Summerset PTS beta testing and how I couldn’t use the gift


Some if not most of you already know, Summerset, another chapter is coming to ESO soon enough now. As of May, if I’m not wrong, PTS is available for all. But this is a very short and riveting tale of how I was invited to do closed beta testing. And couldn’t.

One day I awoke to a letter from Elder Scrolls online, inviting me to come test Summerset in Closed Beta. There was a huge page of rules of what’s allowed to disclose, what’s not, and when will the non-disclosure agreement be lifted. The rules weren’t very strict, and allowed quite some freedoms, so I was stoked. I thought, wow, I’ll stream this, my Twitch will not be as dead as it is, I’ll show you, and my friends, all the wonderful things Summerset surely has to offer!

So I google what wasn’t clear to me, and start downloading the PTS (Public Test Server). First trip: I don’t have the space for it in my HD. So what I do, is I delete everything I can, keeping only the essentials, which I deemed to be ESO, of course, and GTAV, since that’s one of the rare games I could play with more than one of my friends.

Still, it doesn’t fit. So I resort to installing it into main disk, that is kept for system only, there’s space left for backups and emergencies there, and what is PTS for Summerset if not an emergency, right? Right.

After approximately 6 hours of downloading and installing things, it threw me another error: not enough space. Why? Because it downloads, and installs, so there’s the semi-downloaded files, the downloaded files that are going through installation as it continues, taking up new space that’ll later be freed by deleting the already downloaded file it used to install itself, to download the rest, and whatever other trash one can imagine.

I googled again as of how to uninstall this without uninstalling ESO itself too, and… Well, still uninstalled ESO instead. We’re talking about roughly 60-90 GB of space here. At first I was mighty confused of what did I do, but figuring I’m a moron, I tried installing PTS again. And again it dropped me an error of lacking space. So with only GTA on my hard, I still didn’t have enough room for the damned thing. And this time we’re talking about a really fair amount of space, so imagine the expanding it goes through with download / install / download kind of tactics. I may be wrong tho, I guess. It might have simply been an error in general, that was falsely marked as space shortage.

So. Yes, I didn’t get to play Summerset therefore. Yes, I am very stupid for having my disk split into two, for surely that would solve me some space troubles, but hey, that’s how I roll.

I can’t say I’m all that sad tho, since I’m perfectly okay with first experiencing it with my friend, instead of alone or with strangers. It might have been a nice little entry for other future testings tho.

So that’s that. In the age of huge games, ya can’t be as dumb as I am! But also, well, don’t cry over spilled milk, I guess.


Adda The White


The month-exclusive for , Adda The White. I’m very happy my friend there decided to read witcher, and I woke up today with only one wish, to paint someone from that book. So here she is.

Rockstar Ban Wave 2018 | Update


As of 29th (my time), my GTA account was completely restored. Everything is where I left it, so I assume Rockstar caught the bug, and either fixed it already, or are working furiously to do so.

I hope, at the very least, the majority of you get a happy ending with this nonsense too!


ESO | 2018 03 24-25 | Weekend Stores

Elder Scrolls Online weekend stores in Cyrodiil and Coldharbor have these items:

Flowers are small, and cactus is smallish. The tree is small for a tree, but otherwise – very lovely spring piece for any pot in the house or maybe outside garden.

I’ve no use for any gear in the Cyrodiil store though.

Rockstar is banning people for no reason | 2018 March 22-24


So, seemingly since March 22nd this year Rockstar is going through spring cleaning, banning everyone for reasons and none left and right. I don’t know if this affects only players who played since then or anyone at random, but I wish you luck to not be one of the unlucky reset players, for there’s no talking with Rockstar. There’s no person behind the system, so if the system is corrupt – it might not even help us if they resolve it. and since it’s been 48 hours, I doubt they’re even addressing the issue, since there’s no official statement either, even though there’s pages and pages of very recently banned people, who can’t, for the life of theirs, find a reason of why they could’ve been banned.

Same goes to me. I had no mods installed, ever. I never interfered with people who didn’t bother me (aka if you’re passing by, I really see no reason to harass you, unlike some folk), and I wasn’t even rude to anyone, again, unlike some folk.


1. Come make your claim here: GTA Online Ban Wave

2. 1

People are downrating GTAV on Steam HARD. For a good reason. Some people got banned with mere hours logged into game. Others lost hundreds of hours.


ESO | New Chapter | Summerset

I am mighty happy to speak of this today. Elder Scrolls Online, after the glorious success with new map / chapter introduction of Morrowind, is ready to give us yet another!

Yesterday, and almost today for me, they revealed the perfect timing of new chapter: Summerset!


For the first time in history, the long-closed borders of Summerset are open to foreigners by decree of Queen Ayrenn. But darkness looms over the ancestral home of the High Elves, and whispers stir of Daedric followers organizing in the shadows. Rally your allies, brave champions. Summerset awaits.

Explore an all-new zone packed with adventure. Join the mysterious Psijic Order and gain powerful new abilities. Reunite with old friends, forge new alliances, and work together to unravel a conspiracy that threatens Tamriel’s very existence.


A whole new area awaits us, new abilities (so, maybe a new class again? Thalmor would make sense now, just saying).


ESO: Scalecaller Crown Crates

The three free Scalecaller Crown Crates that you have earned from Friday to Sunday are now available to open. Crates for purchase will be available on 15th this month.

I didn’t get anything good really, just an outfit that looks a lot like two others I already owned, a jewelry piece for my precious head, and an emoticon of sorts, kicking dirt. But I really can’t complain, it was free, and it’s epic!