Vision Board


Travel. See things, see sights. See different kind of winter.

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Vision Board | Friends, Adventures

I understand this might seem a little over the top for a title “friends, adventures”, but trust me, that’s just that.

Vision is this: a home where friends can come over, good weather so we can go around (walk, drive), fun sights.

Vision Board | Tunes for the soul

Sometimes your mind gets too burdened, too stuffed to wish for anything but force-quit. Lucky if you got yourself some right tunes. I have days when I don’t even take help that would ease the brain-pain.

~Tonight we gonna set the streets on fire~

Other days though. Nights, to be more accurate. Daytime is a great enemy to me. Mornings are the time to contemplate why would I even get out of the bed, what’s the point. But night time is a whole new story.


AT LAST! After almost, if not, a decade of waiting, I finally get to see a less than an hour long beautiful little demo, with sexy music, amazing fights, and oh such fine visuals, that make me dread: will I need a new pc?

Anything and everything can yet be changed, they claim, but now that witcher is out of the way, I do believe they won’t do radical changes to what we saw, merely because it’d take too much time and effort all over again. This should roughly remain. What could happen is things get cut out. Be it due to optimizing or something else.

Vision Board | The Adventures


CREDIT: Clara McGuire

This could be a very long vision board series: the adventures. There’s so many things I want to do, and much too many places I want to see. Even my own hometown is pretty darn beautiful, it’s just that I’ve been everywhere, and seen everything here.

Today in particular I wish I had a car to get somewhere further, and then just go explore in a new place.