Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

I still can’t believe this is true. The news dropped on us 3 whole days ago (2019-03-21), and I still can’t believe it. It feels like a dark fever dream, the kind you want to see through, the kind you don’t want to leave. It feels just real enough to permeate your waking reality. And yet is different enough to make it feel better, richer.

I’m a great fan at heart, although I know how it is frowned upon fans who didn’t do / read / play everything. I’ve only gotten through two clan novels (because they’re very hard to get), the series (Embraced) that I thought were pretty nice, and through the game several times over, with patches, without patches (or rather with basics only, due to game being released with a bug where the very first door you encountered – wouldn’t open). And ever since it has been with me, rooted.

Due to my “good looks” I consider myself a Nosferatu. Although my love for Dracula would otherwise demand I be in Tzimisce clan. But given a choice, I’d likely go with Tremere clan. In Bloodlines I like choosing the neutral path, one of my own, without opening the sarcophagus, or leaving Prince Sebastian LaCroix to do it himself, alone. And I very much appreciate both Jack and Cain for being there.

So to think this game is being revived… I would’ve sooner believed Bungie is remaking Oni or something. But I am very, very happy, far beyond the words happy.

And if you, like myself, worry this might still be lies, dark, nasty lies, here’s official sites to preorder the game that might come out as soon as 2020:

Steam | GoG | Epic Games | Paradox Games

There’s also the: Official Page | Reddit Page

So, I’m thinking, we need a Tumblr or several, best Twitter accounts for news, and maybe a DeviantArt group for the art. If anyone got those, made those, intend to make those – Link me right away, I’ll post it here.

And now, You, consider this a #qotdwhat is Your clan? Don’t know the clans, new to this whole shebang? Well, if you’re interested, here’s the great masterpage of wiki about the clans: [Superb Page for Overall History] ; [VtM:B oriented Page]


Vision Board | Xolo

Cannot not share. How gorgeous is this mister? And just how beautiful is his little sister? Animals are amazing. Not just with their kindness, but how adorable or/and majestic they can be.

Vision Board | Tunes for the soul

Sometimes your mind gets too burdened, too stuffed to wish for anything but force-quit. Lucky if you got yourself some right tunes. I have days when I don’t even take help that would ease the brain-pain.

~Tonight we gonna set the streets on fire~

Other days though. Nights, to be more accurate. Daytime is a great enemy to me. Mornings are the time to contemplate why would I even get out of the bed, what’s the point. But night time is a whole new story.


AT LAST! After almost, if not, a decade of waiting, I finally get to see a less than an hour long beautiful little demo, with sexy music, amazing fights, and oh such fine visuals, that make me dread: will I need a new pc?

Anything and everything can yet be changed, they claim, but now that witcher is out of the way, I do believe they won’t do radical changes to what we saw, merely because it’d take too much time and effort all over again. This should roughly remain. What could happen is things get cut out. Be it due to optimizing or something else.