Iorveth and Yrdenne

I’ve a friend from Germany, Yrdenne, who writes beautiful stories (in English) of Iorveth, and a few other elves from the Witcher Saga. I only read a few so far, but I like them enough to hurry my work in hopes I can spare another hour for reading. The stories are interesting, and Iorveth is undergoing some real serious adventure. And, well, let’s just face it, Sapkowski’s elves were serious deal.

To add to that, she recently crocheted Iorveth doll too, and commissioned me to make his badges!

You can start reading here: [Iorveth and Yrdenne – Prologue]


Promo // V.E. Schwab // YouTube

Some of you may know, some probably don’t, but V.E. Schwab (Victoria Schwab) is one of my favorite authors. I’ve a few, but she’s definitely in Top3 of mine. And, some time ago, I praised her on Tumblr, which led to her liking that status, and me finding all of her social media, because I’ve this stalk-y personality where if I like you – I want to have you everywhere. Lucky for me, she has all the social media, and is fairly active everywhere, and is very much a down-to-earth person one can actually reach, and have a conversation with. My favorite is her YouTube, because that’s where the giant fluffy kitteh sometimes rolls in to see what the heck’s going on. Oh, and the book shelves. Those are real nice.


Don’t worry that sometimes her videos say “3 weeks”, because she always comes back, so just subscribe, and enjoy the old videos in the mean time. Especially if you’re an aspiring author, she has some good ideas, good thoughts, and good methods to share!

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Dying Light: The Following // Alien summoning

Apparently in Dying Light: The Following you can summon some aliens. You collect these meteorite pieces all through the map, I think it’s 16 or so, and you can’t log-out because you’ll need to collect them again. Then you come back into one of the safe houses, get into the attic, place them in SPECIFIC ORDER! And bam. Oh, must be done at night.

Log [0620]

Almost finished ESO: Morrowind expansion. But then the damn main quest got bugged! There’s this part of the quest where you need to go get three items. Two of them are in the chests, one – on a dead guy. The quest items duplicated! You pick it up once, and it doesn’t update quest log, even thou you do get a prompt slide through your screen. It’s when you pick it up the second time that the quest log agrees: yeah, we’re done here. You can do that with chests, but not the corpse! Corpse bloody disappears! So now I’m stuck waiting for a fix patch.

I got myself some Russian Grey Lipton tea, and it’s very good. Much better than, say, Earl Grey, if I’m honest. It’s black tea, has good flavor to it, and very little of any smell.

Dracula Vs. Hitler turned out to be a very good book, and I really hope I can get a physical copy of it someday soon. It’d do good to have it in my Dracula collection. It lift up my morals a fair bit. Funny… Once again during a depressive stupor I ran into a Dracula book and it helped me out of it. There’ll be a review of the book tomorrow over at [<a href=””>Night Mode Reading</a>]

Tomorrow evening Steam Sale starts (it’s at 8pm my +2 time, so, Bulgarian, German, and English friends, check your time with Lithuanian)

[Promo] Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

I really enjoy simple slice-of-life YouTube channels, vlogs, or just people with great personalities. And YouTube recommended was been real kind to me recently! Besides getting a handful of new booktubers to follow, I found this wonderful woman here: Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

Her channel has good structure, and she makes all kinds of great videos. From beauty stuff, to music, to, my personal favorites, story times. I like Asian cultures in general, but I don’t believe in only taking the good parts from any of the culture, so this is a double win here: she does not sugar coat, and she does speak about the bad things too in every day life in (this case) Korea.

Best of E3

Metro: Exodus, a sequel to Metro 2033, and Metro: Last Light, and hopefully better than the third book! We can expect this game sometime next year:


A Way Out – a great looking co-op game, something I always love. Hopefully it’ll be even more fun than it looks like right now! Also, hey, make 4 player co-ops sometime, I’ve a gang of three!


Far Cry 5 – I’m not a fan of this franchise, but I love their ideas behind the main nutbags.

And a TON more!

Log [06-13]

Couldn’t fall asleep because of the splitting headache. Naturally that means a lot of time to think, so I got up with beginnings of a bad depression spell. But then the day went on pretty decent. I’ve been approved for two translations I ought to do via today (one of them didn’t give me the file yet, and needs the text by the midnight). A friend got me Metro Redux bundle, I’m real happy about that, and will indulge into that heaven when I possibly can.

It’s really annoying how every translation office/bureau has their own translator tools, and text tools. Mostly because it means you’ll have to do everything through their system, in which case everything will have to be approved before it passes between you and the client. So now I have 12 hours to translate a cheap little text that isn’t worth my time, but I cant’ afford to decline anything right now, and I do need to learn how to use their system, so, practice, and no one yet gave me that said text.

Someone buy me a coffee, I want to bang my head against the table!

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