama channels discussing it below in links. They’re here for me, and for you, to have at hand, and maybe rewatch on the darker day, or a darker night. And if that dark little voice that says “no one cares” sounds a little like Jeffree Star at times, then let this be a reminder that that same voice also said “you’re not alone“.

Rich Lux | Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

And I just want to say a thanks to my dear friend, who makes an amazing blog that made me drool too many times, for sitting there and watching these with me. You’re a treasure to call a friend, B! | Pen & Pin


Summary |30-05

You know what’s the most amazing this very second? THE WIND IS BLOWING SO HARD! Much like a huge portion of the world, we are suffering heat wave. Today is the first day I am able to breathe and even relax. The wind is cold, the sky is darkened, I’ll take this storm, momma Nature, thank You.

So how was my week, eh?

  • It was good.
  • I’m obsessing (healthy, because it motivates me to do more) with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star videos. We’re watching it with a friend, with next-day bonus videos by Peter Monn on his drama channels. I was never so invested in a story! It’s so inspiring, I’m loving every moment of it.
  • The purple colored Monster Punch is still no where to be found, which is upsetting!
  • I have received a slip in the mail claiming I’ve a package awaiting. I’m guessing it might be from Germany. But now I have to wait for Monday to get it. But I guess that only means I’ll have a good Monday, right?
  • I’ve received three amazing postcards!
  • 95% of the bills are paid for the last month. Gonna see how this month fares from here on. Internet bill tried to slip past me for TWO MONTHS! But they texted me, informing there’s no payment, I found slips that I have indeed MADE payments, and they said that’ll do, but I’m to make a bit different kinds of payments next time. Will do!
  • No update from mum’s case just yet, but they’re reviewing it, hopefully. We did obtain all the documents for it.
  • Friends are good. Youtube is good. Video games is good.
  • I’ve decided I need blue hair.


  • I have received the correct wire for jewelry. Expect new stuff flooding Etsy sometime soon, for I have many projects unfinished due to lack of this wire.
  • I’m working on a load of commissions. How great is that even?
  • I still need to make myself work on those Pandas from another super secret little projects. I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast once I stop just sketching and start actually painting. But that step from one to another is the hardest part, always.

Hope you all are doing well, and that this heat didn’t affect you too much, nor the country you live in. I wish you as comfortable days as you wish to have.


Summary | 07-??

Why am I like this? No, really, why? I was busy, I really was. But definitely not as busy so that I couldn’t find five minutes to write a blog entry. Well, screw the excuses, let’s get on with it.


  • GTA5 Online has released a new update. After Hours or Night Life or something like that. You basically buy a club from Gay Tony, and it blows your head off. First of all, you can upgrade it a little, adjust it to your tastes, even if just a little bit. Then there’s a whole bunker / warehouse thing going on in the basement. You send out your hired goons to gather things for you. The only reason you need to ever go to a public map is to then sell it. Everything else can be done in private maps, with your friends. Including club missions which are amazing at first, and not so boring afterwards. Solomun makes great music, and I’ve actually spent time just watching my character dance. Hell, I’ve spent time dancing with friends, since we live so far apart, it’s not likely we’ll go dancing IRL any time soon. There’s some new clothes and a couple new cars, but the moves is what’s hot for me.


  • Elder Scrolls Online got Cyrodiil event happening right now, but I can’t say I care for that one. PVP is just not my jam.
  • There’s enough work for three that I do alone. I manage. Barely. But I do.
  • Yes, it is indeed very hot.
  • I left wax in sunlight and it turned soft enough to make molds out of. I’ll be making ear cuffs using them, with hopes it’ll make for better versions than the five prototypes I have that I hate for reasons. I must ask myself again here: why am I like this?
  • My head looks like a human head again. I went to hairdressers’. I’m usually pretty good at socializing even with strangers. But do try to drag me to a hairdresser…
  • I am very unsure of how people survive in longer hair and beards right now. I can’t recall how I lived my life with three months worth of growth (my hair grows very fast too, mind you) where the undercut used to be.
  • I’m reading “Welcome to Night Vale” book, and I’m not really loving it so far. King meets Gaiman.
  • Die Antwoord is coming to Lithuania. I won’t go, of course, but I’d like to. Some day. Not in Lithuania maybe.