Documentary | Mind of Jake Paul by Shane Dawson

The first episode is in my Wednesday log, this is part two, with four or six more to come, following a YouTuber (not literally following) Jake Paul. Maybe, like myself, you didn’t know who he is, and only heard of him via his brother, Logan Paul, who made himself infamous with the Suicide Forest video that has rippled over the internet corners, even the ones I sat in, thus putting them onto my radar. I still have not, and have no intentions to watch any of their videos, especially after watching this episode.

There are constant little clips of horrifying inhuman things the man is doing, endangering others, having no regard for others, no respect, no care. It is beyond disgusting. And while in the previous episode Shane merely speculated with people: could this be because he’s a sociopath, in this video he goes in depth about what a sociopath really is.

So, 1 in every 25 people is a sociopath. Are you, like myself, are now thinking of all your relatives and friends?…


Series | NETFLIX | Orange is the New Black

Title: Orange is the New Black
Numbers: 1-6 season (1st season review)
Start: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Rate: 4/5


  • Piper Chapman, a blonde white New York woman, as vanilla as they come, is sentenced to serve 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary, this sort of a low-security federal prison, all due to transporting a suitcase full of drug money. To do so she was convinced by her then love – Alex Vause, an international drug smuggler, and one of the most epic badass women I have ever witnessed to be written.
  • Piper is as middle-class as they come. And prison is full of mean, crazy, and tough ladies who, very often, had not had her privileges in life. Some are, of course, good, kind hearted people. But others just wish to play tough, brutal games with miss low-profile peachy lady. More often than not Piper is scared of all of them equally. Any kindness they offer is taken with naivete, which puts and even bigger target on her back.
  • We soon get to know others too, their lives, gangs, groups, prison rules and hierarchy, and why some of these women are here. Each one has a great story. Some – tragic, others – hilarious. We get insight on why they do what they do to Piper too, and how sometimes it’s not even about her. And other times, it’s very much about her, and how her doe-eyed reactions come across.


  • Piper is your stereotypical suburb woman who found herself in a criminal world pretty much by accident. All she wants is friends, eadable food, and maybe a project where she could have a clipboard, and a couple of colored markers.
  • It’s interesting to see how things work, the reasons for screwing people over, for instance. Evil deed might not be served with malice. And, other times, evil deed might be done to protect the victim from a far worse faith.
  • Their coping mechanisms are pretty damn interesting too. Some start prison business, for that’s just who they are. Others – make booze. Some like to read and stay to themselves. Others constantly try to bargain something out of someone. And then there’s the radical ones too: gangs, religious groups, fanatics of this or that kind.
  • There are triggers: violence, death, suicide, abuse, sexual abuse. But it’s absolutely not all dark. And justice tends to come with plenty of satisfaction.

The story I needed to see | Shane Dawson’s “The Truth About Jeffree Star” Documentary

I’ll try to keep this short.

I don’t know when it clicked to me that I like watching Jeffree Star, but it happened. Shane I liked and hated and liked again, especially after I realized what a great person he is. Grav3yardGirl is an old favorite I will stand by no matter what. And one day Shane just made these little worlds collide for me.

Now, I know I didn’t talk anything about the documentary Shane did with Bunny, but I loved that one too. I just think it wasn’t just as in depth as this one, for hey, it was his very first attempt to it, and Bunny hides her life for different reasons. But now I must say a word or two about Jeffree Star documentary.

Jeffree very often says the words: we all have problems, we all deal with them, so just stop, <no one cares, because everyone has that same black box with demons to carry>. And so I sit here, typing words, and delete them, and type them again, and then delete them again, unsure… Yes, we do, don’t we? We all have a burden we carry. Some are more vocal about how heavy it is than others. Others then are vocal about the heaviness, but keep it to themselves of how much it is cutting them, rubbing their skin raw, making them bleed. We all have shit to deal with. And those of us who choose to whine online or cry on a friend’s shoulder… Well, there are those who got just that, and then there are those who try to adjust the boulder by throwing away a stone or a splinter.

tl;dr : Been there. Am there. And have neither room nor time to heal, not today, not tomorrow. Maybe not even ever. But I get a moment of peace from watching kind people do kind things, and powerful people do kind things, and people with influence do kind things… For I see the path I hope to walk on, and know that it is possible. If only I don’t die. Be it due to something, or… Well. Due to myself. Here’s for hoping that Universe is just fking with me too. ~ ā˜•šŸ¼

Here’s all five videos, with my favorite drama channels discussing it below in links. They’re here for me, and for you, to have at hand, and maybe rewatch on the darker day, or a darker night. And if that dark little voice that says “no one cares” sounds a little like Jeffree Star at times, then let this be a reminder that that same voice also said “you’re not alone“.

Rich Lux | Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

And I just want to say a thanks to my dear friend, who makes an amazing blog that made me drool too many times, for sitting there and watching these with me. You’re a treasure to call a friend, B! | Pen & Pin


Pop | Glow + Good Girls

Okay, there’s two things I must recommend. Female cast driven series that are epic gems on Netflix for either after work relax, or, as in my case: free day, dunno what to do, lemme binge things.

First would be Good Girls. Three wonderful women with their own family struggles and ideals come to a break point. A break point where these good girls, good women, turn into badass robbers. They say mother’s love has no bounds, and these three will prove it time and again.

First of all, I love me some gangster shit, so this was a great new find. Robbers is the most fun of topics, for I love the guns blazing and smokey escape type of scenes in general. But this is much more than that, apparently. For, and this is second of all, I’m pretty sure one of them has a transgender child and is not even questioning it. Then there’s the whole plot of why they needed the money, how they handled it, and what happened after. And you know what? I’m still on episode 1!

Second thing is of course, second season of Glow. I can’t believe this, but this season is even better than the first. The drama makes sense, the wrestling makes sense, the story lines of the women makes a lot of sense too.

I am thoroughly enjoying this. New characters, the dancing, the attempt to make their show there better, it all works in favor of series. Episodes are short and fly by before you know it tho…

So here’s your two for the weekend.

A Riveting Tale: Obelisk Gate + Deadpool 2

2I really enjoyed N.K. Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season“. But I wasn’t yet actively seeking out “The Obelisk Gate“. Mostly because it’s a very colossal high fantasy, so it has to be paidĀ respects by taking it in the right form on the right time.

Then someone on Team Hooman came along, telling us they got a few spare copies, and that they want to give them away. In exchange we had to post pictures of our book shelves, and oh I have some great ones, I’ll show you the highlights sometime. Anyway, I posted one of mine, and next thing I know, I won!

This is literally fourth book I won in two months time. I’m very lucky when it comes to meeting good people, and winning little contests, usually for more obscure items, like a home grill that I once won after I entered the contest once, and threw away the cap I needed for claiming my gift. That’s how much I wasn’t into it. (they still gave it to me, and were very kind about it)

And then, as I said, I’ll tell you more about my adventures with Deadpool. Promise no spoilers, I don’t care to tell anyone about the movie really.

Photo 19-05-18 19 19 54

We got there a little early, something that rarely happens with us. I looked about the toys, debated with friend whether 6e combo for kids is worth it to get Deadpool glass (she decided it was not, and I just didn’t want one to begin with). And we went to watch it. Not gonna lie, my mood wasn’t the best. One, because there’s underlying drama with a couple of my friends, and it interfered in my timeline. Two, I was nursing a terrible headache.

Here’s a thing. I get headaches because of pressure that builds up in my head, as blood vessels in my nose are unable to pump blood properly, and so they create these sockets somewhere there, making my blood pressure rise, and the pressure in my head rise too. I often get extremely relieved when I get nosebleeds after those, for the blood pocket bursts, you can imagine it’d feel nice to so rapidly get all things fixed in you: blood pressure, pressure in your head, even breathing.

Meds help, yes, because they’re made to dumb down pain, it doesn’t mean it’s curing whatever it is that’s causing it. I found that aspirin relieves these symptoms more though, and caffeine. Yes, I can almost hear you gasp, outraged and disgusted: another caffeine addict excusing himself.

Back to Deadpool. After it, and yes, movie was fun, tho I did like the first one better, I don’t know why. But it was good, it was really good, I promise. Where was I? Oh, yes. After the movie friends noticed my mood is getting gradually worse, because I’m a grumpy bastard when I’m in discomfort, and I was getting very hungry on top of it, and it turned out that one of them actually has painkillers on her. 20 minutes later I was having a blast listening to a lecture about a mammoth found in Syberian islands, and how horses evolved to be as they are. That was my favorite.

Apparently horses were no bigger than dogs, fluffy too. Evolution demanded they shed their fur, but then they got cold, so they started running all the time, and sleeping standing. And as time went on, today we have horses as they are.

Blue bisons? No. Merely, the skin found was accidentally treated by nature with blue tinted metal residue, and so it looks blue.

Mammoths are huge. The one that was there was about 4 meters tall (3.10 meter high skeleton), and it’s only second from being the smallest one, can you imagine that? They allowed us to touch it, but I somehow forgot I was allowed. Yes, I am dumb. But it’s a bone, so I guess it doesn’t matter all that much, I’m just glad I got to see it!

After that we went for noms in this food court thing. A sort of a long hall full of tables and few small stalls with different foods there. I really wanted Chinese, and my friends obliged.

So, yes, it was a pretty great day!

[Movie] Bright

Directed: David Ayer
Written: Max Landis
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Crime

What a gorgeous film. Since it came to be on Netflix, I watched it at least 6 full times, and I am not someone who enjoys watching stuff to begin with. It’s been a while since a movie pushed me to the edge of the chair!

This society is greatly divided by a war against the Dark Lord that took place a couple thousand years back. Elves pretty much run the world. Orcs, people who sided with the Dark Lord back then, are racially profiled in the meantime. The only folk who do not care about this petty feud are the Shield of Light society, dedicated to protect the realm from the second rising of the Dark Lord. For out there, in the dark, hide the Inferni, renegade elves, who have obtained a magic wand or few, and are prepared to pull him out of the death. One day, one of these Inferni escape, not wishing a world where Dark Lord rules. An assassin is sent after her, a wand in her hand… A magic wand, loose in this broken world.

Daryl Ward and Nick Jacoby, a rare sight – an officer orc, unblooded, with his tusks filed off – are unlikely heroes. They take the call on a slaughter that just happened nearby, just to find people burned to crisp, distorted. Killed as if by magic.

Then the FBI get involved, with gorgeous Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi from the newer version of Point Break) as the lead, blue haired Kandomere, and all shit breaks loose. It’s a wonderful, tough, beautiful, action and magic packed movie. Best Urban Fantasy I’ve ever seen.


Series | Taboo [S1]

Title: TABOO (2017 TV Series)
Genre: Period Drama
Written by: Steven Knight; Edward Hardy
Directed by: Kristoffer Nyholm; Anders Engstorm
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8

I’ve seen the trailers for the series back when I was still watching 4th season of Sherlock on BBC One, who, very kindly, stream their series online for people to watch free. But being the too-lazy-to-watch person, I was putting it off until it was a little too late, really. Until recently, as a friend finally talked me into getting back at it. Seems all it takes is the right lure of “this character in the motion pictures is a lot like the character you loved in the book”.

James Delaney was believed to have died in Africa. But once his father dies, leaving his Shipping Empire for someone to inherit or take over, James returns as a vengeful and more than a little unhinged demon from the depths of Mother Africa. He returns a strange man, almost a supernatural being, and right away engages into the war of reclaiming ones spot in the ever refined London, among the gents who’d like nothing more than for this savage to go back and die wherever he came from. And if he seems to need help dying, well, so be it, for the greater good.

I enjoyed this to bits. From Hardy, whom here I can compare to the love child of Stephen Day and Lucien Vaudrey from A Charm of Magpies by K. J. Charles, to the chemist who tasted everything, and thus successfully prevented me from grazing while watching the episodes. Hardy as James was a force of nature, walking in with a bang, gloriously naked so very often, and so very wonderfully spreading chaos among the unmovable, that I can only hope there’ll be more of this fine, fine thing.


[Series] Lord of the Ring prequel series

Amazon signed a 250$ million contract for the rights of making the multiseason series on Lord of the Rings prequel. Full official statement can be read here: Amazon – Press Room

Likely this will be the most expensive series we’ve got so far, seeing how the sum above is merely for the rights, and not the general budget of making it. Fantasy series often have pretty big budgets with too little room to maneuver if they wish to stay on track with the rest. And other than stressing that it’s a prequel to Fellowship of the Ring – there’s nothing more to say as of yet.

What’s your take on this? Happy, sad, afraid? I see many people discussing it now. Some don’t want it to happen, because they grew up with the trilogy movies, and feel like this will be the bad gate for the new generation, aka they’ll grow up thinking this is the story. Aka they already believe this will be bad and won’t represent the truth of the stories. I, personally, think it was bound to happen. Lord of the Rings story is too huge to be put into three and three movies, no matter how long they were. There’s so many tales out there, that it might be for the best if someone decent tried to film them.