Budgets n whatnot’s

For a few very rough years now I live on an intense budget that sometimes implodes too. Long story short: I’m trying to keep my folks afloat, and there’s a lot of medical debts, and bills, and meds to buy, and so on. It’s a lot of money, and my three jobs barely, very, very barely covers it on a good month (don’t ask me about bad months).

Today, while making a break from work too, I was browsing YouTube a little, and found this woman here. I live in Eastern Europe, so 99% of what she says just doesn’t apply. But the other 1% does. Aka: apps, coupons, surveys, free store cash (though here you usually got the enforced policy that you can only cover a part of a check with it, but on the other hand, we don’t normally have the sale tax she paid in a couple places).

There were plenty of days where we had nothing to eat. And soon in I learned to just eat at work, the free little things they provide, and if we had more, like if office ordered us take-out food – to just skip meals at home whatsoever, so they have more to eat. And so I was watching this, smiling at her good spirits, and her constant mention of “I didn’t feel any less for doing this, they treated me same as everyone“, knowing exactly what she meant by it. And she went as far as walk around looking for change on the ground too, something my mum is notorious for doing.

So I thought I’ll show this wonderful kind spirit to you, and remind you that there’s nothing wrong in any of this. Do what you gotta do to get by, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Quoting The Count of  Monte Cristo: “Wait and Hope


Promo | Harry Potter, Philosophers Stone, and the Truth behind it!

Got this video shown to me, and my mind is blown. I really hope you’re as much potterheads as I am (you don’t have to like the author, to love Harry Potter, be sure of it! Otherwise: Hemingway beat his wife, Lovecraft hated women, etc.)

Please watch this and share your thoughts with me!

Summary | 05-11 | Butterscotch Beer

Had a pretty decent week, even though didn’t have much of free time for stuff. Still managed to make a very good Iorveth sketch, made both bookmarks for the contest, am polishing up the bracelet, and have gone out with friends. The only downside is that my Wednesday tea-time with friend got postponed due to work. But that’s fine, we’ll be right back at it the next week, I hope! For now, go see their blog: Pen & Pin, new thing is coming up soon!

Since I’ve mostly Friday to tell you about, not gonna section it in bulletin, the way I normally do, let’s just instead talk about it.

We went to one of the bigger cities here, our driving friend had some errands to run there. I and another friend took off for the mall, ditching any plans of walking around, for it was freezing cold, like really, really unpleasantly cold. But it turned out to be a pretty decent call on our part, for the mall had this great candy shop, which we pretty much raided! It started with the “oh, candy canes are still up”, and ended up with us staggering towards the cash registry, hands so full we kept dropping things. Most memorable things would be: three different flavors of oreos and Harry Potter themed bottled butter beer. We do not have just different oreo flavors out here, it’s the regular ones only, so finding strawberry cheese cake, peanut butter, and mint – was an adventure. Neither is very good, to tell you the truth, and I feel like I have had enough of oreos themselves too, but hey. As for the butterbeer… Now that was awful. It was pretty much carbonized caramel, so intensely sweet that I couldn’t finish the drink. Yes, I am keeping the bottle tho.


After that we just stumbled about, there and here, toy stores, puzzle stores, book stores. There were these panda pencils, which I thought would go great with my panda bookmarks, but there were 8 of them in the package, for 4 bux, I think, and what will I ever do with 8 HB regulars? So I passed on that, altho now that I think back on it, I could’ve packed them for friends abroad as smol presents. Ah well, I’ll just paint postcards for each one instead.


As we returned home after some more shenanigans, I went back into routine. First of all, let’s talk insurance. As some of you might know, my mother’s in a lot of constant paint, and some of you are surprised why insurances don’t cover the painkillers. Simple thing: they do. Partially. They covered whole 17e. The other 68e were out of my pocket, so there’s that. And then second of all, I worked so much the whole of last month, that I don’t even understand how I made out of it. But I did make out of it. And one night, sitting there, angry at the fact that I’m so exhausted that I can’t even read at bed, something I loved to do, and always looked forwards to, I came across a tweet or something: I’d rather be tired than broke.

Well, I’m still broke, but damn me if I’m not trying. So maybe it’s for the best I am this exhausted, right? So here we are.

How was your week? Please, do tell, don’t think I’m only asking for the sake of it, I am genuinely curious.

Tell Me: Elves

I make jewelry that I aim for elves, elven lovers, and people who appreciate fantasy, and are able to immerse in it. Recently I had a little discussion with a friend, and she raised a very good point, which leads to a question:

What’s an “elf” where you’re from?

Here it would likely be a small little person with long pointy ears, and probably with mischievous intent.