Steam Halloween Sale: Pumpkins all around


I kinda missed one day, but better late than never! Steam has Halloween Sale going on, perfect time to get those spooky babies you wanted for forever (I tend to get my Dracula games on this time of the year, and if I may recommend – get Vampire the Masquerade, steam version can be patched with unofficial patch too)


[Promo] Lou Graves

I found Lou Graves a while ago, I think first on YouTube, then on Tumblr, and then just followed from there to everywhere else. They’re awesome, responsive, friendly, and oh that sense of fashion, right up my alley, even if I’d not be able to wear any of that, I sure do love looking at people so finely pulling off all those shirts and velvets!

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DISCLAIMER: just in case, be aware, not one of these Friday Promo entries were paid to get done, I do this on my own volition, though if you want to become part of it, it’s free, you just need to contact me about it.

[Game] GTA V Online | Halloween Edition

I don’t know if you know, but there’s a decent Halloween event happening in many games, including GTA5 Online. It’s not too big, not like Christmas or anything, but enough to give a taste of the spooky side.

For one, there’s a new adversary mode, called “Condemned”: you’re a dead-man walking, with several permanently dark, gloomy, lightening and scary music filled maps to do the walking in. And since you’re already done for, you might as well try and save your soul the only way you know – by putting someone else on the line. Meaning, kill someone else, and pass the tag-damnation. While you’re this damned creature – your timer is ticking away. When it ends – you’re dead, and the player with either least time left, or in case of draw – least kills – gets to be the next condemned. The person with most time left, thus, wins the game. It pays double, so victor can take around 50k per a very long, and fairy irritating round (best map is in cemetery, trust me), and the rest – far, far less, making it a bit unpopular among the masses. In a team – several people fight for a goal, and there’s only two (usually) places to take, meaning only two cuts on the wages, full, or half, not a half of a half just because you couldn’t reach your opponent who sat hidden away, outwaiting you.

There’s a dead man walking in Los Santos, and it could easily be you. Just in time for Halloween, the nightmarish Adversary Mode Condemned marks one unlucky player for imminent death: when the timer runs out, they’re worm food. Their only hope is to pass the bad news onto somebody else, and the only way to do that is by sending them on a short trip to a shallow grave. Last man standing wins. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Condemned now through November 6th.

Then there’s a new map in Transform Races, called “Inferno”. This is a wonderful map with same music, and same dark, ghostly storm-torn skies. It’s a bit slow, and a bit long, meaning even if you play with one or two of your friends, and no one else – you get paid decent for about 8 minutes of your time. And then there’s perks. First of all, you get to fly that stupid slow glider with a motor on it. I don’t know what the flying trash is called, but it’s mighty tedious. Then you drive a bike, and, wait for it… and then you turn into a beast. Yes. You race on foot as a werewolf.


And that’s not all the goodness, no. After you finish running as a wolf, you get to drive the brand new, obviously Batman inspired car: Vigilante. Consider it a test drive before paying 4 million in game dollars for it. It’s pretty fun.


There’s a lot of things to buy too. Like, two brand new cool cars, an Albany Franken Stange, and an Albany Lurcher Herse, both on sale, with a few pretty neat designs to them. I bought the Franken baby. I regret nothing!

And then there’s face paints. At the hairdressers, under face paints, there’s a lot of new goodies to help you pick an outfit for the occasion. Because there’s really no new outfits, so you have to improvise, and face-paint really does help.

The rest, at least from what I found, are just sales for Halloween related items, like masks. Which is better than nothing!


Log | Inktober, Organizing, and NaNoWriMo

I have finished Inktober! I set to do it, and I did it, by the official prompt too, all pandas. I’m very proud of myself, because this was the first challenge I set for myself this year, and I have not failed. So, for me, Day One was October 1st, and just how great is that?

That said, I have just entered NaNoWriMo data into the official page, and will begin writing every day tomorrow, to reach the goal of 50.000 words in a month, a novel in one month. Now, this one has a far greater chance to be a fail, but then, how can it be a fail, if I start and write at least a quarter of that, right? It’s nothing but gain to try. I found this great inspirational blog entry on Goodreads, if anyone needs encouragement: [These 24 books won NaNoWriMo]. Don’t know about you, but I have half of these books on my to-read list, and some I’ve already read, so, woah.

I’m working on an awesome project I won’t share details on, just gonna say it involves a lot of paper and paper-y testing, so I need quite a bit of space around me. And I don’t have a lot of that to begin with, so I’ve been re-organizing my shelves today for at least a couple hours, with Hocus Pocus playing in the background. I can’t say I’m a 100% pleased with the results, but some things did work out in my favor. See, I want practicality more than I want beauty, but then if it’s practical but ugly – I feel bad for it. I’m so ready to pack some books away. I just need to dedicate a day, take pictures, upload the good stuff on ebay or whatnot, and the rest – give away, donate. I mean, I don’t even have all the books I truly and honestly want to have in paper, for keeps, forever and ever, so why would I hang on to stuff I don’t care about all that much? So if I could just get rid of one side of my bookshelf, keeping the other one as a wall between my work space and the rest of the room – that’d be great. We’ll see tho. For the time being I’m ded and dusty. Yes. Ded.

Yesterday was a great day btw. I received two great things from USA, and I’m so sorry for everyone who ever sent me anything from USA, the shipping for you is the worst!

I’ve got a wonderful postcard with a letter in it, that inspired me, and made me very happy. And I’ve got a very heavy package full of crafting supplies. No joke, it’s a giant-ass bag full of beads, chains, bits and pieces, and oh it is glorious, fam, it is so very glorious. I’ve been sifting through it, allowing my mind to wander around in the possibilities. Except great things. But likely only in December, I’m giving myself some fair share of slack here for NaNoWriMo. But we’ll see, really, I type really fast, so maybe it won’t be a challenge at all!


In the meantime, I continue to organize things in that small way, you know? where you shuffle things around, put them tidier together, maybe make a box for this thing, and get a rubber band to hold it together for that thing. If I remember anything I was supposed to tell you – I’ll write about it soon. Like, I’d like to tell you how Julie and Julia movie has inspired me to blog in the first place, for once.

Summary: Goodbye, Summer

And hello Autumn, Halloween, Saovine!

The week was pretty good. Heck, I dare say it was good. There was a lot of work, but I managed to do everything on time. Even had a free weekend, but even without it – everything went well.

For some reason Autumn for me means more sales. I don’t know, maybe I just make very Autumn-y jewelry? Either way this meant that as the week started, my jog-work-home track became jog-mail-work-home. Later it became jog-atm-mail-work-home, because the ATM nearby broke, and our Post Office takes no cards. It broke while three of us stood in line by it. It broke for the lady before me. I warned the person behind me that it broke, why she didn’t warn us – I don’t know. It still meant I had to go all the way to the other side of the town to an ATM. But!

But. On one of these trips I found a lost, broken necklace, a little bit gothy. That’s my favorite thing – unwanted, broken jewelry I can revive for new life. On the same trip I went into a second-hand store too, and found a scarf with skulls on it! I collect these. Got three now. Four if we consider them Halloween themed. Second-hand stores are the best!


Later in the week A. and L. picked me up to go watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard. I laughed to tears. The car stunts were amazing, actors were perfect, and soundtrack was great! I really can’t wait for when I can watch it again. While waiting for the movie we went to A.’s, where she made me this wonderful pear+chocolate tea. Sadly, I didn’t find such anywhere, but I got other two boxes that had pears on them. What can you do. After the movie we went to L.’s, where we ate pizza, and just chatted. I browsed all the presents I got too.

L., from her trip around the Baltic Countries, brought me (us) this compressed hand towel, with a dino on it. I really love these towels, they’re really useful, especially in my line of work, where paper towels are at risk to fall apart, and leave paper-y residue on my work, so if anyone wants to get me more – please do. And this wonderful squishy skeleton. He glows in the dark too! H., our friend from Germany, came back to Lithuania for a vacation, and brought me some things she said she will: a couple of books on vampires, and jewelry for me to recycle. But she didn’t say she’ll pack it into a Ravenclaw bag! A RAVENCLAW bag! For one, I really needed one of these, since my old one has square holes in it, made by really hard books. For two, it’s a RAVENCLAW bag! I love it to bits.


The next day L. made wonderful lunch, and we spent the day playing Lego Marvel Superheroes. We’ve two more levels to go. We got stuck at Magnetic Personality, all my fault really, since I didn’t check a thing I thought I checked… The other levels we’ll be keeping for when she returns from Sweden.

Everyone around me were very kind. I chatted through the day with some people, others went out of their way to send me a note. I’m very grateful for it, for every small thing. Most of my life I felt very much alone on the battlefield. I’m happy to say I don’t feel alone anymore.

[6] Elder Scrolls Online: Halloween


So! Witches Festival, the Halloween Event in Elder Scrolls Online has begun! Much like previous anniversary event, this one too has a prize that gives 100% extra exp (I don’t think it stacks, since I tried it with Ambrosia potion and got less than I did before), and some other things too.

The quest is obtainable via Crown Store, under Special OffersCrow Caller” and is free. It’ll drop an item to your inventory, and once used, item will disappear, leaving you with a quest, which is under Holiday Events in your journal, called “Witchmother’s Bargain“.

Once summoned the Witchmother will appear with a bunch of crows and will tell you what she needs of you, in exchange for the gifts. She’ll require:

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 1 gut
  • 1 essence of death

Pumpkin can be stolen at any market, there’s always a stall selling vegetables, or at least I’m pretty sure there is. Worst case scenario, below is a picture of Glenumbra location.


Guts are dropped by all larger non-threatening animals, does, bucks, sheep, goats, etc. One of each is enough. As for Death Essence – any delve boss will drop that, I chose some dwarven one, because I like to loot there, in case I find a motif.3

Essence of Death essentially looks like a cut-off goblin ear. And once you collected all three items, you’ll be prompted to return to the first big map on which you started your game (that’s the map where you first get to buy a horse), Daggerfall being Glenumbra map. Once you’re there, you can look around the map to find where the quest is, for I, personally, teleported to town, and thus was on the other side of the map.4

Witchmother’s cave is neatly decorated, and, of course, already had a bunch of people there, enjoying newly received presents. Took a selfie there, since Halloween is just the very best.5

Once inside, Witchmother will prompt you to put the stuff into the cauldron, and then drink some. All kinds of fancy things happen, you get achievements, prizes, and some interesting event (as in: event is only unlocked once you do this quest).6

I walked out and joined the crowd of skeletons. In your inventory you will find that same whistle you used to summon the Witchmother, but instead of her, now you’ll only get her cauldron appear. Drink from it, and may the madness begin! You turn into a skeleton, you get 100% exp more from all you do, your voice is changed into this funny different one, AND!! Every boss on the map (at least I think that’s how it is, judging from how it only dropped from Molag Bal’s generals at the dolmens) will drop this funny skull bucket in the duration of the event.7

Now, I only had time to collect two before I had to leave the game and reach the bed due to it being 1am when I tried this all out, but from what I see, this will be amazing! There’s new style material, as in, crafting motifs, and materials to craft from. There’s always some kind of bugs in there too, and I guess there might be other goodies. So get there, do this, and be merry, for this is our time!


Elven Autumn

So, today a bit about my side-job-hobby. Jewelry crafting. To be more specific, of my newest piece: Elven Autumn.

I made this with a sense of Gothic Lolita, Elven Gothic Lolita, Elven Goths, and Japanese type of lolita. Basically it’s fantasy+goth in my head. It took me three hours to make it, so I’m selling it for three times less of what it’s worth, and invite you to think about it.

The ribbon is what took me so long. At first I wanted to make four little loops, but as sewing went on, I realized I just cannot for the life of me base it all on how well will the glue hold it. So I ripped it all off, and started youtubing: how to make a perfect bow. You’re witnessing the result. Yes, symmetry is not perfect, but it’s hand made, it doesn’t have to be perfect. One of the kind is never perfect.

Then, of course, the perfect length of bead bib. Oh how difficult it was to decide. I settled for this length of 9, for I thought of black cats and their nine lives. In the back it is sewed to the ribbon, and the ribbon is tightly sewed onto what I assume is a button loop at the back of this pretty little brooch base you’re seeing. So it’s as secure as they come, I promise.

Now, why the autumn? Because when I put it on the red marble, in the chill of the room, it just spoke to me of autumn, fall, cool dawns with someone in a full attire, and this under their chin.

So this is my baby. Love it as I do, please. Below some more pictures, you may use any of them if you give credit where credit is due (and if you link me to it, I will put it somewhere public in return, win-win)