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I don’t think I ever heard such a pleasant growly female voice in such a perfectly tuned aggressive rap. This is one damn superb piece that’ll enrich any work-out playlist, I feel.

The story I needed to see | Shane Dawson’s “The Truth About Jeffree Star” Documentary

I’ll try to keep this short.

I don’t know when it clicked to me that I like watching Jeffree Star, but it happened. Shane I liked and hated and liked again, especially after I realized what a great person he is. Grav3yardGirl is an old favorite I will stand by no matter what. And one day Shane just made these little worlds collide for me.

Now, I know I didn’t talk anything about the documentary Shane did with Bunny, but I loved that one too. I just think it wasn’t just as in depth as this one, for hey, it was his very first attempt to it, and Bunny hides her life for different reasons. But now I must say a word or two about Jeffree Star documentary.

Jeffree very often says the words: we all have problems, we all deal with them, so just stop, <no one cares, because everyone has that same black box with demons to carry>. And so I sit here, typing words, and delete them, and type them again, and then delete them again, unsure… Yes, we do, don’t we? We all have a burden we carry. Some are more vocal about how heavy it is than others. Others then are vocal about the heaviness, but keep it to themselves of how much it is cutting them, rubbing their skin raw, making them bleed. We all have shit to deal with. And those of us who choose to whine online or cry on a friend’s shoulder… Well, there are those who got just that, and then there are those who try to adjust the boulder by throwing away a stone or a splinter.

tl;dr : Been there. Am there. And have neither room nor time to heal, not today, not tomorrow. Maybe not even ever. But I get a moment of peace from watching kind people do kind things, and powerful people do kind things, and people with influence do kind things… For I see the path I hope to walk on, and know that it is possible. If only I don’t die. Be it due to something, or… Well. Due to myself. Here’s for hoping that Universe is just fking with me too. ~ ☕🐼

Here’s all five videos, with my favorite drama channels discussing it below in links. They’re here for me, and for you, to have at hand, and maybe rewatch on the darker day, or a darker night. And if that dark little voice that says “no one cares” sounds a little like Jeffree Star at times, then let this be a reminder that that same voice also said “you’re not alone“.

Rich Lux | Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

Peter Monn | Karina Kaboom

And I just want to say a thanks to my dear friend, who makes an amazing blog that made me drool too many times, for sitting there and watching these with me. You’re a treasure to call a friend, B! | Pen & Pin


Summary: 02-08

This week just up and disappeared, I tell you. I don’t even know what really happened, other than me being drowned in work, and some people making fools of themselves. Well, let’s see anyway:

  • I finished second season of Lucifer on Netflix, currently here it’s the last one, tho some people already have the third one.
  • Second book of Witcher was re-printed, but right now I’ve nothing to spare, so I’ll kindly wait. Yet I am looking forward to the trip to the local bookstore to get it!
  • Pulled a muscle, and it hurts like hell.
  • Tidied up more of my crafting supplies, and made a gorgeous little thing with a dragon on it.
  • Got through a week of Inktober successfully, and am pretty sure I’ll do NaNoWriMo, tho I’m really not sure if I’ll make it public.
  • It’s cold, wet, and rainy out here, and I’m not happy about it at all. Mum is catching a cold. She had a biopsy on Tuesday, but we don’t know the results yet.
  • I’m almost in the 90s of read books this year, I think I’m hitting my records by the end of the year.
  • Watched “Unfriended” and I’m pretty sure that was the worst crap I have ever seen. But then I read “Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep”, and I loved it, so it fixed my mood a bit.
  • I’m wearing two pairs of socks, and am cold.

~Chu-chu bang chu-chu bank~

[Web Series] Buddy System | S1

Rhett and Link’s “Buddy System” (Season 1)
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Directed: John Fortenberry
Country: United States
Language: English

I’m a long term fan of Rhett and Link. I love their simple humor, terrible adventures with food, and silly misunderstandings. So when they announced they’re making a series, I was stoked. But it took me a while to actually watch them, all thanks to the location I’m in, so, yeah, I’m a bit late, but this was so good, people!

One day, post work, after the adventures they got into due to new found confidence of their shirts tucked into their underwear (watch the first episode, it’s free), Rhett and Link find themselves in a lot of trouble. Link lost his phone, and it ended up in the hands of their evil ex. Yes, both of their ex. And this innovative queen of infomercials is tarnishing their good name on Good Mythical Morning! Even other YouTubers noticed, and started bashing Rhett and Link: how could they have sold out this badly? Do they not care about their loving fans at all?

So Rhett and Link get onto the quest of getting Link’s phone back, getting their channel back, restoring their good names, and just, in general, fixing this bad, bad mess. While on it, they’ll get into the rabbit holes of finding their inner selves, fight evil beings, witness real magic in action, fight in a roller blader vs roller skater war, and entertain us with many great musical bits.

This was even better than I hoped for. I laughed, I jammed to good beats, and I did not expect THAT! There were awesome guest stars, and great people on set. Only the highest ratings from me.


Summary: 25-01

Okay, so, since it was far easier to write everything down in bulletin form, I think we’ll try that again, okay? Can’t say that a lot happened, but hey, that’s due to all the work I had, which, in itself, is a good thing:

  • Elder Scrolls Online began new season of the treasure boxes, didn’t get anything good in them, but I don’t mind, they’re nice anyway.
  • Cleaned my closet nice and proper. Found a little hook to keep my shirts a bit straighter. I mean the ones I wear constantly, and so they don’t get their closet-time.
  • Finished four paintings. Two with panda’s, one with prince Laurent of Vere. Yep. That’s happening again.
  • Re-listened to first two books of Captive Prince, and gone through such long-term to-reads as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Hemlock Grove (yes, the book is better than the series).
  • Friend got me a physical copy of this old Dracula game. I have it on steam, but I collect all things Dracula, so this is great!
  • Finished up Mabon sale, it was pretty great, I hope everyone will like their presents. Also made one jewelry piece to a friend in general, because, apparently, sometimes some things just are right for one person, and no one else, so I had to.
  • Started Inktober! Because it’s just one little step between “One Day” and “Day One“.
  • Watched Rhett and Link’s “Buddy System” at last, and it was everything I could’ve wanted!
  • Finished season 6 of Game of Thrones, and season 2 of Strain. It’s “okay” and “meh“.

Work? Do you want to know even? Translated 4 contracts, 3 manuals, and started the project “when you can’t figure out what PC means from context: it could mean this“, because editing people’s works is the worst part of my job.

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