Summary: 07-13

On Monday friend visited me, we walked around, seeing sights, burning to a crisp. It was a pretty nice day, even tho it threatened to rain a bit – it didn’t. I burned my face quite a bit, but it already passed (yes, I peeled like a snake). At home we watched The Family, a gangster movie, right up my alley ❤

PicMonkey Collage

There’s this path leading to no where (I guess it was a small port for small leisure water vehicles), away from canal. I love that place to bits. For one, it has asphalt covered sides on each side – I’m a city child, I don’t find pleasure in taking off bugs that get from grass on me, so I really preferred sitting on that. Then, at the end, there’s really just nothing. Stairway leading down, into the water, and a sharp cut-off, secured with cement blocks. There’s nothing but the sounds of waves there.

Later in week I was told some of the postcards already securely reached their destinations, so that was a happy little surprise. Got some banana flavored tea too, unusual, and most likely will get sent away to other tea lovers out there, but I’m glad for the chance to try all of the things!

The best thing, I guess, is the fact that we got a washing machine! In our small town we don’t have the laundry machines to wash our clothes, so every day after work, I’d wash my jogging clothes, and work clothes by hand, which is irritating, a bit wasteful on water (by hands I can’t wash it out as good, so I don’t let it get as dirty either: where I could wear the same jeans for two, three days maybe, and then wash it in washing machine, by hand – I cannot risk it, the goddamn ends drag across everything, and collect all they bloody can), and time consuming, same time I could use for doing more work. So now I can relax a tiny little bit.

I also finished a painting for a friend, her Original Character from The Witcher Saga fan-fiction, Yrdenne, and started reading “Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue“, which is just bloody amazing, really. And today we made carrot jam! I hate carrots, but I like this jam a lot.


Death Note: Netflix Movie

Death Note
Netflix 2017 August 25th
Genre: Occult Detective, Psychological Thriller
Director: Adam Wingard
Country: United States
Language: English, Japanese, Russian

Loosely based on manga of same name by Tsugumi Ohba, and Takeshi Obata

I am a fan of manga, which I read back to back. I loved the anime pretty good too, thou manga was still better. I even watched those fairly weird movies. Heck, they were absolutely watchable. I think they even aired on our native television, at least a couple if not all of them. So now I await this American production, with hope, and healthy dose of fear.

One naughty smart-ass Death God (Shinigami) “accidentally” dropped his book onto the Earth. The same notebook in which you can write down a name (if you know the person’s face too*), and, if you’re feeling adventurous, the way of death… And they die. Ryuk (Ryuuk) was curious to see what might happen if this notebook ended up in human hands. To his utter joy the notebook ended up in angsty, and righteous hands of a young adult, a guy from Seattle (previously known as Light Yagami from Japan), so the project “let’s see what happens” has started well!

*There’s a power that allows you to know the name if you see a face, but that power costs…

FullMetal Alchemist: The Movie

Fullmetal Alchemist
Science Fantasy
Directed by: Fumihiko Sori
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 2017 December 1st

Based on manga of same name by Hiromu Arakawa

In a world of alchemy, alchemy is what defines the rules of said world. First of all, there ought to always be balance. You get what you give: equivalent exchange. It’s hard to break such a rule, for by giving too little, you will simply get less back. It’s the kind of rules that are defined by “shouldn’t” that are tricky. Like, you shouldn’t attempt reviving the dead. Shouldn’t doesn’t mean you couldn’t. Truly, shouldn’t merely means the price is mighty steep, and that there are no guarantees on the result. Right?

When Edward, and Alphonse lose their mother, the heartbroken orphans resign to the last hope they seemingly have. Edward, overconfident in his knowledge of alchemy persuades his brother where he still had doubts. They’ll get their mother back. That’s the only way. So they pay the unspeakable price. And received a nightmare in return, a nightmare that has become their life.

I cannot wait for this movie!

Summary: Death Note, The Wolf Among Us 2, and Oscar Wilde

Eh, alright, I’ve been having real rough couple of weeks. Depression kicked my ass hard, and just some general bad things keep happening all over. Like my kettle broke (I fixed it, but I was real worried for a good hour), grandma had a bad spell, my sleep got all messed up, where I’d wake myself due to whiny noises I’d make in my sleep, and so on and on. But I can’t really say all things are bad either.

For one, there’s a lot of great previews, like trailer/teaser for [Death Note] (as my friend said, the actor who plays Light doesn’t seem to know what’s acting like, but otherwise it might still work), and trailer for [Full Metal Alchemist].

Netflix did release [Castlevania] at last, and I think I skipped writing about it, because I was so bummed out, but yes, I’ve already watched all 4 episodes, that make under two hours of goodness. No, I have not played all the games, and I would love to, but 2D side-scrollers are often too hard for me, ever since I’m like 20 years out of the skill range (no, really, I’m sure every kid can beat those games, but not my dumb ass). I have two newer ones on Steam, and I’ll come around to playing those. So as someone with minimal knowledge, I’ll say this: it’s easy to follow, and it’s amazing.

Then there’s [Cyberpunk 2077] update, where they talk about the classes: rockstars, journalists, etc. Great, guys, can we maybe get the game before 2077 tho? Because you telling us for 5 years how it’s going to be groundbreaking is kinda pointless. Much like my grandma claiming those shoes are brand new, never worn, and expensive. But they’re 25 years old, and for less you can get better at any shop now, you know?

Best of all were the news on [The Wolf Among Us 2], that game was something epic, I played it over, and over, and when I felt stressed at work, I’d just turn on the intro screen, and allow that to be my bg music. The neon lights, clouds of cigarete smoke, wonderful music, good story, and superb characters are all I want right now. And Telltale must be my fav games in general.

Yesterday I cleaned my little corner up, making everything a little bit worse, but at the same time, it’s progress towards making it a little bit more usable space-wise. I’ve stacks, and stacks of written material, books I wrote, or am still writing, translations, studies, literal studies data, book reviews. And then hundreds upon hundreds of paintings. So I shoved things around a bit.

As a reward, or so I feel like Universe might have wanted to reward me, friend gave me a cup today, a nice tall white mug with Oscar Wilde quote to it. She had a few, showed me, and said I will probably like this one, pointing at it, and I did. She merely guessed I might like Wilde, and she could not have been more right.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” – Oscar Wilde

All I’m missing right now is freedom. ❤



Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Netflix keeps luring me into these wonderful series, foodie comedies mostly. Remember I watched that Samurai Gourmet one? Well, now I watched Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, and am currently full-on starting Cravings, Korean series, for a change.

Midnight Diner is set in this restaurant-bar that opens at midnight, and you can eat there until morning. The chef will make you anything, if he has products for it, but otherwise the menu is very basic and simple. It is aimed at people who work through the night, or are going from work, and just want to stop after a hard day, have a meal, and reach their bed. Thus, as one can guess, it attracts a wonderful little crowd.

Stories change, taking in new characters as main objects every time, but at the same time, with each new episode, we get to know master better too. Sometimes one word from him is enough to allow you full insight of what just happened, and what are his views on it, and it’s just beautiful. This is honestly the thing I love the most about Asian media.

Some episodes were funny, others were a bit sad, but each one had a resolution afterwards, and some characters then re-occurred as regular visitors. I was a little surprised at the diverse, and controversial topics they took, and am impressed at how it was handled. Good job, really.

So, all in all, I really recommend, especially if you watched and Liked Samurai Gourmet. This one is definitely 5 out of 5 too.

Sense8 returns for a bit

One day I sat down and turned on this Sense8, just to see why Netflix keeps fussing me about it. Next thing you know I’m a senseit myself, invested deep into all these characters, unable to express friends how great this thing is, how these people here are on the other ends of the world, but together, how they fill each other out, and so on, and on, and on.

I watched the second season when it came out, and was absolutely in love. But then all these things happened! For one, I kept seeing disappointment here, and there, claiming there was no plot. What do you mean there was no plot? Going after a cluster cannibal is not a plot? The guy who never ever asked for help is ASKING for help silently appearing, unable to speak up, is that not plot? Aren’t lives of these people – not plot?

And then it was canceled. They ended the series with “we’re coming for you, be very, very afraid”, and they canceled it! I was heartbroken! I joined my voice into the others, asking, pleading to at least finish the wonder that this was. And Netflix kindly apologized for not being able to do that. I appreciated it, but couldn’t help wanting some kind of finale.

Guess what? 2 hour long finale is in the works!


[Sense8 Twitter]

[movie] Ghost in the Shell

Poorly mushed together script, pulled by good actors, anyone? Or how Hollywood Edition 3 movies out of 1 script became 1 movie out of 5 scripts.

Ghost in the shell is something colossal and wonderful. Every anime season/series, every movie, manga – each one went deeper, each one had a gigantic moment of WOW. And this movie took them all and made a smoothie blending together strawberries, bacon, and sushi, if you please.

From small things as Major Mira Kusanagi pursuing her history, with everything in the plot dragging her towards it, except herself. To meh things, like the “bad guy”, who considered people like Major – his arsenal property, being so very bland, that I can’t even recall his name. To gigantic unforgivable things, like Ghost surviving in Net, and being presented like a dry sponge with hardly anything to make you wonder of who, how, why, and what’s next, or at least: what happened to those involved? “You’re so beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful, they really did a great job making you beautiful, you’re so beautiful, beautiful… I’m not that beautiful.”

BUT. Please read on, this is where I give you my positive take. While I was not so pleased with Scarlett Johansson being my beloved Major Kusanagi, I think she did a great job playing a robot with mere memories of what it was like being a human inside. Her robotic walk, her scary looming, that was all beautiful, very well done. I loved other team mates too, and how they got drawn together in the end, making perfect intro into what would be normal GITS entry.

So. All in all I am happy that people will like this movie. I like the choice of actors too, because they took it serious, and did a great job of it. But script is a terror. It’s crammed to the point where all the huge things became bland norm, and left little to no impression.

DISCLAIMER: My opinion may very well be biased due to being a fan, don’t take my word for it, please watch it.

[series] Samurai Gourmet

SamuraiGourmetMini series based on essay and manga of same title of “Samurai Gourmet” by Masayuki Kusumi got recommended to me by a friend, and, having little time, I still watched it whole in two days. One can really manage with one day if one has time. Series can be found on Netflix, or wherever else you might be watching your things.

Takeshi Kasumi (played by Naoto Takenaka) retires, and has to learn to live as a free man, without constricting himself as working people do. Pretty much, he has to learn to not jump out of the bed in terror of being late, or that he can indeed have a beer with his lunch in the middle of the week. Learning all this he walks in search of what to do with all this free time, and stumbles upon different food places, with hilarious adventures just waiting for this timid old mister. Cold noodles and poorly cut seaweed? It’s not like he’d dare to complain. Loud customers bothering his reading? He doesn’t want a fight. Rude chef scolding foreigners for eating his food wrong? Well, it’s his place…

But here comes the fun Samurai part. Mister Takeshi slips into a daydream of “what would samurai do?“, samurai, as I understood, being his favorite type of hero. Would he be shy to slurp his noodles in a fancy restaurant? Oh the hell he would! He’d appreciate food, and wouldn’t be afraid to show it! And that constantly complaining man beside him? Nah, enough is enough!

Now, the funny thing here is, that this is a very Eastern / Asian / Japanese story. Because while mister Takeshi daydreams and is building up his courage to ask those damn loud men to tone it down a bit, for they’re bothering everyone else in the place – he loses it the moment he stands up, and gets shy about standing up. Often he doesn’t say a word, someone else does for him, and instead of taking away the proud moment of “I did it!” he takes away no less great treasure – humble moment of “this other person inspired me”.

It’s a foodie series, as I understood, and Naoto Takenaka makes every bite look like it’s the best dish he’s ever eaten, but as someone who almost never watches anything about food – I found it very amusing, and not bothering at all. Episodes are short, filled with lovely little stories, and good humor. And I can proudly say I took a humbling lesson from this too: it inspired me, and I hope I can someday have the time on my hands to take a detour too.

Ghost In The Shell: 5 minute clip

In the end, even if I am not a fan of Scarlett Johansson, I understand why she was picked for the role. Ghost in the Shell is a one of a kind, heavy-duty cyberpunk, and cyberpunk was never a genre that took the scene easily. It was always exceptional, it is always something you remember and carry with you afterwards (like, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Transmetropolitan, Logan’s Run, Matrix, you name it; Sci-fi is fairly easy to absorb, while CP has something within that pulls you out of your own body; it changes your view to the world, it leaves a mark on you, and you can’t just be the same as you was before). And cyberpunk in Japan? It’d be just so out of the general flow of minds, that yes, in the end, I understand why they picked a caucasian, famous action movie actor for the role of Major Kusanagi. They had to give the link to the masses who are not yet familiar, to whom this might be too heavy, and also those who might ignore this if it was “oh, just another sci-fi, some kind of Japanese movie based on their cartoons or whatever“. She’s a link of normality in a cyberpunk world that is anything [but normal?…] (in the end, anything can be justified, anything can happen, limit no longer exists in the glory of Makers, 3D printers, and cell labs, and when everyone’s a God – what’s there to ground the believers? And what a nonbeliever is in a society where there is nothing to believe in in the first place?)