Summary | 12-18

Strange week. I was barely coping with the work, and I definitely spent too much time in Minecraft game. It’s due to new update that has water stuff in it, sea weed, kelp, turtles. Let’s start with the adventure I had there, shall we?

I play that game with two more of my friends. That day only one of them could play. So there I was, minding my own business, building what I dubbed a Croft Manor, for I really want to get back into Tomb Raider games. A storm has started, and I heard thunder nearby, but paid no mind to it. We made home by the jungle, it’s just something you expect in warm climates. I went to brush my teeth, and I returned to find my friend stand over me with a dragon head on her head. Wanting to scare me, she was like “turn around”. I did, but my eyes jumped from her to the window straight away. For the jungle was burning intensely. Pretty much, thunder struck something and set it on fire. Jungle is very dense, made out of levels – bush, trees, and giant trees with canopy that often covers the sky. So there’s three levels to burn. We panicked and started spilling water everywhere, and when that didn’t do any good – we blew up part of the jungle with TNT, just to stop it from spreading. We spent the next two days or so cleaning out the mess and replanting the trees. While devastating, it was a fun adventure, and I don’t think either one of us is too upset about it.

In real-life news, I made four bracelets, one will be for the contest. And the rest was just work. There was a lot of it, too much had to be done via calling systems, which made me realize I really need better headphones, and a good mic on them, so we’ll see.

Mum’s still in a lot of pain, and the lines are insane, so we’re not even sure when we can get her into surgery, whether they won’t postpone it, etc. Some meds are partially compensated, others don’t suit her, so come out of my pocket completely. So this was, pretty much, a week of being crushed both morally, for no one wants to see their parent in that much pain that can’t be relieved, and financially too, for we’re talking hundreds of euros for meds.


Log | Small Update

Mum’s health is no better. Got her new meds, something that isn’t screwing with her insides so much. It helped with her back, with her arm with ligaments torn, but not the hip we were hoping for to relieve pain in. It’s bone on bone, excruciating pain. We got doctor appointments on 21st and 23rd, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I ran my due to post office and back, both thanks to new jewelry sales, and just things. Which got my muscles really sore, because I spent winter with barely any if any exercise at all. I do this every year, I brood through winter, and then I’m really mad at myself for it.

A friend of mine did a thing. She agreed to have an art trade with no other but the wonderful WolfTea, and I was the receiving end of jewelry findings. I can’t even begin telling you how unbelievably amazing it is, WolfTea is someone I aspired to be like, someone who inspired me to craft, continue crafting. People on dA are unbelievably kind. Honestly, you’re the best community I’ve ever had to deal with. Everything you’ve done for me has kept me alive to this day, and I’m still going.

As suitable to today: ILY, be as good as you always are


Summary | 05-11 | Butterscotch Beer

Had a pretty decent week, even though didn’t have much of free time for stuff. Still managed to make a very good Iorveth sketch, made both bookmarks for the contest, am polishing up the bracelet, and have gone out with friends. The only downside is that my Wednesday tea-time with friend got postponed due to work. But that’s fine, we’ll be right back at it the next week, I hope! For now, go see their blog: Pen & Pin, new thing is coming up soon!

Since I’ve mostly Friday to tell you about, not gonna section it in bulletin, the way I normally do, let’s just instead talk about it.

We went to one of the bigger cities here, our driving friend had some errands to run there. I and another friend took off for the mall, ditching any plans of walking around, for it was freezing cold, like really, really unpleasantly cold. But it turned out to be a pretty decent call on our part, for the mall had this great candy shop, which we pretty much raided! It started with the “oh, candy canes are still up”, and ended up with us staggering towards the cash registry, hands so full we kept dropping things. Most memorable things would be: three different flavors of oreos and Harry Potter themed bottled butter beer. We do not have just different oreo flavors out here, it’s the regular ones only, so finding strawberry cheese cake, peanut butter, and mint – was an adventure. Neither is very good, to tell you the truth, and I feel like I have had enough of oreos themselves too, but hey. As for the butterbeer… Now that was awful. It was pretty much carbonized caramel, so intensely sweet that I couldn’t finish the drink. Yes, I am keeping the bottle tho.


After that we just stumbled about, there and here, toy stores, puzzle stores, book stores. There were these panda pencils, which I thought would go great with my panda bookmarks, but there were 8 of them in the package, for 4 bux, I think, and what will I ever do with 8 HB regulars? So I passed on that, altho now that I think back on it, I could’ve packed them for friends abroad as smol presents. Ah well, I’ll just paint postcards for each one instead.


As we returned home after some more shenanigans, I went back into routine. First of all, let’s talk insurance. As some of you might know, my mother’s in a lot of constant paint, and some of you are surprised why insurances don’t cover the painkillers. Simple thing: they do. Partially. They covered whole 17e. The other 68e were out of my pocket, so there’s that. And then second of all, I worked so much the whole of last month, that I don’t even understand how I made out of it. But I did make out of it. And one night, sitting there, angry at the fact that I’m so exhausted that I can’t even read at bed, something I loved to do, and always looked forwards to, I came across a tweet or something: I’d rather be tired than broke.

Well, I’m still broke, but damn me if I’m not trying. So maybe it’s for the best I am this exhausted, right? So here we are.

How was your week? Please, do tell, don’t think I’m only asking for the sake of it, I am genuinely curious.

Commissions Open!

Want your favorite character painted, not just printed? Want it painted just for you? Or maybe you wish you had your own painting to show off that beautiful face in a more classic but original style? Or maybe your sibling, even if just for adding “I stink” bubble to it? Well, I got you!   

 In style you see above I take portrait commissions now
 15eu per scan (if you let me upload it on dA, you can order a print from there, I’m okay with it!)
 10eu per scan if it’s black and white (or any-color + white)
 30eu per me sending you the original + shipping (from 3 to 6 euros should cover it)
 20eu per me sending you the black(other-color) and white original + shipping (from 3 to 6 euros should cover it)

 I would appreciate a very detailed description or even a reference picture(s)! You can link me to them or get to me via
 If it’s an original character: look closely at my style and take into consideration that I might not be able to pull off everything as you imagine. Details are welcome!
 Head + shoulders only. Unless the body part sticks out (see Deadpool for reference)
 Paypal transaction must be possible.
 Let me know if I may upload it on dA



All profits from this go directly to my mum’s medical bills, so you’re not just getting something nice for yourself, but you’re helping someone have a pain-free day!


Log | What’s Up?

Just wanted to come around and say “hi”. And then I also wanted to ask how are you? Is everything alright? How your day been? How’s work, family, home? Are you sleeping enough? How’s your health?

I’ve not been painting much lately, I’ve not been crafting much lately either. For one, I discovered new ways of doing things, and now am waiting for supplies for two months, and have requested a re-send too, since I think it’s missing. This is what you get for seeking out the cheapest sources. I guess it’s fair, actually. For painting, I ran out of pink, which is so strange, I usually run out of black first, but lately I don’t even have that color prepped.

Father got really sick at the start of this week, shivering, fainty, feeling ill, pains in his sides and heart region. We’re not sure what it is, and he refuses to go to the doctors for something he finds to be a nuisance. Meaning I pretty much spent all my money on meds instead. Well, what can you do, right? Health is priceless in the long run.

Mother is juggling a cold on top of all her troubles, and they kindly postponed her goddamn vertebrae treatment session again. The woman’s just in excruciating pain, she’ll wait, sure. And I’ll continue to pull all-nighters to cover the cost of the painkillers which are the only things that keep her hanging on.

I’m upset, of course, but I made peace with this life. Just need to figure out how to make through it now.

The Late Summary

Been in a deep dark hole, as you might imagine from all the absence. But I’m trying to get back into it, so hopefully this is the last super late summary:

  • Friend got two tickets to Addams Family musical, and took me there. It was a perfectly timed day. She received the package with my new tablet. I received the package with new SSD (old HDD got so slow that both work and pleasure became torture). She helped me put it into my laptop and we went out. On our way out, I checked mail box, as I always do, and found another slip for mail. It was the dearly awaited, magically fast here Irn-Bru package and a postcard from Japan. Irn-Bru tastes like one Lithuanian drink we had in the past. Ours got extinct, hope it doesn’t happen to Irn-Bru for it is one damn glorious soda.
  • There was still time until the play, so we went to a zoological museum. Bisons and mooses are scary, I tell you, they’re enormous and I do not wish to witness what power bodies like that can hold. I’ve already seen that video of a moose running through snow that was up to its chest, like it was barely anything. No thank you.
  • The play itself was mediocre. And that’s only due to writing. Story itself was poor, characters weren’t true to the characters. Wednesday was no more than an angry teenager who screams at her parents when she doesn’t get what she wants, her brother was a bit too attached to his sister, and uncle Fester could not have been any more creepy if he wanted too, I never cringed so hard watching anything. But. Actors really did their best, and you could tell they’re putting their hearts into this. And there were some good and memorable jokes, even if I couldn’t tell you a single song.
  • Theater itself amused me to no ends. It was so over-the-top refined. I kept hearing that Lithuanian song in my brain “auntie, let me into the theater, I wish to experience the magic of scene, come on auntie, just let me into the theater, I wish to revive the dwindling flames!” of the old-school post-soviet theaters that we had, with these bulky ladies at the door checking your tickets and ushering you in, with no pretense to it. Not complaining, of course. And theater itself was beautiful too.
  • Had a very mighty food poisoning, resulting in three very bad days, and a lot of coconut water. Luckily, I love coconut water.
  • Reading a review request book. Now I remember why I stopped asking for those.
  • As hard as it is to believe, I have indeed finished Kim Newman‘s “Johnny Alucard“. His stories are good, but they’re so blown out with his satire and comical biographies, that it tends to get real hard to read.

Log: General Update

I finished NaNoWriMo successfully, with 50031 words per my little novel. It’s not yet a good novel, and I’d change many things, and I will change many things, and see how that works out, before publishing any of it.

Other than that, I’ve been extremely down. It’s amazing how you can feel good for about an hour in between depression episodes, and then drown again as if nothing good has ever happened. But I did things, I made beautiful jewelry, I made lots of sketches, and I’m even hosting a birthday sale-contest on etsy. Just walking like bombs aren’t falling around me.

I’m very ready for the 2018 witcher read-along. I will talk more of it this week. For now it’s enough to know I have the books prepared for it, and hope they re-print the new copies on time.

Hope you’re having much better time than I do.


Strange week, really. One day there’s enough work for me to sit on it from dawn to dawn. The next one I barely have anything to do. My health got a bit wonky too, but I think that’s just a sign I need to start on the closing season for the morning jogs, and instead take up the exercise bike at home. I don’t like that thing. I like riding a real bike outside, but inside, the trainer, there’s too much freedom on it. Next thing you know, I’m no longer holding the handles, but reading a book on my phone. And I just don’t achieve as much if I don’t put my mind to it. But, anyway, let’s get back to the week itself. Tho now I feel awkward with the idea of “let’s see what my week was, because all of you care!” . . . :

  • I’ve read Joe Hill book “NOS4A2” (Nos-Four-A-Two – nosferatu), and while this wasn’t the best book ever, I liked it more than anything I’ve read by King so far. I still have hopes to find something I truly love by King. Nothing against the author, I do like the man, and the ideas he has, but not enough to force his work upon myself.
  • Tomorrow a trip to post office, for someone in USA didn’t pick up their package for over 2 months, so they returned it to me. I wrote the person already, informing them, asking to confirm the address, but so far – no reply. I think I’ll keep it for half a year, if nothing happens, I’ll just return the money to them, wherever they are, and re-sell this piece.
  • I still really lack the room for proper crafting. To the point where I’m thinking how could I possibly suspend my router somewhere. I fear that the wire might slip out of it. Or if I hang it upside down – it’ll bend to the point where it’ll break. On top of that, it has to be reachable, since, I mean, it’s a bloody router, requiring restarting now and again, and all that.
  • Discussed future plans with one of the companies I work with, the same one that has my contract end this month. Mostly I wanted to know how possible it’d be for me to get a spot at one of their Scottish locations if they came about re-hiring me when the next English>Lithuanian project arose. Then spoke about this with a Scotsman friend, with greater knowledge of economy and politics than my own. Sad to say, but Germany, as future location, scored a point yet again, due to the turmoil Great Britain is currently going through, and dragging the countries of the island along. Don’t get me wrong, Germany is great, but work-wise I’ve not really anything to do there to justify it. Nor do I have a work-related buffer to transition from this country, to that country if the destination is Germany.
  • I keep getting marvelous ideas for jewelry, but lack the time to make them. So I sketch them mostly and await the end of this month, when likely I will have some time at last. I’ve a great idea for a little icy cold collection!

And I think that’s that then. Thanks to all the friends who felt like giving me that extra time and attention this week, I really needed that ❤

Smol Log | 11-07

A small update, and little thoughts. I’m doing pretty good with NaNoWriMo. The story is nothing special, really, but I’m glad I’m getting it out of my system for once. I had this story in me since I was around 14, so that’s more than a decade now. And while writing I kept referring to one character in different words, indicating different possible age. It all came down to who’s observing him. To someone closer to his age, he’s a young man, to someone far older – he’s a boy. And it dawned upon me, how weird it is that so many guys find it offensive to be called boys. Women get called girls all the time, really, all the damn time, it’s just sort of a “kinder word” at times, which isn’t the case, it’s not, don’t use it that way. But people do it. Yet “boy” is not kinder, unless your grandma calls you that. Why?

Yesterday mum had a very bad episode of pain. It’s ridiculous how no one can do anything, and just keep sending her from one doctor to another, with excuses such as “I’m not the specialist of this particular thing” – so why in oblivion were you assigned? Why did your colleague send us to you? Why did you make her come in, knowing what the visitation will be about in advance? Because they can decline a visitation, they really can, but they never do!

My right eye keeps hurting badly all day today. I suspect my blood pressure is through the roof due to the over stressing and lack of sleep. The only good come out of it via these two days is that I’ve read Summer Palace by C.S. Pacat, and it was very sweet, and captivating enough to put my mind at ease so that in the end I could indeed fall asleep, and not just stare at the ever lighter ceiling through the night, thinking too many thoughts, overthinking too many things.

To end this on a positive note: Dracula fandom is real damn nice. People are kind and accepting, it’s so weird. I wrote a mere post, only vaguely mentioning that the last three nights of terror were at last beaten with help of a book that featured Dracula in it, and many replied, telling me more stories, recommending more books. In his life the warlord was surrounded by a very miscellaneous soldiers. It seems that he picked people not by their birth or rank, but by their capabilities, and likely regretted the times he couldn’t follow this rule (due to known recorded failures, that happened when people who weren’t close circle got involved in his plans). Just made me think, that somehow that man still picks people by hand.

Yes, I am aware I’m a bit crazy. But I like people who struggle to not only survive, but win against all the odds. Like Watney from The Martian, you know?

Summary | 30-05

What a week, I tell you. Got sick. Got stressed. Got sicker. Got into a dark slum of mood. Read a book on Dracula, got better. Just like that, yes. So what happened, let’s see:

  • One of my work contracts ends this month, and I’m mighty upset about it. Because mother’s insurance ends this month too. Meaning December will be lesser income and higher expenses month, and I am terrified. Yes, I am actively seeking another freelance translation job English>Lithuanian, or any proper projects that pay. I would be able to adjust my schedule, yes.
  • I’ve received an Elk postcard from Sweden, and it was the funniest thing. I like it.
  • I am pretty done with organizing all the goodies I have received from USA, and have already made a bracelet. I also understood that I think “oh, this is so vampiric looking”, while no one else sees it. Great, whatever!
  • Jeaniene Frost has entered my top favorite authors. How does one call a trinity that is made out of four?
  • My soap dispenser is driving me nuts. You pump – air. Pump again – grain dollop of soap. Pump the third time – HERE, HAVE HALF A BOTTLE YOU DIRTY DIRTY HUMAN!
  • I am extremely tempted to paint my table black. But I don’t want to waste the very good paint. But this is the only paint I have ever worked with that doesn’t have a hard smell to it.
  • I might be obsessed with Dracula more than I thought. The warlord, not the vampire, though I do not mind the vampire either. Thank you all those who send me what they find with him, I appreciate everything!
  • NaNoWriMo is going far better than I thought. Knock on wood. Just in case.
  • I have Iorveth in a picture frame on my shelf. In the future I hope to have the Impaler too.
  • Couldn’t sleep these past two days. They’re overheating our apartment. We’ve no say in this, no control over the heat either.
  • For some reason the mat finish of my laptop mouse pad is peeling, leaving a super mirrory surface. I don’t use it, so I don’t care, I just smacked two panda stickers on it! Pandas fix everything.

~Red lips like strawberry wine! Her kiss says she’ll never be mine~