MiniLog | Pinecones


I was breaking pieces off this giant pinecone for some more different kinds of jewelry, and I thought maybe I should get it into water for a bit, so it’d not splinter so much. Instead it went ahead and closed up, the way they do when it rains! How beautiful is nature, eh?


Promo | Harry Potter, Philosophers Stone, and the Truth behind it!

Got this video shown to me, and my mind is blown. I really hope you’re as much potterheads as I am (you don’t have to like the author, to love Harry Potter, be sure of it! Otherwise: Hemingway beat his wife, Lovecraft hated women, etc.)

Please watch this and share your thoughts with me!

Book | The Cruel Prince | Holly Black


Author has a great writing style, the plot twists were perfect, often I didn’t even suspect one coming. I loved that Jude wanted to be a knight to set her feet in the Faerie, and not, say, find a good match of a husband to do that for her. What I didn’t like was the romance line. The whole “I treat you like dirt, because I like you” and “I almost killed you, because THEY would’ve killed you” is unpleasant to read to say the least. I hate how easily heroines, yes, heroines! forget all about the fear and horror they’ve been put through by the man who is kissing them now. I’ll give this book 3 out of 5, and will read the next one, with hopes it grows into something better. The plot outside the romance is great, and romance can improve, the way Sarah J. Maas books did (that’s personal opinion, of course).

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Log | Small Update

Mum’s health is no better. Got her new meds, something that isn’t screwing with her insides so much. It helped with her back, with her arm with ligaments torn, but not the hip we were hoping for to relieve pain in. It’s bone on bone, excruciating pain. We got doctor appointments on 21st and 23rd, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I ran my due to post office and back, both thanks to new jewelry sales, and just things. Which got my muscles really sore, because I spent winter with barely any if any exercise at all. I do this every year, I brood through winter, and then I’m really mad at myself for it.

A friend of mine did a thing. She agreed to have an art trade with no other but the wonderful WolfTea, and I was the receiving end of jewelry findings. I can’t even begin telling you how unbelievably amazing it is, WolfTea is someone I aspired to be like, someone who inspired me to craft, continue crafting. People on dA are unbelievably kind. Honestly, you’re the best community I’ve ever had to deal with. Everything you’ve done for me has kept me alive to this day, and I’m still going.

As suitable to today: ILY, be as good as you always are


BookTube | P.S. I Love That Book

So, after all the shit that happened thanks to some horrible people over on YouTube, the said YouTube decided to change their algorithms again, and the rules while they’re at it. One of the rules cracks down hard on small YouTubers, for it pretty much cuts them off, takes their partnerships away. Now you have to have quite a large sum of subscribers and a hellish hour count of views to have it. Meaning, small YouTubers will simply be buried by the algorithm, and we’ll continue “enjoying” the already big YouTubers who have the time, the means, and the YouTube support behind them due to having partnerships, and possibly – no day jobs to interfere with video making.

But hey, we can help! Here you see one of my favorite people out there, Hannah from P.S. I Love That Book, and yes I am very biased, and not just because I joined her made project of book blogging. At times I enter her videos via the jewelry she wears or even unboxes. But you might find her interesting too, since she’s a sweet and jolly person, passionate about what she does.

So what can we do? Well, first of all, subscribe. Second of all: go to their profiles, your favorite small YouTube’ers, or Hannah here, and click “play all”. Next you can just mute the video or the whole tab (right click on the tab), and just leave it there, playing. It might work, it might not, but we have to try, right? (I do greatly believe that indifference more often than not is as evil as doing purposely evil thing)

[Series] Lord of the Ring prequel series

Amazon signed a 250$ million contract for the rights of making the multiseason series on Lord of the Rings prequel. Full official statement can be read here: Amazon – Press Room

Likely this will be the most expensive series we’ve got so far, seeing how the sum above is merely for the rights, and not the general budget of making it. Fantasy series often have pretty big budgets with too little room to maneuver if they wish to stay on track with the rest. And other than stressing that it’s a prequel to Fellowship of the Ring – there’s nothing more to say as of yet.

What’s your take on this? Happy, sad, afraid? I see many people discussing it now. Some don’t want it to happen, because they grew up with the trilogy movies, and feel like this will be the bad gate for the new generation, aka they’ll grow up thinking this is the story. Aka they already believe this will be bad and won’t represent the truth of the stories. I, personally, think it was bound to happen. Lord of the Rings story is too huge to be put into three and three movies, no matter how long they were. There’s so many tales out there, that it might be for the best if someone decent tried to film them.

Frost and the end of jogging season

I usually jog to work, making my round of running, and then lightly stutter to the office, where there’s a spot where I can change into more appropriate, and less sweaty attire. Yes, wet wipes are my friends. But recently mornings were mighty frosty, and due to the moisture in the air and on the ground, the floor got so slick, I think today was the last jog for me this year. That is, I made a decision to stop before I learned how to make saltos, splits, or just plainly caught a cold.

So far I’m not yet in the rhythm of work, which is a bit upsetting. It is not because of the Monday though, since Mondays are alright in my books. It’s Sundays I hate, due to them being tense days with nothing much to do. But here’s my attempt to motivate the little self:

And: “Most people think that nobody should make a fuss until it’s their own comfort at stake, at which point they will bring the roof down shrieking about it.” – K.J. Charles “An Unseen Attraction

[Promo] Lou Graves

I found Lou Graves a while ago, I think first on YouTube, then on Tumblr, and then just followed from there to everywhere else. They’re awesome, responsive, friendly, and oh that sense of fashion, right up my alley, even if I’d not be able to wear any of that, I sure do love looking at people so finely pulling off all those shirts and velvets!

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