Log | Mango Loco

3Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! So to not be “a friend of mine came back from abroad” several times this month: two of my friends went on quests abroad, and both brought me back some delicious energy drinks, because they know me so well (with tea and energy drinks you can never go wrong with me).

This here, my friends, is Juiced, Monster: Mango Loco. It tastes a lot like Ripper used to taste, the yellow M, very sweet, delicious. The can is glorious, blue, with Yellow M (oooh, okay, I get it now), and decorated with Sugar Skull skellies for, I guess, Dia La Muertos. Definitely the most beautiful non-purple (because purple is always better) can ever. (And I really do love sky blue color)

4.5 out of 5, just because it was a tad to sweet, but really, really good.


Belated Summary |8-16

I can’t say I recall all the things that happened, but plenty happened. It’s just that there was so much work intermixed with it all, that I had no time to sit down and do things at all, small things, little things, precious things like updating this blog.

Most important stuff being this:

  • My beloved friend B has spoiled me beyond words, with tea, the most marvelous blackberry chocolate ever, gorgeous forest goodies that are already being tested, sorted, and implemented into jewelry, and the Magpie Lord, the two books I was still missing.


  • I am already re-reading “A Case of Possession“, terrorizing my other bookish friends with pictures of highlighted text. With an actual highlighter. Because I love them so much, they’re absolutely mine, and I want to find everything I love going back to in a snap. These are, after all, the rare books that I actually do want to own in physical form. I loved this all so much, thank You very, very much 🖤
  • I’ve painted some things that are not just inktober, and I think I did a pretty good job about it.
  • Found a Dacre Stoker book, prequel to Dracula, that I will be reading shortly.
  • It’s almost Halloween season in my games!
  • Speaking of games, had to reinstall my windows TWICE in the same day. One time I got so mad, I don’t know how my friend didn’t just tell me I’m stupid or something (because I started childishly refusing to do anything about the mess, like one does). Instead with some light motivation I have managed. Windows works great now, but I’ve still not fully set with my games, so overheating still happens, but since it’s cold enough – it’s not that bad.

This calls for a story though. I have a love-hate relationship with Dragon Age: Inquisition. I really love those games, and I do hope to visit Tevinter in 4th one someday, if it ever happens. Anyway, one day, two days before needing to reinstall windows, I installed it, and made it work, for it didn’t turn on for a while.

The first time I ever got DAI – something happened in my system, and now my pc only works with down-clocking. It was overheating to a point of 102C* degrees (a split hair over boiling water temperature) , and would switch itself off to avoid catching fire and dying. MSI Afterburner is what kept me going, even if I couldn’t employ all the graphics powers that I had.

And so, the second time I installed DAI – all of that happened. My graphics drivers completely broke, and I had to reinstall them or see through every window, watching text float, change fonts, and all that. By the next day my 6 second boot became 15 minute boot and I knew it had to be done. I had to reinstall windows. So I did.

  • New Elder Scrolls Online crates are up, of course. And there’ll be an even starting on 18th, not just Halloween, which is repeated as last year, but with newer prizes in the skulls. There’ll be an event all the way up to new years. Basically we’ll have 4, and during each you can buy a feather. Collect all four (if you missed one, you can buy it during next event), and get that wonderful mount from Summerset, the magical elk thing.
  • Had a blast in Factorio. Don’t know why those damn animals are so aggressive in this gameplay, but it kept me real busy, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I even made a proper little factory for weapons. Me! I’m usually the guy who just props two assembly machines and some chests around, which I then proceed to manually re-supply. The one thing that didn’t change though, I’m still the warlord, building the wall, putting up turrets, getting that ammo. My friend took over the digging part of my work, for which I am grateful, because she does a better job at it anyway, and it saves me some roaming around, so I can concentrate on extermination.
  • Talked our other friend into playing some Terraria after the fact, and that was great too. This friend is THE friend who always wants to play on the hardest damn modes, so that’s what we’re doing there, and we died in same spot maybe 6 times each, and I accidentally destroyed some stuff, and… Well. It’s a good game.
  • I still didn’t get me a yoga/aerobics mat, and I’m baffled how did I forget when I clearly need one so bad.
  • My friends are great people, and I love each one of them very much. You’ve no idea what awesome folk they are, and no, I don’t know why they’re friends with me either, but hey, I’m not about to point it out to them!

Hope you’ll have a good day too


Log | The Purple

4I really love color purple / violet / cold pink. And apparently I love acai fruit flavor.

A friend brought me a can of purple Red Bull, and it’s the most delicious damn Red Bull I have ever tasted. And of course we do not have it in Lithuania.

We got the Red one that is grapefruit, the Redder one (yep) that is plums and, if my memory doesn’t lie, cinnamon? Yellow, which is tropical flavor which is hell knows what, very too sweet. And for summer we had green one that is now gone, the apple one, which I really loved (and I love that Christmas edition one with plumes too, since it’s so unusual). But not this of course. Why would we have the best one, eh?…

Anyway, it is good. 5/5 fo sho.

Log | 01-07

Ooph, what a week, I tell you. Plenty of good and bad, pretty much in equal measures. Very hardware-y + snack-y stuff, as unlikely as that sounds. Anyway, here goes:

  • I have a love-hate relationship with Dragon Age Inquisition. Only Inquisition. The first time I played it, I had my brand new pc for a while now, and I knew how amazingly capable it is. But the day I installed DAI was the last I felt it. Soon after something happened, and my pc started overheating beyond any sanity, reaching 102C*, and switching off to avoid death. After a while I just went with MSI Afterburned and downclocked my twin graphics cards. Yes. While some overclock, I had to downclock. It worked well, but everything had to be set far below what I could run. I played that game many, many times, but never played DLC’s, because they’re stupid expensive, and I just lost the want after a while.

    As time goes, and DAI is long uninstalled, and even my windows reinstalled a few times since then, still only running with clocking things down, I decide I kinda want to play it again. Do you want to guess what happened?

    First I noticed some graphics are glitching the hell out. Then the game breaks down. Then I start seeing the most obscene behavior from any non-static window windows can provide, so if there was as much as a button that changed color when you hovered it – I saw demonic possession. Let alone browsers. Yes, all of them.

    So I went ahead and reinstalled graphics drivers from scratch. But lo and behold, something happened again, something this re-write didn’t fix. I can barely run games, I barely turned some things on, and at one point I was sure my secondary graphics card has died. It took me some strain, taking out, cleaning out, reinstalling it again, turning it off, then on, restarting, repeating, to have it work again. And, yes, games are still absolutely not running on what they used to run on. Yes, all of them, at least all of the ones I played. Maybe reinstalling them would help, I don’t know, we’ll see. But, anyway, that’s the worst that happened this week. And if it’s the worst, then, quoting Peter Monn: I had a pretty good week then.

  • Speaking of Peter Monn, he showed my Panda that I painted for him in this Vlog right here, time stamp: 34:30. This is the first from my Panda Project, with full title being “Peter Monn Living His Best Life” and a subtitle “Thank You for not flipping the rest of us off while you’re at it”, as a play to his drama channel, and all the drama with beauty gurus flipping people off with caption “living my best life” all around. He seems genuinely happy about it, which in return made me very happy. See, doing things for others is happiness!
  • Then HumbleBundle put up a Bundle of VtM books: Here. I think I’ll have enough time to buy them. I mean I got 9 more days, right? None of them are from the physical book collection that I’m gathering, so if anyone finds Clan Novels further from Gangrel – let me know.
  • I have painted two paintings other than Inktober Pandas. They’re both good, but Bunny Meyer, aka Grav3yardGirl is much better. I intend to send it to her. The other one has a teaser up on my Patreon, but Patrons see it first, so we’ll see when I’ll put it up for public viewing.
  • Inktober 2018 is going great. I’m following the official prompts, but as always am painting pandas with two inks. One is 1/3 water, the other is 2/3 water, and then sometimes I darken things with pure ink. I make outlines with a bic pen.
  • Two friends went abroad very recently, and they both brought back a lot of goodies for me, for which I am very, very grateful. You can never miss if you get me a can of good brand energy drink (Relentless, Rockstar, Monster | btw I saw Relentless are calling their stimulating drinks? I’m not sure which is worse), or tea.
  • AHS has made an interesting turn. I don’t like it that they didn’t follow a more punk dystopian sort of gas-mask apocalypse line, but if I ignore that want for Metro 2033, and that sexy-dangerous type of beings, then I can appreciate what’s going on. I also got only 2 more episodes of Vikings left. And I know Doctor Who is about to begin, but I need to catch up with that too, dammit.
  • I’ve read 19 books last month.
  • Bunny Meyer is doing a great job with Vlogoween, and her latest treasure with Jeffree Star and Rich Lux is my favorite, here, watch it:

  • I have tidies things pretty well around me. Not perfect yet, but getting there. I also counted I have exactly 310 books, not counting the ones in boxes, awaiting new home.
  • I’m really stuck on one Hawking’s book chapter from “Black Holes and Baby Universes”. I just can’t seem to understand it in full, so I keep re-reading the same chapter.


I think that’s it. There’s all like these little things, like finding my fav mouthwash on sale, or getting new Monster flavor in stores, and so on, things like that make things better for the whole week for me. Yes, I am definitely not the most interesting person out there.

Log | Monster Mixxd Punch


My Monster Mixxd Punch has reached me from Norway (together with some other Monsters and Redbulls from elsewhere), but I hear it might already be found in Kaunas Maxima stores (and since Maxima is now having a sale on Monsters – it’s the perfect time to go hunt)

Flavor is that of a generic red bonbon, hard to tell if it’s strawberry, or raspberry, or what the hell. Color is very vivid strawberry too. It’s very sweet, but to be honest, I did like it real fine. Enjoying those colors too, what with being a Saint (Saints Row) 4life.

I’ll tell you what other drinks I got next time. Spacing out the content and all that jazz. Even if I did overindulge on my own free time.

m i n i l o g | Talkative Kitty Cat

I was walking one way, this kitty was walking the other way, all the while talking to himself: meow, mur, meow meow.

So I passed him, and said Hi, Kitty.

He meowed at me, and walked on. Busy kitty, things to do.

On other news, I have caught a cold. But as always, I have three days of feeling bad, and then it either breaks or intensifies. This is day four, and I’m feeling better already. Thank You for all the tea ever, my stashes kept me going.

Here’s three notable things I have watched since the last we spoke:

Spudgy, after a long fight, and a beautiful long life, had to be put down, and this is a live-stream recording of an Irish Farewell. It’s very heart-gripping. Expect to laugh, and expect to cry. May the grass in the lush fields be always just as tall as you liked it, Spudgy 🖤

Bunny is always a bright little thing to watch, and I really enjoyed seeing her with some friends. I’m real happy she got those people to sponsor the video too, she really deserves this 🖤

The Mind of Jake Paul episode 1 by Shane Dawson. This man is brilliant, so while I have very little clue of who Jake Paul is, and only know the name due to Logan Paul and the Suicide Forest ripple, I am going to watch whatever the hell Shane puts out there. 🖤

Summary | Good Vibes


The previous week was pretty darn hellish. This one was a little bit better. But since I don’t recall anything, I’ll tell you my most recent adventure only, which happened today, a few hours ago, since I just got back.

My cousin and a good friend returned for a little bit to our hometown. Work, studies, can’t be helped, we’re both too busy to meet up more often than this time or two a year. But today we finally managed, and early in the morning we took our little heads out to get some wind between the ears.

Soon in, we started joking how Elektrenai (electrenai) is a lot like a shabby Los Santos. Los Electros?

A large portion of our fairly large lake got fixed up from the old Soviet ruin that it was slowly becoming. On the furthest part behind which there’s still nothing but wilderness up until you reach a bridge leading towards Power Plant, there’s a little cafeteria for cold drinks, hot coffee, a few tables to sit and watch water sports. It is built out of those shipment containers, with built in windows and all, and looks, honestly, pretty darn good. Behind it, as we, adults, noticed, was a great parking lot that was meant for other things before, but now will surely be utilized to visit the lake. As for the water sports, while listening to the music blasting from that little oddity of a cafeteria, we watched a guy get pulled on a waterboard by one of those lifts you’d see pull people up mountains for skiing. There’s a beautiful track in the water, with obstacles, lights, and decor, and it was honestly almost surreal.

Further on, walking towards the town, instead of the wilderness I mentioned, there’s a little pier-like thingy sticking out into the lake, as you can see in the photograph. There’s benches, and arks that lit up at night. And some hammocks to lay in if you’re brave, for I don’t know if I could ever get up from them. It looks beautiful, but people already trashed it a bit, and I’m just baffled how fking lazy must you be to not be able to take your goddamn cigarette pack twenty more steps to a damn trash bin?

Anyway, after that there’s a little beach, another place to rent water sports equipment and further on, our little amusement park that no longer works due to being built during Soviet Union times, and thus – hazardous. They’re planning to build there a recreational park. But in my opinion, seeing how very much we’re into rallies and water sports, they should make there a proper pier, going off into the lake, with proper amusement park rides that every damn mall and circus has.

Because when I say we’re the shabby Los Santos of Lithuania, I bloody mean it too. We’ve good vibes here, vibes of fun times, beautiful if dangerous night life, and a chance to feel big for we’re still a small town. We’ve lanes for bikes everywhere, so why don’t we have bike rental? Especially since it’s too small a place for buses to have internal courses. We’ve only one sports club, even thought we have a working public pool with all the pleasures of pool in it – hot baths with jets, waterfalls, saunas dry and Russian, good showers, and even a sushi bar right behind it. We’ve lots of grocery stores, and miniature malls. So why not expand on it, seeing how we’re so short on jobs here that we’re best known for lack of jobs and gang activity out here?

All it takes is some love and promotion, I feel. Put a poster outside the town, make a drive-in through the damn new lidl mall they’re building, and make it happen.

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast. The day began great.

Wish | 2 Euro Earphones

unspecified.jpg Recently I found myself in need of any super cheap wireless earphones for those times when I cannot be wired to my phone due to raisins. Yes. Raisins. And so, what does one do, when one needs real cheap lil’ som’ som’? Yes. Ebay. NO! Wish.

I’ve ordered these on August 14th. Paid 2 euros for them, + 1 euro for shipping, but Honey plug-in found me a -0.60 euro discount, so I paid 2.40 euro in total. They arrived on September 5th and me, being an idiot, nearly cut the envelope open with all things inside. See the bottom of the package in the pic, the green slit? Yeah. I bought these from someone called Licai, but I don’t know how to find certain people on Wish, and if that’s even possible, so that one’s on you.

The packaging was very good, tightly sealed. Contained a manual that needed a magnifying glass to be read, a USB cord, the standard used for all Androids and such, and the earphones. So, now. Let me stress two things here: I own super duper headphones for 60 euros if not more, literally can’t recall, bought them forever ago, and they’re still as perfect as they were. These cost 2 euros. So, yes, the sound is muffled, and not crystal clear. They literally sound like earphones for 2 euros!

Connection was very smooth, far smoother than most devices ever treated me. I don’t know anything about battery life, but let me tell you, these advertise as waterproof – they are absolutely not. On the very first inspection it is pretty clear that water can get in anywhere, and the manual too claims you shouldn’t submerge them, or expose them to rain. And while the sound isn’t top-notch, I can tell you that I’ve spent 2 bux real well, and these are worth it. For my needs, they’ll work perfectly fine. The best example I can give you is if you ever had a cassette player – it sounds like and old cassette. And if you think cassette sounds as good as your digital song on spotify, your memory is giving you disinformation.

5 out of 5, 2 bux well spent, would buy again.