The Wolf Among Us 2 – 2018

The Wolf Among Us 2
Series: Fables
TellTale Games
Genre: Adventure game, interactive movie

After 3 years from the last chapter in first The Wolf Among Us season of this wonderful game, we can finally start waiting for the second one! We might even get the first chapter as soon as next year, in 2018! I cannot believe this, because I no longer expected it. There’s comics that follow the fable stories, and while I have not read them, thou I plan to, the mere existence of theirs is what made me think there’s no reason to expect a second game. I am so very happy I was mistaken!


In a neon-drowned noir type of detective story, a world where humans are called “mundanes“, live people from the fables. The real ones, the dark, gruesome, and scary. These are not your Disney characters. Some of these people barely escaped death, hunted by monsters, witches, or their own parents, or step-parents, as often happens. Princes, and princesses aren’t much happy having to learn to be salesmen, waiters, cashiers, be unable to afford the lavish lifestyle they used to have. They feel like they deserve more for what they were. Much like the regular folk feel they get too much as it is. Those who don’t look human – must buy charms to look human, or risk be taken to the farm, where beings who were either too big, too great to be made look human, or had too little conscious mind in them live. No one wants to get there. That place is a nightmare come true. Tension is steady at all times, and so, while we already solved the mystery of dying prostitutes in the first season, I’m sure there’s no end to bad things that might happen here still.

Cyberpunk 2077 : Classes

According to Mike Pondsmith, the creator of CP 2020 tabletop RPG, upon which CDPR are building their CP77, and at last gave us some details about the upcoming “groundbreaking” game, which we will likely see in 2077, we can expect classical classes!

These said classical classes would be these:

:bulletgreen: Rockerboys – rock stars who use music and charisma to fight authority
:bulletblue: Nomads – corporate exiles blackballed from employment, who roam the highways in in modern tribal gangs
:bulletyellow: At least two different kinds of hackers, one of which use cybernetic interfaces to roam the Internet in VR
:bulletred: And journalists. Because Spider Jerusalem proved them to be awesome too.

Best of all, seems this won’t be the only classes either. How many more? When? Who knows?… As CDRP often says: Soon.

It’ll be done when it’s done

[Good Source] [Nice Video]

P.S.: Come visit our group in dA, we’ll be your best artwork providers, when they finally release the game!


[Anno Decadence 2077]

Dying Light: The Following // Alien summoning

Apparently in Dying Light: The Following you can summon some aliens. You collect these meteorite pieces all through the map, I think it’s 16 or so, and you can’t log-out because you’ll need to collect them again. Then you come back into one of the safe houses, get into the attic, place them in SPECIFIC ORDER! And bam. Oh, must be done at night.

Log [0620]

Almost finished ESO: Morrowind expansion. But then the damn main quest got bugged! There’s this part of the quest where you need to go get three items. Two of them are in the chests, one – on a dead guy. The quest items duplicated! You pick it up once, and it doesn’t update quest log, even thou you do get a prompt slide through your screen. It’s when you pick it up the second time that the quest log agrees: yeah, we’re done here. You can do that with chests, but not the corpse! Corpse bloody disappears! So now I’m stuck waiting for a fix patch.

I got myself some Russian Grey Lipton tea, and it’s very good. Much better than, say, Earl Grey, if I’m honest. It’s black tea, has good flavor to it, and very little of any smell.

Dracula Vs. Hitler turned out to be a very good book, and I really hope I can get a physical copy of it someday soon. It’d do good to have it in my Dracula collection. It lift up my morals a fair bit. Funny… Once again during a depressive stupor I ran into a Dracula book and it helped me out of it. There’ll be a review of the book tomorrow over at [<a href=””>Night Mode Reading</a>]

Tomorrow evening Steam Sale starts (it’s at 8pm my +2 time, so, Bulgarian, German, and English friends, check your time with Lithuanian)

[ESO] Morrowind – First Impressions

I’ve been playing Morrowind expansion in ESO for a few days now, since it was ridiculous: a) get it now and play now, because “preorder”; b) get it on 6th and play on 6th, because “release date”. So if you bought the game on 5th, you could play on 5th, or you could wait for release date, and play it on 6th…

Warden is an interesting new class that is both scary and funny. Scary, because woah baby, did I just make myself a crown of ice? Hell yeah I did! Is that bear my follower, and is beating everyone the hell up? You betcha. And ridiculous because you summon a fairy circle of mushrooms to heal your ass.

It’s a good class for people who have some semblance as how to play the game. Why? Because I play as DD (damage dealer) as my main. I made myself this warden High Elf (I really dislike that race tbh, Dunmers are just so handsome, and Wood Elves are adorably sexi, but high elves? everything’s poop colored, why? Face markings – light brown, hair color – light brown, eye color – fifty shades of brown, and not the good human brown, like Indian people or Asians sometimes are, no. This is weird yellow-brown, like bad runs. I’ll take greenish blue skin of Dunmer any day instead), and I kick ass. We fought a land boss, me and this 400+ DD, and he was constantly dying. I took 2 healing abilities just so I could keep him up, but he still died and I caused both damage, tanking, and healing, and I nearly killed the bastard, but then DD died again, and there were too many mobs around for me to roll out of the damage field. So, it’s a great class if you already have experience in roll, dodge, step out of the red circle of death.

Newcomer? Go ahead, but don’t be disappointed when you pick up a different class and realize you’re underpowered. It just feels that way.

There’s a ton of new furniture, for which I am happy, and a gorgeous cheap house at the end of Vvardenfell (+300k for two stories, basement, balcony, and a huge yard). New gear, new adventures, new quests. It’s fun, but so far I still don’t know why they call it “expansion”. It’s a big fat DLC, nothing more special about it more than say, Wrothgar was. So if you’re up to wait for good discounts – go ahead. I saw it for 18 bux over at kinguin


[Game] Crossy Road

Damnation, friends are leading me out the way! One of them just showed me this little game to play on my phone, called Crossy Road. The point of this game is to go as far as you can by crossing roads, railroads, and rivers. You get gold for beating your score, and you collect some on your way too. Then, using that gold you can buy a present, which contains a different character for you to hop with! Those are usually paid, you can buy them all, but isn’t it great to just win one instead?

My favorite so far was the slow-but-fast edition grandma, that forms into a different yoga pose with every jump. And a bunny rabbit that kept bubbling hearts. But the top of them all is this scary cat below. The character changes the look of the game too, making it darker, redder, bluer, filled with jolly things, or Halloween pumpkins. And I bloody love it all.



Co-op games, and why campaign is better

I really love co-op games where I can play the campaign with my friends. Often it is because the game is not the kind I like, and friends make it fun. Other times it is just because it’s fun, and even better with friends. Like Trine, or Dying Light, or Resident Evil 5, or Saints Row, any and all.

So I’m always on the look for more, as one would, having gamer friends who would play with you, and a very limited amount of actual games. And I mean it, it’s pretty damn limited. Everyone keeps shouting that it’s not important, but guys, it is. Just make the same game run for both of us, and don’t bother giving the damn co-op missions, THOSE are the ones that suck. Saints Row did it, why can’t you?

On Steam you can’t know for sure if they’re giving you co-op for the story, or just some parts. Other times, like Portal 2, it has a complete separate game for the two people (that’s also bad, don’t force it!), and how the hell would you know? You google, right? Right. And while googling, I found this gem right here: [Co-Optimus]. A bloody site that filters games for you by your needs, and has small, and big reviews on whether it’s campaign or just some side missions.

Thanks a lot for making it!

Habitica – to-do list that you play

If you’re anything like me, you need to-do lists, because you’ll end up doing a lot of things that are not priority, forget to do actual stuff that you need done, and then sit ’till 4am doing that. And so if you are indeed like me, you will like Habitica.


While watching superwoman (iisuperwomanii) vlogs, I noticed she makes a to-do list on her video, at the start of it, and then gives herself exp. points for doing the tasks on it. And it reminded me of something a friend showed me a while ago: a gameified to-do list that rewards you for doing your tasks, dailies, and abandoning habits even.

It’s very simple. You make a list, in advance or however you want. One list is for general to-do, like a one-time thing. The other list is for dailies, things you need to do every day, like I do cardio. And then there’s habits (you might notice mine is empty, but that’s because that’s how it is, as odd as it sounds). Once you do things on your lists, you mark them down, and game gives you points, and gold for it, and then you can get armor, weapons, pets! A really good thing for forgetful souls like me, and more fun than pen-and-paper.


ESO: Jesters Festival March 23

Elder Scrolls Online has started yet another wonderful event. This time it is spring-themed, or rather, April Fool’s themed. As always, it can be started via Crown Store, as a free scroll taken for Jester’s Festival. The Event and the Quest will be available for 11 days (12 total, if we count the starting point today), and offers 3 quests a day across the three starting maps of each fraction (Daggerfall (Daggerfall Covenant; blue), Auridon (Aldmeri Dominion), Ebonheart (Ebonheart Pact)).

On top of it, Crown Store now has a few new items, those being one personality, two colors, and three different masks.


Every quest gives a box with a prize in it. Now, I don’t know if I’m just that unlucky, or there’s a plan there, but from every box I have received exactly the same prize – the “emoticon action” of cherry petals that your character throws beautifully, and banners for home. On top of it, the starting of this quest (after you accept it from the according NPC) gives a memento pie that works much like the anniversary cake used to – you use it, and for 12 days as you will use it – you’ll receive +100% exp bonus for over an hour, after which you can eat it again.